Hunger keeping me awake!

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  • My husband and I have just started the 5:2 diet but all that night we were wide awake with hunger pains then tired the next day. Does this subside given time?

    Was this on your first fast day Cheryllynne?
    I remember feeling hungry and tummy grumbling on my first fast as I went to bed but I cant remember staying awake.
    Drink plenty of water during the day and maybe save 40cals for a light hot chocolate drink such as Cadburys Highlight just before bedtime.
    Good luck πŸ™‚

    Hi, thanks for the reply, yes it was our first day. Today’s our second, so Ive changed tactic and didn’t eat anything all day (surprisingly didn’t have too many hunger pains and coped better than I thought) and then had a 400 cal dinner, so have a bit spare for a snack before bedtime. Looking forward to a sound sleep πŸ™‚ Night Zzzzzzzz

    Hi, I’ve been doing the diet for a couple of months now (8 lbs loss so far) and it definitely gets easier. The first 2 weeks I found very difficult, with headaches and feeling a bit dizzy but you get used to it. I find I’m better if I leave it as late as possible until I eat anything, because once I start I want more! (but it’s down to personal preference and you will find what suits you best).
    Stick with it, it’s definitely worth it once you get used to it.

    Hi, Cheryllynne,

    Not so good that you felt rough, I hope that eases off x
    I like Lindyw’s idea of the low cal hot choc drink before bedtime.. I might try that.

    Hope it goes well!
    Aud x

    Hi Adele & Aud, do you know, it’s really great to connect with people who are/have experienced the same thing. I’d like to keep at it, and I know its very early days but with so much to lose, and being a mature student sitting on my butt all day writing essays, I find it hard to think I’ll lose a pound with any diet! I definitely found it easier going all day without anything to eat, but as pointed out, not long after my dinner I got the munchies, but I was good and got my head in the books as a distraction. Lovely to hear from you x

    Hey Cherry / Lynne!
    I can’t say I ever had that problem actually, I do sleep irregularly but I don’t blame it on the fasting (more that I get too much sleep each night so I’m just not that tired).
    An idea could be to cut out all carbs on your fast days, because carbs tend to give you those cravings and hunger pangs. I’m always more tired and ravenous during my fast if I’ve eaten a carb dinner the day before.

    So on a fast day just have a big salad or veggie stir fry with some chicken or fish! ^^ Just an idea of course πŸ˜‰

    “all that night we were wide awake with hunger pains ”

    My wife, more so than me, gets hungry in the middle of the night.

    Our ritual is for me to remind her to eat a banana. She does. Grab, peel, and eat quickly while semi sleepy. It works.

    We call it our Hunger Bananas.

    You can call it what you like.


    Hi, Cheryllynne,
    Definitely experienced the same thing!

    I have found that on this diet, I *know* I can have it tomorrow, therefore there is not the prospect endless days of diet wasteland stretching to the horizon, so the psychological determination to get through the Fast Days actually… works ::blinks::

    Keep going ~ Woohoo!
    Aud x

    Hi Cherallynne,

    In the book it suggests a small glass of milk before bed. We have a whisky glass of milk I think it helps, and I don’t count it!
    We have lost 26 lbs each and it’s not spoilt the 5.2 !

    Give it a try…

    Haha Symba for a moment I read you had a whisky before bed and I just thought “Yeah well that’ll do the trick.” A whisky on an empty stomach after a fast day… that’ll be a doozy. Won’t help with the nausea some people are complaining about me thinks…

    Ha Ha , we usually have a whisky at bedtime but not on a fast day…….shame

    Haha! You’re all making me laugh,its lovely. I didn’t realise about the carbs so I’ll def try that. Whisky – I’d love to πŸ™‚ but I guess I’ll settle for the milk. Well, successfully completed two days, so roll on next week. You are all very encouraging, thank you so much. Hope you all come back if I’m flailing x

    Nah we’re only supportive when things are going great, if you fail we’ll make sure you get banned from the forum. (You kidding me? πŸ˜‰ )

    Soon you’ll find out some more ways that’ll help you. The first weeks are for a lot of experimenting with different foods which’ll help you through your fast days the best and other stuff like that. Then after that the experimenting will get less when you find “your” way, but the best thing about this WOL is that you can keep tweaking as much as you like.

    I have trouble sleeping on fast days. I make it fine through the day, then I’ll sleep for a few hours, then I wake up ravenous! It has led to many “midnight snacks.” I know this is the reason I’m not losing much weight. I lost 15 pounds but have now been just maintaining. Wish I could sleep through the night.

    Try saving 40 cals for a late night hot chocolate drink such as Cadburys Highlights.
    I found this helped me a few months ago when I had problems sleeping.

    I wonder if Cadburys Highlights is sold in the US….

    I find that trying to eat as late as I can manage works for me ~ I have stopped having a breakfast or lunch on my fast days so as to save all my calories for my evening meal which in turn helps make me feel a bit more sleepy.

    Another thing that I find helps is a camomile or herbal tea.

    Cadbury’s Highlights is also good but I can’t drink much of it as I don’t like the aftertaste of the sweeteners.

    It was my first day of fasting, i had lots of water, 2 black coffees, herbal tea, 2 boiled eggs, a 200 cal lunch and 200 cal dinner! I rested throughout the day to cope with the pain of hunger, now i cant sleep at night, tossing turning body all jumpy – absolutely starving, but feeling positive in myself for getting through – but please tell me it gets easier….. Just cant wait for morning to eat a bowl of porridge!

    Hi Mitchv and welcome:

    Some people report having sleep problems on diet days, others report they sleep better. The bottom line is that your body is getting used to eating different food and eating in a different pattern. That is why I recommend you focus on doing your two diet days each week correctly for at least a month before deciding to change anything – including deciding to quit.

    It does get much easier as you adapt to the program.

    Here are some tips for newbies:

    Good Luck!

    I have all my calories in one meal at night.I don’t sleep well anyway, but I haven’t noticed any difference.

    Hi. It is so good to read all your posts. I have just started yesterday, and was SO hungry at about 1am, I couldn’t sleep so I had a snack of corn cracker and piece of chicken. I think tomorrow (2nd fast day) I will leave most of my calories to have in the evening. It’s good to know about the carbs, I will be avoiding them.

    sorry to know that but it seems like normal .because i head many peoples said this .but it just happened in the first or second day you are having diet

    I take half a teaspoon of butter, coconut oil or olive oil + a large glass of water (with some Himapayan Salt) before going to sleep. The noon-sleeping problem does not exist anymore.

    Hi – I’ve been on the diet for 2 weeks now – on my fast day I have a home-made smoothie for breakfast (100 cals) – lunch has been an apple and carrot sticks, dinner varied but about 220 cals – which leaves me enough calories for a cupasoup later on in the evening. The soup actually really helps and I’m not hungry when I go to bed.

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