I seemed to gain weight after my first week!

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I seemed to gain weight after my first week!

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  • I decided to try the 5:2 diet because I want to lose about 5kg/11lb, which I mysteriously gained after starting a new medication for autoimmune disease about 18 months ago. (It’s an injectible immunosuppressant.)

    Based on my reading and research, I figured that 5:2 might help me to lose weight as well as reduce my inflammation.

    I started last week, but I registered a gain on the scales after my second fast day!

    Is this normal?

    Not enough info given. Weigh yourself at the same time of the day each day to cut out variables. I do it when I first wake up and before I get into the shower. Do it for a month to see what the trend is like. What you eat plays a big part in 5:2. Personally I and my wife (who also has suffered autoimmune effects all her life) have cut out sugar and all grain based food products. Difference has been amazing, try it you have nothing to lose apart from some weight and ill effects.

    aeg84, sometimes there is a lag in the registering of a weight gain or loss. Sometimes after a Fast Day, I seem to have lost no weight, and go on to have a normal Slow Day, then the next day I’m 1 pound lighter! Sometimes what you ate the day before the Fast Day is still lingering, so it shows up the day after the Fast Day. See what I mean?
    Also, I find that there are some foods that stick to me like glue, even though the calories aren’t that high. White rice adds weight on me and stays there. So now I avoid it, even on Slow Days, and if I must have rice in a recipe, it is brown rice.
    Weight does go up and down. Give the Fast Diet some time. Mind what you eat on Slow Days and how much. Weigh under the same conditions daily [ex: upon arising, after elimination]. It is not true that ‘you can eat anything you want’ on Slow Days. Good luck. 5:2 works.

    Thanks for your replies. I probably need to stick with it for more than one week before I freak out about my lack of progress.

    I weigh myself when I first wake up in the morning, before I eat or drink anything.

    I tend to hover around 61kg at the moment.

    I fasted for the first time on Wednesday last week, and when I weighed myself on Thursday morning, I weighed 50.4 kilos.

    I fasted for the second time on Friday, and when I weighed myself on Saturday morning, I weighed 61.6 kilos!

    I am back to 61kg now–so, no overall loss.

    I am fasting again today.

    What are you eating today, aeg84?

    I lost 1.5kg first week of 5:2……second week I gained 0.4 kg!! But now gone full fast 800 (I was waiting for the books to arrive) and I noticed a pair of shorts that was tight isn’t. I’m week 3 of “dieting”, week 1 of Fast 800 and weighing tomorrow. It definitely fluctuates.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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