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  • What do people do when you go on holiday? I’m off to Portugal for 2 weeks, they tend to have lots of piri piri chicken, sardines, grilled meat and boiled buttery potatoes with everything, so I’m not sure how I’m going to stick to 500 calories. Obviously fruit n salad n fish no problem, eating out is going to be the tricky one! As portions seem to be huge! Have folks been away and followed ther normal fast patterns, or had a break from 5:2 and continued once home?? In a way I want t keep going, but not sure how realistic this is!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about counting the calories whilst on holiday. How about eating just one meal a day – dinner? If you choose some of the less greasy items on the menu, skip the fizzy drinks and eat all the salad and veg, you should be fine 🙂

    I have found that my appetite has reduced since starting the 5:2, so now I can’t even finish the first plate of something I normally would have had seconds of before. At least for me, the portion size now pretty much regulates itself.

    If counting calories is really important to you, you can always go back to doing that after your holiday. Who cares if you’ve gained a pound or two on holiday? Remember; the 5:2 is a lifelong lifestyle choice for medical purposes and overall health, not just a quick fix to shed some weight…

    Have a wonerful holiday! 🙂

    I like the one meal a day on holiday idea! I have two short trips coming (July and August) and was wondering this very thing. Since I am doing an every other day “fast” throughout the week instead of two days…it is important to have a game plan up front. One 500-600 calorie meal would be satisfying and yet not completely throw me off track. Thanks 🙂

    I started the Fast Diet at the end of February and up to going on holiday at beginning of June had lost 1 stone (14 lbs). I went to Greece for 2 weeks and I took a holiday from the Fast Diet too! Yes, there were lots of Greek salads but of course everything comes with chips and bread and oil etc plus wine and the odd beer. On my return (Sunday) I was 8lbs heavier -shock horror. Overnight (I immediately lost 2lbs without trying. The following morning (Tuesday) I had lost a further 4lbs -water retention I think, judging by the amount of wees I had! Wednesday morning I had regained 2lbs. Are you still with me?! Then I had a fast day and as we speak, 6 days after arriving home,I am now 2lbs heavier than when I went away so I am not too worried by that. In my old lifestyle, however, I would have retained most of those 8lbs whereas now I feel in control of my weight. I had no problems with my Fast day and feel that I can slip back into the regime quite easily. Happy holidays.

    I started 5:2 on 12/06/13 and I am off to Malta this Wednesday , my fast day, so as we leave at 2am on Wednesday , just decided to drink lots of water , take a good book and eat on Wednesday evening at the hotel, if hungry . Salads are plentiful , just avoid the pizzas and chips ! Next fast day will be Monday , have a lie in, miss breakfast , black coffee, tea and lots of water for lunch, and eat in the evening. Planning this in my head will I hope keep me on track, if not I won’t feel guilty like the old days , i will just get back to it on my return.
    Usually I would feel I missed out, especially as we will be all inclusive, but that means lots of free zero calories drinks to me now and not loads of food , mindset is definitely changing.
    Enjoy Portugal

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