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  • Having done the 5:2 for a few weeks, I have found I’m definitely better if I keep my calories for one meal in the evening. However, today I had a simple fast day breakfast and I am struggling FAR MORE than I ever have. All I can think about is eating!! I want to have willpower and keep going but it is only 3pm and it’s getting harder to rationalise my hunger which I am trying to do because I don’t want to be disppointed in myself.

    Unfortunately I have a little devil on my shoulder that keeps saying I can just start again tomorrow and to go and eat the bourbons in the kitchen. Trying to use my lovely summer dresses which I haveb’t worn for 3 years as motivation but so far, not helping so much!

    Help! x

    crumpet89, You COULD start again tomorrow but what an epic waste of all this agony that would be!!! Don’t do it!

    You know by now that it’s not REAL hunger – ignore it. Drink a whole glass of water and promise yourself that you can have a little something extra (a few extra calories of fruit/veg or whatever you were planning for later) if you STICK WITH IT.

    Just get through today. You’ll be grateful to yourself tomorrow, when you’re not starting all over again from square one, and can eat what you like.

    And now you know…. there’s no going back. DON’T eat until you absolutely HAVE TO on a fastday. It’s so much harder to get the ‘hunger genie’ back in the bottle once you’ve broken that seal.

    Thanks Tracy, I know you’re right! Just very hard to tell yourself this sometimes! I WILL stick to it. Thank for the encouragement 🙂

    stay strong, you can do it!

    It’s so much harder to get the ‘hunger genie’ back in the bottle once you’ve broken that seal. hahaha good one TracyJ! 🙂

    Crumpet89 just hold on few more hours! tell yourself you will eat the bourbons tomorrow. having diet fizzy drink helps too 🙂


    You can do it! Just don’t let the cravings get to you, remember all the good reasons you’re doing this. I had a bit of cravings too today when I went to the store, and before I knew it I had a chocolate bar in my hand and I just stared at it and said to my self.. NO, if you must have this you can buy it tomorrow too! And I just left it there. Little victorys over cravings like this make my days alot happyer!:)
    So no matter what don’t give up!

    How did you get on crumpet89? I hope you made it & are able to have whatever you like today?

    Hello Lovelies,

    Thank you for all of your encouragement yesterday! I managed to stick it and haven’t even eaten a bourbon today haha.

    Thanks for checking in Tracy, so lovely of you 🙂

    Happy fast day for all those who are x

    “It’s so much harder to get the ‘hunger genie’ back in the bottle once you’ve broken that seal.”
    Haha! love it 🙂 im saving that one for my hunger moments on fast days! x

    Wow this why I like forums. I relate to the hunger genie.
    The research as I understand it going more than 19.5 hours without food is harmful. Getting all calories in one sitting and nothing else for 24 hrs cause problems especially in bone health. I wish I could reference the research somewhere on wiki about calorie restriction. One day without isnt problematic but continually getting all calories from 1 sitting is over time.. Also that when not fasting. 25g protein 3 times a day is beneficial where as 75g of protein in one sitting has the benefit as 25g.

    I kid you not. By taking in 33% vitamins and minerals in whey protien and multi vitamin in morning for 10g protein.
    For lunch about 10g protein from kidney beans with whatever else taste good to bring my daily total to 250.
    I hAve 250 left.

    8am 10g protein from whey and vitamin
    So I put 10g protein from the beans at noon.
    I put 10g protein from catfish at 5pm
    Kidney beans and catfish have something In them that doesn’t make you feel full , but they do help you become sensitive to the the ” full” feeling.
    Where as all other foods do not.

    As I’m eating I also drink till I feel full or at least put the hunger genie(hunger pangs) back in the bottle.
    The challenge is to make it flavorful.
    Eating fish for fasting dinner 3 days a week.

    It’s nice to try other things , but I keep the kidney beans and fish in stock.
    Catfish and kidneys beans are the hunger genie’s kryptonite.
    I swear to what I believe is god I went weeks on end on 600 calories 3 days a week and didn’t have hunger pangs. I was hungry yes! However I did not experience the starving feeling.

    I also went to an all i can eat buffet once a week. With theses rules. Fill up 2 plates with as many fruits and vegtables mostly vegtables then if I was stil hungry I could eat a lobster. Then a small sirloin steak.

    The other 3 non fasting days I kept at 1700 calories. With vegtables on half my plate. It’s was easy for me to count calories in detail three days a week. But more importantly.
    I kept the same routine 10g protein from whey protein at 8am
    Wait till noon to eat 800 calories with optimal nutrition
    No later than 5pm to eat the last 800.

    This way I use my routine to build confidence to know no matter what I will be sated.
    I believe it was 4 weeks before I had a pang, and it was triggered by exercising.
    I will not lie I ate about 3000 cals ~sigh~ but I got up the next day stuck to my routine and still made 5:2 that week.

    What I discovered is sometimes even after giving up on fast day and giving in to health food or junk food I simply could not get to a point of being satisfied. Ive never had a problem with binging. But I could feel how something occurs that triggers not the need to binge but a failure to be sated. I’m lucky that I have strong mental impulse control. I was even able to quit smoking cigarettes 25 years ago cold turkey.

    I learned that if it’s 2-3 hours from bed time. To just go to bed early I was much more at ease even I woke up eight hours later at 4 in morning and eat some healthy cereal for 500 cal. That next day adds up to 2200 calories but that’s why it comes off so slowly and very happy that in deed it is coming off.
    Forgive me for posting with insomnia tonight. I wish you all best.

    Don’t be discouraged, you should be proud you’re making the effort!

    Imagine a year from now when your life is completely changed. That keeps me motivated.

    Over eating is fun frig, I won’t ever not like foods that are bad for me.. However I always feel like I owe my body at least two days a week of being good, heh.


    I often think about someone I respect and how hard they’ve worked at whatever it is they did. That boosts my mentality every time.

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