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  • I am new to the site and not computer literate., i somehow managed to introduce myself and ask a couple of questions to which I have received some answers but I can’t find out how to reply to them.

    Hi Strawplash!

    As you are not used to computers, well done on getting this far! (Says Aud, who is quite frankly terrified of smart phones).

    Can you get as far as viewing the post you want to? If you want to reply, under the poster’s or commenter’s name on the left hand side of the post and your screen, under the word ‘Permalink’, there should be a wee yellow highlighted word ‘REPLY’, if you click on that with your mouse, a blank box should appear at the bottom of the post or the screen – that is where you type your reply. With certain browsers (the type of internet you use) wee red squiggly lines appear under some words, you’ve either mis-spelled something or it could be a person’s forum name as very few are ‘normal’ 🙂
    If you want to follow the thread or want to see when someone else replies to your post or comment, click in the box that says ‘Notify me of follow-up replies via email’ and then go to the right hand side at the bottom of the reply box and there should be a ‘Submit’ box, click on that and hey presto, hopefully your comment will appear.

    There are other ways to get to your posts as well – did you want to try what I’ve said and if you want more information, just reply back to me?

    Good luck!
    Aud x

    Hurrah! I managed to find how to reply..thanks Aud! Well this is Day 1 and it’s been a Fast Day. NO problem so onwards a d downwards! Thanks for your help!

    Great stuff, strawplash, I hope the 5:2 is going well 🙂

    (And don’t worry if it isn’t as I totally bombed last week)

    Aud x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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