I would love to hear from anyone who has had improved mood with IF, or low carb

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I would love to hear from anyone who has had improved mood with IF, or low carb

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  • Hi,

    As my title states, I would be really keen to hear from anyone who had had mental benefits from the fasting diet, whether that be every other day or 2:5 and low carb.

    Thank you!!

    Hi, Queen! Always great to see you!

    I don’t know that my mood has improved. I’ve always got my inner b*tch fired up and ready if she’s needed. But I *certainly* have a much improved sense of well being — both physical and mental — and that must translate into being a more positive and happy person.

    As for whether I’m anymore tolerable or less eccentric… I’d really need my family to weigh in on that one. 😂

    I certainly have. Over the past few years I have been extremely anxious. I have developed different ways to cope but the fasting seems to have really lifted much of the load from my shoulders as it were. I feel so much better! I am doing low carb, well at least low sugar and low processed carbs, and ADF. I am also hurting less.

    Chubster hello! nothing like sneaking onto other forums 🙂 Thank you both for replying. I really appreciate it.

    Fatrabbit I also have anxiety and find I can compulsively eat when anxious, and although counterintuitive, anxiety makes me tired so then I reach for coffee.

    When you say you are hurting less, what type of pain did you have?

    Chubster I have the inner b@@@ too at specific times of the month. Maybe I’ll send a note to your relatives for review!

    Thank you of answering, and something especially something so personal too. I have suspicions food greatly affects my mood, and slight worry coffee may be causing “downers” for me too. I feel very tired and low in mood after breakfast (have varied the content of breakfast in terms of macronutrients so whether protein or carb makes no difference, protein slightly better). My mood plummets then I eat more as lethargic and feel down. I am obviously a binge eater/compulsive eater but I don’t think it’s connected to weight/eating disorder it’s because I love food and food lifts my mood. I have developed an unhealthy habit, but a bt scared what will happen to my mood if I remove my upper! I need to get out of the habit of turning to food, I could do with losing some pounds and my GP has suggested I try controlling my insulin through diet….as ironically he thinks it’s worsening my monthly bad moods! So here I am debating again. Fearful of anything that may make me feel worse. So…. if I knew for sure my mood and energy may improve I would give it my 100% ….but it’s very tough!

    I have fibromyalgia, which is why I have a lot of pain. It isn’t gone but it is reduced as long as I don’t overdo things (which I did last week and paid for it with more pain.) I also have arthritis in my hands. Those have just about ceased being painful. Knocking my knuckles used to feel like being stabbed but it isn’t an issue any more. I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t hold a pen or type with more than one finger but I have regained some function and the swellings have visibly reduced. If only the fibromyalgia had improved as much, but the improvement there has been is very welcome and losing more weight is bound to make life easier.

    I am trying to reduce my coffee intake because I have trouble sleeping for more than four hours. But it raises my mood rather than lowers it. I get a bit of a mood boost from food but I realise more and more that it actually makes me feel unwell while I digest it and that it is the activity of eating that I like not the feelings it produces. Which is helping me break the comfort eating pattern.

    I have acute social anxiety, and used to want to hide from people. but since starting to fast I have coped far better and have dealt with people who I would have avoided like the plague before. I am also far less anxious about the future.

    Late reply but I thought I would chime in.

    I have been fasting every other day (with a break last weekend for a trip). I find it does improve my mood, which was surprising.

    I feel like I have more energy and drive than I did before. Hunger has always been something I’ve tended to avoid before and I’ve always believed it made me irritable. Now, I have to be mindful about it – and I find the irritation goes away.

    Also, I have noticed that my attitude to using food as an emotional coping mechanism is starting to shift. Because, I have to find a different coping mechanism on fast days, I’m learning things about myself, and because I don’t have to do it all the time, it is not overwhelming.

    Would love to hear if others have similar or different effects.

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