Help! How do i curb my sugar cravings on fast days?

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Help! How do i curb my sugar cravings on fast days?

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  • So i’m new back into the 5:2 diet after two or three years and one of my hardest things on fast days is at about 7/8 pm after dinner I get hard cravings for sugar. someone recommended that its at that time that I should head to bed but I have work and university studies so it just doesn’t seem so possible. plus I like to keep my sleeping habits in schedule as I have to wake up at 5am nearly everyday. the other day I even struggled sleeping although I was exhausted because my sugar levels were so low, any recommendations or advice on how to move past this?

    Have you tried sugar free chewing gum?

    The sweet taste and the chewing seem to fool my body into thinking I’ve eaten something, and it makes it a lot easier to sleep.

    The only way to eliminate sugar cravings is to eat less of it EVERY day ie change your eating habits permanently, something that will also help you maintain weight loss.

    Sorry if that sounds tough but it’s the truth and if you want to lose weight and keep it off, it’s the way to succeed.

    As for low sugar levels, what you are describing sounds like withdrawal from sugar addiction and your body getting used to fasting. The best thing you can do to aid sleep on a FD is to save some calories for a hot drink before you go to bed, maybe a sachet of low calorie hot chocolate.

    I chew gum all day intervaled with coffee.
    it also is known to make your mind work faster too.
    any other easy tricks?

    Look into Low GI foods, they don’t cause a spike in your blood sugar, and release energy slowly. If you eat a portion of wholegrains or legumes or vegetables for your dinner, and some protein to keep you feeling full for longer, you should be able to just have water, or a hot drink before bed, and look forward to your 5am breakfast.

    Good wishes for getting to sleep after a fast day, many people find it settles down after a while.

    @amazon has the best advice. Sugar consumption drives more sugar consumption. Kick the habit and the craving will stop.

    I now sometimes allow myself to have a higher sugar day, but I know from experience if I do that multiple days in a row the sugar cravings will start again. It is actually pretty easy to completely avoid sugar as many things taste much sweeter after a few months of low sugar consumption.

    In general the less refined sugar consumed the easier it is to avoid sugar.

    totally agreed

    although surely by kicking the habit out causes withdrawals; like sleepless nights, lethargic and tired during the day, shakes, and the urge to consume more food in its place? any recommendations on how to deal with that?
    I would love to loose the habit but unfortunately ive lived my whole life with a strong sweet tooth and whilst trying not to give in, even three or four fruits sometimes don’t even work in place of some candy or fresh baked goods.
    any advice on how to kick the sugar cravings and sugar habit out?

    Personally I’d suggest not eating as much fruit, it’s still sweet & won’t help the sugar cravings. I’ve tried the ketogenic diet (high fat, low carb) alongside 5:2 & it really helped my sugar cravings, although it will be tough the first few weeks! Stupidly I decided to eat carbs over Christmas, then there were family birthdays in January, so it’s been hard getting back into it!
    Going cold turkey is the quickest way to deal with sugar withdrawal I think, sorry!

    I have to say I’ve never had issues with sleeping when fasting, even when I did a 4 day food free fast.

    You won’t be able to break your sugar addiction without suffering for a short time. Before you start make a meal plan for the next few days, choosing healthy and filling foods that you like. Save a few calories every day for that bedtime hot drink I mentioned before and ensure you are relaxed before going to bed, a few stretches, some yoga, a hot bath, anything that relaxes you.

    Tell yourself it’s only for a few days and it won’t be long before you feel much better.

    It all depends on how much you want to be slim, healthier and keep the weight off.

    Thank you for all the advice,

    Going to definitely bite the bullet in the near future and go cold turkey.

    I find herbal teas work fairly well – try orange and cinamon, or something to that effect (with no added sugar of course). There’s a slightly sweet taste which seems to trick the appetite.

    The best way for me was to quit sugar was doing it cold turkey. The longer your body is without sugar the less you crave it. I find Raw organic Apple cider vingar( diluted of course) is great after dinner. It also helps to feel fuller and helps with sugar cravings.

    I wouldn’t suggest sugar free gum as sugar substitutes in those gum are horrible for you.

    I do have low sugar fruit with oats like berries. I find I do not really crave sugar anymore.

    Fasting Day is okay; Two Following Days Hell on Steroids!

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong place. I’m brand-new and don’t know where/how to post my new question.

    I find fasting with 800 calories is okay for one day. But the 2 days after, my whole being is fantasizing about and craving/demanding pizza, choc. chip cookies, crusty French bread with butter, and such. It feels like my brain is absolutely Dopamine-starved, and is demanding that I eat a baguette (or two…) or have a pizza! It feels like what I imagine heroin-addiction feels like. What can I do to eliminate this addiction-feeling (which totally highjacks my focus and comfort)? Many, many thanks to all!!!!

    Have you tried drinking tea or chugging water once the cravings start? That can help take away the urge to snack. Also, eating lots of protein-rich foods – something like a handful of nuts, some boiled eggs, or some Greek yogurt when you break your fast can keep you fuller for longer and reduce sugar cravings. Also, if you take a few minutes to focus on other activities like reading, watching a movie, or doing an art project, that can help take your mind off the sweet stuff. Don’t forget to stay active after dinner, even if it’s just taking a walk around the block – that can help too.

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