Good or bad carbs

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  • Can anyone tell me where beans, lentils and pulses fit on my 2 diet days?

    Do they class as carbs and, therefore, to be avoided or should I just count the calories?

    Pulses are a good source of protein and fibre, so if you can put them in to your meal plan. You should be counting calories on your fast day anyway, 500,600 etc depending on what fasting pattern you are following so work them in to your meals.


    I thought it was count calories and no carbs.

    Also thought the male calorie count was 800.

    Click on the ‘How it work’s link above. 5:2 is 600 for a man but there are other fasting plans you can follow. 16:8 comes up a lot but I only know the 5:2 plan.

    Beans and lentils contain both carbs and protein, as well as lots of wonderful fibre.

    They can play a role on fast days as they are nutritious and help you feel full. As carbs, they are definitely good ones.

    If you want to avoid carbs on your fast days, just have tiny amounts of beans and lentils, or leave them for a non fast day.

    Thanks for the advice, folks

    It is also fine to just water fast and not eat at all on a fast day. 😀

    Beans spike me crazy.

    Carbohydrates are classified as “good” or “bad” by nutritionists. Legumes, whole grains, brown rice, and other good carbohydrates slow the rise of blood sugar levels. Blood glucose levels rise quickly after eating bad carbohydrates such as white bread, cookies, and sweet sodas.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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