HIIT fast day or Nonfast day???

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  • After seeing Michael’s Panorama on exercise at high intensity for 1 minute 3 times a week I’ve added it to my exercise regime. Twice a week on fast days I cycle at over 100 rpm for three twenty second bursts and once on another day. I then go and swim 60 laps. I belong to a gym in a retirement village and whilst I try to use the exercise bike quietly I occasionally gain someone’s attention going hell for leather. Today it was a trained gym supervisor and we started chatting about HIIT and she said there was research to show it worked on your metabolism and insulin in your blood and she therefore wondered if I should be doing it on my nonfast rather than fast days. What do others think? I’ve been doing it for 3 months.

    Both for me.

    I’m measuring my results.

    I run instead of using the bike and do 8 reps – Tabata method style.

    I don’t differentiate between fastdays and non fastdays for exercise. I’m not doing HIIT perse but I always make sure I do any higher intensity exercise on an empty stomach.

    “Michael’s Panorama on exercise at high intensity for 1 minute 3 times a week ”

    He has said that it lasts for 36 hours, so high intensity should be done just about every day. This would be about 6 to 7 times per week.

    I’m doing sprint interval training almost every other day and my energy level increases. I’ve been looking forward to it.

    This is in complete contrast to the popular recommendation of doing 10,000 steps daily for movement. My Fitbit tracker can register the number of steps. In the Fitbit community, there is much agonizing about making that number to the point of being ridiculous and funny.


    I do Insanity 3 x a week. There’s no way in hell I could do it on a fast day though.

    I do interval running once a week, but prefer to do it on a non-fast day. It just seems that I literally run out of energy if I do intervals on fast days. Although timing is vital, if I have some calories from carbs just before my interval training, then the results are ok.

    I am new to this, but seeing as I do the HIIT more for fitness benefits than weightless I will be doing them on nonfast days – the day before my fast day as I am too empty feeling the day after to put all my effort in, and don’t want to make it harder to stick to my fast day.
    I don’t know enough to offer more than what works for me sorry!

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