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  • I was not hungry on the 500 cal a day and especially the all-vegetable meal was very filling, but had several hypoglycemic episodes which scared the hell out of me–I felt high and a bit crazy which settled once I ate. The last meal the night before was about 9pm.

    My first meal at 10am with 170 cal in steel cut oats and 20 cal of blueberries. Then waited till 2pm (at this point I completely crashed, moody, panicked, and lightheaded but not hungry per se), had 175 cal in ground turkey with 32 cal of broccoli. Afternoon was better till about 5pm. Massive headache set in. Last meal I had at 6:30pm was 100gram of bok choy, 100 gram carrots, 150 gram portobello and 100 gr of chard…that was a ton of food and I felt normal again. Then around 9pm I started feeling hypoglycemic again and had to take Ibuprofen for headache. Went to bed and woke up feeling like feeling very faded. I am not sure it will work for me. I drank loads of water all day.

    I am thinking perhaps I should start the day with protein (2 eggs) or wait with my first meal till noon and have 250 cal then and another 250 cal at 6:30pm. I will try this in 2 days. I was so glad I had no cravings or hunger but clearly something unhealthy is happening with my blood sugar. Any suggestions, please?

    Fasting can be a shock to the system and it takes a while for the body to adapt. If you are someone who usually eats three meals a day with snacks in between it’ll be more difficult.

    We get 80% of the fluid we need from our food. Were you drinking enough water on your fast day to compensate?
    I used to get headaches on fast days and discovered a pinch of salt or a savoury drink eg miso or broth solved the problem without resorting to medication.

    Take a close look at what you eat the day before a fast. If it is high in processed carbs and/or sugary food your fast will be tougher than if you cut them down.

    Give your body a chance to get used to fasting and try to avoid snacking on other days so it gets used to longer gaps between meals.

    It does get easier and it works.

    Good luck 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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