Feeding Your Family While Fasting

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Feeding Your Family While Fasting

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  • I am on my third fast day and so far the most difficult aspect of fasting for me has been having to deal with food continually because I have two small children at home. I feel it would be much easier if I didn’t have to worry about feeding other people! I do try to plan ahead — I know exactly what I am going to feed the kids on my fast day, so as to reduce rummaging around in the fridge and the cupboards. I also tend to choose leftovers or foods that are quickly prepared, so I don’t have to spend much time in the kitchen, at all. This afternoon, both my kids have a little friend over and everyone keeps begging me for popsicles and crackers and other snacks!

    hi stephka,

    thought u would like this video of a busy mom on fastday

    Jessica, a busy mom of two sets of twins, wants to drop between 20 to 30 of the pounds that she’s gained since having kids. So she’s trying The Fast Diet. Watch the video to see her results.

    The Fast Diet: How One Viewer Did on the Program


    i like how she said you go overboard

    wish u success

    Did you and your kids eat dinner together before you started the fasting? You might want to try to find meals you can eat together that fit with your plan. I’ve had a lot of luck with crock pot cooking – I’m cooking for five, plus I’m on an afternoon shift from 1pm to 6pm. The only crock pot recipe book I’ve found with calorie counts is the American Diabetes one, but some diabetes websites have crock pot recipes with calorie counts. I like eating with the family, and they’ve liked everything I’ve cooked so far (maybe not so thrilled with the smaller, normal-sized portions). It’s working for me, so I thought I’d pass it on.

    I also find it really tough doing fast days when I am home with my son, who is ten, and eats for Britain !

    If i can I fast on Mon & Thurs when I am doing long days in the office….

    but on occasion that hasn’t fitted in, so I have tried to make him food that works for us both. Doing a chicken stir fry for us both, with noodles for him and none for me. Or doing salmon in foil in the oven with rice for him and just veg for me. I always try to eat with him when i’m at home, even if that is at 5pm…

    The recipe book is great, and I am sure you can find some things to adapt. But boy is it hard to avoid the chocolate crispies, biscuits, jelly, etc. Takes a will of iron, but if you try to think that you can have one of those treats yourself the next day it might help!

    I drew the line at baking choc-chip cookies on a fast day, that would have been more than any sane person could bear !!

    “I drew the line at baking choc-chip cookies on a fast day, that would have been more than any sane person could bear !!”

    tomtommum – I had to laugh when I read this. It is a fast day for me today and I am making gingerbread cookies tonight for a work luncheon on Friday – crazy I know. But I wont have time tomorrow night to make them…. so its now or never. Test of willpower? Yes I sure think so.

    Hi Stephka I have the same problem, have 2 hungry teenagers to feed and a hubby who is fit and doesnt need to diet!
    On fast days I skip breakfast, I dont miss it now, just have a black coffee and ssome water and keep myself busy.
    By early afternoon Im desperate for a snack, will have some homemade soup or oatcakes with wee bit lean ham and toms.
    For tea/dinner I eat with the family, still have things like spag bol, chilli, without the pasta or rice, just lots of veg or salad. Stir frys are good too.
    Just try to resist snacking you can have it tomorrow.
    And no alchohol during the week.
    Hope this helps.
    Elaine 🙂

    I’m on day 2 and I woke up feeling really tired even getting the kids ready was a bit much for me. But I’m not any getting any hunger pains so that’s a plus (could be cause I drink a liter of water). going to the bathroom is exhausting. would love to chat with anyone doing the water fasting so we can champion each other on this process.

    So our 2 grown sons are home for Christmas week and today was a Fast Day. We prepared a typical Fast Breakfast [today it was Apple-Bacon Baked Eggs with pear slices, cider, and coffee. Everyone ate that, then the boys silently rose, went into the kitchen, and returned with left-over coffee cake to round off their meal. tonight at dinner, we ate an “Antipasto Platter with Fish” which is ample for Fasters. The Sons got the same plate, but their’s had some baguette as well.
    This way everyone eats their fill, and the Fasters get to Fast. It works.

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