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  • I am very new to fasting but have found that if I have all my calories in one go at the end of the day and made up totally from Huel I can cope ok. Huel is a meal replacement that is made in the UK and has all the nutrients the human body needs. I find with me it helps to fill me up and although it is a drink it’s probably better than I would eat nutrition wise. Anyway thought it may help someone.

    If it works for you, go for it.
    I’ve never seen the point of meal replacements though.
    Or is this just a spam post touting yet another pointless product that all sensible people should steer clear of? Remember Soylent Green?

    Jesus, I’ve just found out that there actually is a food replacement called Soylent.
    Apparently the marketing team read the book but didn’t see the film. Genius.

    No it is genuine not spam, and this Huel uses only good food ingredients. All I am saying is when I used normal food on fast days I craved things but using this I did not and there does not appear to be anything bad in it. So yes it works for me.

    Hi, I also use Huel.
    I use it on my NFD’s too.
    I mix up 400 cals and split between 2 beakers, which I have for breakfast and dinner – I then have an apple or something 100 cal snack like for lunch.

    I use Huel as I suffer from IBS and struggle with what to eat – I think it is amazing- I rarely have attacks now and feel more in control of my body.

    I don’t have to worry about working out what to eat now and how to split my calories – I just mix and shake.

    Huel looks interesting, though wouldn’t suit me since it isn’t gluten free and it contains synthetic vitamins that my body isn’t able to process such as pyroxidine hydrochloride. I’m also surprised that the manufacturers of Huel have decided to include the cheap synthetic form of Vitamin D, rather than the natural form.

    I’m glad it works for others though!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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