Got cancer. Should I coninue fasting?

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Got cancer. Should I coninue fasting?

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  • I got diagnozed with brain cancer lasst month. The operation went well.

    My question: should I continue with IF during the treatment with radiation and cancer medication?

    (Sorry if the question have been asked before, I can hardly read and write so searching is a problem for me)

    Hi, I don’t think there are many medical professionals on here who can answer Tue questions, though I know at least one doctor reads the posts.

    I have read though about fasting to help with chemo, so it might be worth researching and checking with your doctor. There seems to be a lot of on going reasearch at the moment. Obviously if you aren’t up to doing your own research, your go or consultant might be willing to do it for you..

    Hope someone on here can point you in the right direction, I’ll recheck what I have read and post you the links.

    Hi Potlatch, so sorry to read about your cancer and I hope milena can help with some info. I believe Michael mentions the effects of fasting and cancer in his book but recognises further research is needed. Can I suggest you click on the FORUM link above at top of the page. Click on Medical conditions link and you may find some posts that will give you some information. I remember Nigelwaring, a frequent poster had cancer and posted often about his research and experiences with fasting. Also go to Google Scholar, enter a subject heading such as “Fasting effects on Cancer treatment” and many research headings will pop up. You will need to search through many to find some relevant info that may help. Get some one who is savvy enough to search effectively for you.
    Best of luck and I wish you well.

    Hi potlatch

    Ive put my email address on my profile, contact me directly and ill pass on the links. Ill also pass you some information re bach flower remedies, which I use for myself and I also use on my animals.

    Tank you very muuuuch everyone! I AM touchhhhed by thhhhe kinddness


    I stumbled on the following yesterday, which talks about fasting and cancer/ cancer treatment. It appears to suggest that fasting and CR can slow cancer, improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and help reduce side effects also.

    Hope it goes well for you.

    Hi Potlatch, firstly, I’m really sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. That really sucks. Secondly I would advise to run things by your oncologist. Milena’s tip for Bach flower remedies should be undertaken after chemotherapy as you are not allowed these or supplements during chemo. Apparently they reduce the effectiveness of it and let’s face it, if you’re putting something so toxic into you, you want the best possible result. If you are receiving chemotherapy, you will loose any appetite anyway. Everything tastes so bad and you feel so drained that it’s an effort to eat. I had chemo for 3 months for breast cancer and lost 10 kilos but put it all back on. Beware of well intentioned friends bearing food gifts!!! If they want to give a gift to you, suggest a facial or something pampering instead of food. Good luck with your treatment and please keep in touch and let us know how you’re going. Take care!

    Don’t play doctor unless you have completed medical school and specialized in chemotherapy. I am sorry to hear this news as I have gone through cancer and come out the other end (luckily) but the journey is pretty difficult. Get a close circle of loved ones (keep it small and those you trust fully). Ask them to support you, drive you to treatments, hold your hand during chemo (if required), feed you snacks and protein shakes when you cannot hold a meal down. Light friends will run away, Facebook chums will offer false hopes, bad medical advice and holistic “cures” that will fail and possibly harm you. IF can help some people during chemo as there are some light studies showing cancer cells are consumed/flushed faster during IF as the body is in constant repair mode, BUT according to Dr.Mosley’s own research, the studies are too slim and they are just starting to look deeper into this. My oncologist would have probably asked to refrain from starving the body in general as it will already be weaker than normal, which is sage advice as you require all the strength you can muster for treatment. Please ensure you speak to your family doctor, your oncologist before making any decisions. I gained weight during chemo (2 rounds of chemo over 6 months), which is not the usual, but I had a hard time keeping down veggies and milk and coffee. I turned to processed crap like fast food and was never sick again. After 1 year of chemo, radiation, surgery, chemo and a last surgery, it was time to Fast and get rid of the excess which I continue today. I wish you all the very best, luck and well wishes during this tough time Potlatch. My heart goes out to you. Chris

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