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  • The big question !

    What made you decide on your goal weight?
    For me it was a weight loss of 5 stone which i am now 2lbs away from achieving. But im not there i’m not where I want to be not yet! My BMI is 26.5 so not in the ‘healthy range’ and my body is still holding onto lumps in places so looking out of proportion. I don’t feel healthy yet I don’t feel like i thoughtI would at goal. So…

    How many of us have changed our goals?

    Im considering trying for another stone so down to 9st 8lbs and see how i feel when im there.

    I think it’s quite normal to start with a goal that feels manageable and then adjust as we get closer to it.
    Sometimes we have to do this because our body plateaus and refuses to lose any more for some time.
    Sometimes health reasons will dictate – eg if we are trying to bet back to normal blood sugar or blood pressure, we don’t know what weight level will achieve this until it happens.
    Sometimes it’s been so long since we’ve weighed in at our target weight that it’s hard to imagine what that will feel like.

    Nothing wrong with changing a goal weight if you don’t feel healthy yet.

    When I started 5:2 I wanted to get from 65kg down to 60kg.
    Now I am 50kg which is at the lower end of my healthy weight range. I naturally stopped here, and even though I have kept doing 5:2 I am staying here. It is very nice.

    I wanted to weigh what I did in my early 20s. 70kgs. My range is now 70-71kg which I have maintained for 3 1/2 years. Seemed to be a lot easier when I was in my 20s. I could eat all the junk food I wanted. Now 57 and Ive had an epiphany with regards proper diet. better late than never.

    I picked my goal weight from by college weight. I was told I probably couldn’t achieve it, but now I’m a little below it. Now I don’t have a goal weight, my goal is health and seeing my abs someday.

    My goal, initially, was not what I weighed in HS or College, since that was too high for me. My weight blossomed in 9th grade, so I wanted the weight I had in 8th grade [I was fully grown then, btw]. After I got to that weight, I kept losing more pounds — something I did not think possible. So I lowered the goal by 2.5 pounds, and am now happy 1 pound less than that. So you see, we can and do change our minds.

    My goal was to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 50kg. I had been that weight all my adult life then had a baby at 36 years old and could feel myself settling into being “mumsy”.

    I spent a couple of years thinking that maybe this was my new body shape. Except I knew the weight was creeping up and I was feeling more and more unhealthy. Then I saw the Eat, Fast and Live Longer documentary and the rest is history!

    Last week I achieved my goal weight of 50kg and I am now finding my feet in maintenance mode.

    @dykask my new goal is also to see my abs again one day! Before I had my little one, my stomach would have been flat at this weight but it’s taking a lot more work now!

    It should be necessary to have our weight goal.It is depend on our height how much weight should have.

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