First day of fasting was…fast

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  • Well, I made it until about 1 PM. Then, I binged. Oh, well. I never really had too much of a problem with hunger when I used to fast during lent (I used to be an observant catholic, and I actually used to a total fast every Friday during lent…no food at all for the whole day). It’s all psychological, I’m sure.

    Well, I’ll try again tomorrow.

    Hi Captain, Remember you need to make this a way of life, sensible and easy enough to be manageable. The four P’s are Planning, Preparation, Persistence and Patience.
    I hope you have planned out your fast day so you have strategies for the difficult times. A cup of miso soup, or a promise that you can have something you love tomorrow.
    Think about when it suits you to eat, and what you will eat, and anything you can do to distract yourself when you get really hungry.
    Remember it is just one day, and you can eat normally the next day.

    Thanks. I do have a plan. I have my meal portions lined up and my times when I’m going to eat. I have lots of water to drink, and I’m planning on taking a long walk over my lunch break (unless the rain that’s coming in front of Joaquin decides to ruin my plans). The biggest hurdle in my day is dealing with the stress. When work stresses me out, I shove food in my mouth. It doesn’t help that the only way to my desk is to walk by a desk where someone always has a bowl of candy out. I just need to remember why I’m doing this, and make that more important than the immediate mood change I get from a sugar rush.

    I have been playing around with the Fast Diet idea on and off for nearly a year now since I first bought the book.

    So far I have not made it through even one day of a full fast.

    I don’t have too much of a problem skipping breakfast and lunch, but every evening something comes up that defeats me.

    Sometimes it will be a cake that my wife cooked or just the smell of a casserole on the oven. Other times thoughts of food will randomly pop into my head or else an ad comes on TV for a scrumptious snack.

    What are some of the “tricks of the trade” to get through an entire 24 hour period without eating?

    Hans, you need to adjust your approach to this. Get your wife on board. Agree with her that she will support you and not bake, cook or eat all the goodies she would normally do for just one day. Have something for lunch. On my fast day I skip breakfast and have porridge (and fruit) made with water and a little milk for lunch. (around 12.30pm). This is low GI and will keep you fuller longer. Try to go until around 7.00pm then have your main fasting meal, this should be around 400 cals and must include some protein. (I use Marks and Spencer Fuller Longer meals as they are so easy and I am so lazy). Go to bed at 9.00pm.
    Try some different approach, it is no good doing the same thing and not be able to succeed. Oh, by the way, drink plenty of sugar free liquids like WATER through the day.
    Good Luck.

    I find it easier just not to eat on a fast day at all. Loads of water, herb teas but no food. Clear cut and easier than thinking “what can I eat?” all the time.

    Hans – ask your wife to make a low-fat casserole. Lean meats, lots of veggies and some stock will make a dish that you can both enjoy together – my husband and I eat the same evening meal on fast days, but I skip the rice/potatoes/pasta/bread. If you are sitting down to the same meal together, you won’t feel left out. And just have the cake the day after.

    I agree with Expat. It’s simple: just don’t eat on fast days. If I was attempting to eat 500 calories on a fast day I wouldn’t have lasted a week. I think it takes less willpower to eat nothing than it does to eat a little.

    I have a huge weakness for savoury snacks but I’ve stuck to my guns and found fasting (ADF) far easier than I’d imagined. Sure, I’m a bit miserable on fast days but I now feel no guilt on feast days and thus enjoy my meals (and booze) even more while shedding inches.

    The quicker the fat goes the keener you’ll be and vice versa.


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