Finished 4 days of Water fasting -notes for next time!

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Finished 4 days of Water fasting -notes for next time!

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  • Not sure if this will help or have the same effects on others but this is what I learned from my 4 days of water fasting!

    I found that the mornings are always the hardest, with throbbing headaches and light headedness. It should’ve been obvious for me but it was clearly dehydration. Only on my third day I caught onto this and now I know for next time!

    My initial plan was to have mind numbing fixations throughout the day to fight my hunger. I planned movies, tv shows, and video games to occupy my time but I realized that I was actually more productive while I was doing work. Time seemed to fly by when fixating on actual work and being productive!

    At first I was afraid that I might faint because I was so low energy…but once I actually started to put in some light workout I was able to do it. Obviously don’t do anything heavy and stay put in a safe place. I resorted to an hour bike ride around the city, pushups, situps, and air squats.

    I’ve had so many inner dialogues during my starvation state that my mind was so crowded. It was also evident that anytime I had negative thought, my automatic reaction was to find something to eat! Trying to suppress such thoughts was probably the most challenging meditation I ever had.

    Hope this helps! I’m definitely reattempting end of this year and possibly go for 5 days.

    So how did it go second time around? I agree with keeping busy, especially with work. Watching TV is already associated in my head with snacking, so when I am (intermittent) fasting, I avoid TV and other visual media like a plague. Instead, a few soothing podcasts (BBC4’s In Our Time podcast – specifically one about Philosophy is a favorite) help me to put my mind elsewhere. When it gets warmer, gardening can be relaxing and rewarding!
    Are you doing IF to lose weight, and if so, how is it going?

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