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  • Hello there!
    Just finished my first week of 5:2. Was not as bad as I was expecting actually but it was a very busy week at work, and I had scheduled my fast days on the busiest days.
    I am 45, weight 69.6 kg( 11stones I think) and I am a shorty at 5.3 feet. 2 kids under 8. My goal is to go back to my “normal weight “ of 61 kg. I have always been at that weight and although a bit high for my height, I was feeling great at that weight. I put on weight after having my kids ( I know, how shocking!!!:))
    I will weigh myself tomorrow and let you know! I am hoping for 69kg! My jeans are less tight so fingers crossed!!

    Hi, Mychoice. You were wise to choose busy days at work for Fasting — takes your mind off it.
    Hope the scales will give you good news. Tomorrow will be my Fast Day and I hope for a good one too.
    As for your weight goal, you might surprise yourself and end up weighing less than your goal. I did. And I liked how I felt and looked at that weight so I tried to keep it there. You might find the same thing!

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

    Thank you Fasting_me. 69.1 on the scales today. So around a pound less, not bad!
    Today is a fast day and I will keep busy with painting my bathroom!
    Hope your day goes well!

    Painting is a great distraction — that’s what I did for 2 hours each day when we began. Couldn’t stop for 2 hours lest the paint dry on the brush. Did all the trim and doors upstairs.

    Fasting: Today we had egg-avocado-crab-cottage cheese baked in a dish for breakfast. Really fast and easy. Tonight we’ll have a variation on ‘mixed sushi’ with brown rice, grilled beef, smoked salmon, egg, and cucumber.

    Well, that was a tough day! I prefer to eat nothing until 2pm where I know I will start being hungry. I had some veggies and 70 g of yogurt ( total 125kcal). Nothing else than tea and now, I am hungryyyyy!!!!!! Kids dinner is on the way so not easy to resist but will! Will have a fit kitchen dinner I bought this morning. 288kcal! Some fruits, and there, job done!
    My husband is not home so will go to bed early to avoid temptations!
    Painting was actually not that distracting! Learnt that fast days will have to be on busy work days.
    Love your meal plan. Will probably think my fast day meals a bit more carefully from now on.

    Second fast day of the week is going well. This week is a bit usual for me as again, I am home for my FD. Have sort of slow week at work so I decided to use the extra free time to do housework. It just finished 90 min at least of gardening and boy, oh boy was I hungry when I stopped!! I sat down and tried to focus on something else: I don’t want to eat until it is 2pm or later, or else I am too hungry ( or am I really??) at 5pm, when the kids come back. I am usually quite good with my diet when I am alone but with the kids and my husband, it is always a bit more challenging. I know I can do this, and I want myself back. That’s my only real motivation: see my flat belly again and say bye-bye to the “wings”! Also been to swim yesterday. I used to swim about 2 km and I made it, surprisingly! Of course, took me more time than usual but hey, baby steps!!!
    There I just distracted myself by writing all this – also drunk my tea, that helps. One more hour and I will eat an egg with spinach and a tiny piece of cheese -around 200kcal.
    And I am going to the stores right now to buy more paint!!
    Need to get away from temptations for a little while!

    Oh and I forgot to say that I was at 68.8 kg (-0.3kg since Monday) this morning after a regular non fast day yesterday. It is slow but I don’t care as long as it is going down!

    Continuing writing my journey.
    Not doing too badly on my NFDs so far. I had a breakfast with the girls on Friday then pizza at night ( Friday is pizza night). I did not go over the board, although having an extra piece was very tempting. I stepped on the scales on Saturday morning to see if I had made some damage but turned out I was the exact same weight than on Friday morning after a Thursday ‘s fast. ( 68.5kg). So quite happy with that. Yesterday ( Saturday) was a day out with the kids, relatively active. Lots of veggies at lunch, no breakfast and no snacking. Dinner was not that healthy with again pizza. That’s not the usual, just happened that my husband wanted “junk food”. Today is better, bbq but health one with lots of salad and a piece of chicken, no bread for me! Tonight will be a curry or maybe left overs from the bbq- I don’t plan to eat much.
    I dread the weigh in tomorrow, even if I know I ate a lot les than usual. Because I am starting to get into the fasting rhythm, I feel than I eat too much on NFD. I will see tomorrow.
    Fingers crossed.

    68.0kg this morning. Very pleased, although it is after a FD so, it probably a little bit more in reality! Still very happy to have seen a move on the scales. Breaking the 68kg will be a step for me. A psychological one. Have not seen 67kg for 5 years. And I am ready to celebrate small victories!!:))
    Still find it tough to resist to food during the kids ‘ dinner but I am trying to focus on the fact that so far, this is working- even if slow!
    Today was a NFD but I make a point to eat very light st lunch time with lots of greens, half an avocado and some salmon. No bread. Must. Not. Eat. Bread.
    Must. Not. Eat. Chocolate. Too. …… but who am I kidding here??? I did eat about 20 g of chocolate (60% dark) trying to really enjoy it, in peace, with a cup of tea. It worked well. I am way under my Allowance, even with small curry ( homemade) with no rice or bread, and a pear.
    Not sure I will be in control every time, but again, i take it day to day.

    Humm found out that fasting every other day ( Monday and today) is not a good idea. Was not quite good today. Probably around 700kcal, and I am struggling with hunger today. Tried my usual distractions ( tea, getting busy with some work and do some chores at home but, no, today, really nothing is working. Was planning on doing a 4:3 this week but I don’t think it is for me. Or not for now.
    I will resist today because I just don’t want to destroy a whole day of efforts completely. I will do a normal day tomorrow and a low calorie on Friday instead of a FD.
    I will start clean again on Monday and stick to Monday and Thursday as my FD. Lesson learnt.

    That’s what life is for — to teach us lessons. And if we heed them, we are better off.
    Slow weight loss is what we want — it gives the body and over-lying skin time to adjust to the change.
    Keep up the good work, Mychoice. After 5 years of Fasting, I know that this works.
    Good luck

    Thank you fasting-me, your timing was perfect! I woke up with a weight gain compared to Tuesday morning +500kg, grrr!! I needed someone to remind me this works on the long term! So thank you!!!
    But since I don’t like being defeated(and also because I felt right!) I am actually doing a fast day today! I was planning a low cal, but fell like I could do it. Do there!!
    So far, so good. As usual, dinner time is a bit tricky but less than last week. I might be 50 kcal over the allowance- apple ( and not cookie!- but overall feel good about today.
    Decided not to step on the scales this weekend and until after my Monday fast. Tuesdays usually bring good news, so fingers crossed!!!

    We have pizza every Saturday — have done so for 30 years. Is your pizza store-bought or homemade? Homemade is really quite easy and much lower in fat and calories. There is even a Fast Day pizza! The crust for that is a whole-grain tortilla wrap.

    Glad you are feeling good about Fasting. If you need recipes for pizza or Fasting, let me know or click my ‘handle’ and find my blog URL. Good luck this week.

    Hi Fasting-me, I read quite a few of your posts here and there and I found them very helpful, especially the recipes. I haven’t tried them yet, simply because I choose to not eat at all until dinner time and that’s usually with the kids. They are still a bit picky about food and getting them to try new things can be challenging. That said, I prepare dinner from scratch and I know to hide vegetables very well! – that works very well for my husband too! I switched to brown rice ( although I don’t eat it for now, just thinking ahead to establish new habits) I usually makes my own chips , often veggies ones. For pizza night, it really depends on whether I have time or not to prepare them. We usually have friends over, either at ours or theirs so I cannot really control that ( except the part where I eat them !). We are not very big on desserts and eat fruits and yoghurt instead. Where I am very bad is bread and snacking ( love peanuts a bit too much!). I tried to avoid snacking on my NFD but it is still a work in process. I noticed that if I exercise, I can get away with a snack before or after my session and it does not have any effect on my weight, obviously because I burned it. So might just try to go the gym or exercise when the kids are sleeping. Finding the time is my issue. My job is flexible but I just got promoted and that means a lot more hours and often some extra work at night.
    I will join the monthly challenge with the goal of loosing 1.5 kg and adding 30 min of exercise each day. Let’s see how this goes!!!
    So far, NFDs have been good. I have been busy taking the kids here and there, so I didn’t have too much time to cheat!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

    Fasting_me your breakfast sounds delicious would love that. Sadly never found cottage cheese here. We do have quark though, wonder if that would work.
    Was your breakfast menu from one of the books or designed by you.

    Mychoice, Thanks for the nice comments about my recipes. I have discovered that I really enjoy developing new recipes, especially for Fast Days.

    Angel, you could substitute ricotta for cottage cheese. Or sometimes it is known as ‘farmhouse cheese.’ Where are you located? That was my recipe.

    Fasting tomorrow!

    I really like cooking as well but finding the time can be tricky! Weekends are easier… but so full of temptations!! Ah, finding the right balance!!! :))
    Well, my scales were not kind to me. No loss this week. Sigh…. even a bit more than last week (200g). So frustrating. If I look at the positive, I am still lighter than 3 weeks ago and to be very honest, my clothes are bizarrely a lot more loose than before. I don’t eat in excess on my NFDs, actually maybe a bit under than the 1400 Kcal I decided I should eat. It was always difficult to loose weight ( or gain, which was also great!!) when I was younger so , I am assuming that with age, it is accentuated. Ah! Trying to stay focused………..

    It has been a little while since I posted anything. Writing is my way of staying committed so I am back.
    Last week was quite busy. As a consequence, my fasting days were very easy. Or maybe I am getting used to fasting twice a week and having a controlled day in the middle.
    The scales are frustrating in the way that I usually loose less than a pound a week. But I am still loosing! I just have to accept that this is the way it works for me. The good thing is that a little excess once a week does not seem to erase all my efforts so that’s pretty encouraging.
    My problem is exercise. I don’t get enough and I know this would make a lot of difference to my weight loss. In the past, it had always has. So, I got myself an activity tracker as a way to motivate myself and get to walk a bit twice a day! At least that’s something!! It was that or getting a dog but I figured that a Fitbit would be easier to care for. Plus, I am a cat person, hehe!
    Anyway: 67.9 this morning. Down nearly 2 kg since I started 5 weeks ago.
    Let’s continue this journey!!

    Hi My:

    As women lose on average a little less than a pound a week on 5:2, you are right on schedule. Just keep going and you will be very happy in a few more months!

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