frozen yoghurt recipe

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frozen yoghurt recipe

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  • Hi,

    (my first post)

    I’m looking to make a low fat/low sugar desert of frozen yoghurt with figs, ginger and honey.

    Can anyone recommend the right quantities for each ingredient and how they would prepare (method). For instance, 16fl oz low fat greek yoghurt but how big should the ginger be and how much figs and honey?

    Much appreciated.


    Have you looked on-line?
    There will be lots to choose from 🙂

    yes, i have looked online and its still not clear to me. A lot of recipes use stem ginger where-as i would like to use grated ginger.

    Do you know the information?

    I’ve never made frozen yoghurt but I do a lot of cooking and would suggest that raw grated ginger would not freeze very well which is one of the reasons why recipes use stem ginger.
    You could try squeezing the juice from fresh ginger and adding it but you would need to experiment to get the right amount.

    I just wondering if there is a special type of yoghurt that you must use or can you just use normal yoghurt from the supermarket. I only ask because the big 500ml yoghurts from asda says not suitable for home freezing. I dont know if they mean you cant freeze and then defrost it or if it is ok like an icecream ( freeze then eat)

    I freaking love froyo
    froyo places are opening up all over the place now…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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