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  • Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. I read the fast exercise book and I’ve decided to do the fat burner on my exercise bike(8 sec hard workout and 12 sec recovery). I’m only able to do 7 mins so far, I still have a way to go. Does anyone know if I am meant to get my heart rate up to 80% or is it 90%? The book doesn’t say. Any advice would be great. Thanks. Jayne.


    I don’t worry too much – the point is to go anaerobic so on a bike your thighs will burn and you will feel like you can’t go on. You can achieve this with sufficient resistance as well as speed.
    A good hiit session will leave you feeling slightly nauseous with jelly legs – another sign you went anaerobic!

    Good luck! 🙂

    How are you getting on now Jayne? With the fat burner, the fact you can only go for 7 mins (back then; any improvement on this now?) shows that you’re getting up into your anaerobic system. Just keep pushing those 8 seconds with everything you’ve got and like LobsterB said above, you’ll know when you’ve had a good HIT session!

    Hello there,

    I’m new to this forum, and although this post is over a year old, I wondered if we could reopen it as this is the technique I am hoping to use. I don’t have an indoor bike as yet, but currently looking for one. I tried this on my outdoor cycle yesterday, but didn’t feel the burn. I expect this is why MM recommends an indoor bike for the fat burner.

    I would like to know who else has tried the Fat Burner and succeeded? What sort of improvements did you make and over what time period? How hard was it and is 20 minutes three time per week really enough?

    looking forward to starting

    I do this workout on the elliptical. I haven’t stuck with it consistently enough to notice a benefit. It is a low impact replacement for half marathon training. I started at 10 minutes and built up to 20, but if I take time off, I go back to square one. I definitely feel sick afterwards, so I guess I’m doing it right!

    Hi MaryAnn,

    I expect feeling sick after training doesn’t give you a great deal of desire to get back on. Are you currently training? I have just ordered my new indoor bike, it arrives tomorrow, so then I can start for real. I used to do a great deal of exercise, but due to a string of illnesses and injuries, I’m not quite so active anymore, so I am really looking forward to getting started.


    Hi DeeBStew,

    I mix HIT on the elliptical with running on the treadmill and lifting weights. The workout I dread most is HIT, but I’m a bit of a masochist so I keep doing it. Though probably not as frequently as I should!

    Good luck with your new bike!

    Thank you MaryAnn, and good luck to you too as you continue with your training….:-D

    It sounds like you must work out in the gym?


    I did my very first HIIT on my new spinning bike today and only managed five sets of 8s full pelt to 12s recovery. It’s a tough workout, it’s going to take me a long time to get to 20 min at this rate…….:-(

    Don’t worry about that. Just stick with it and you’ll be fine!

    Thanks MaryAnn,

    I’m having another session on it today, I’m also fasting today.

    I have also been doing Power management and yoga on alternate days, and digging up the allotment on weekends……LOL

    How’s your training going? How’s the fat burning sessions going?


    I do HIT on an exercise bike and definitely feel like I’ve had a work-out afterwards. I also try to do some HIT on my bike ride to work – however I use a mountain bike so am unable to get above 22mph on level ground. I also don’t feel as tired after my commute as I do after the exercise bike. So, I’m not sure if I am really pushing myself outdoors to the same extent as indoors. Any advice? Thanks.

    90% – you are aiming to hit your VO2Max (zone 5). If you can’t get there with 8:12, try 20:10 it might take 1 or 2 rounds to hit VO2Max due to cardiac lag. After a few rounds you will be in recovery deficit, which will drive your HR up.

    You should be grabbing for a bucket after 8 mins. 😀

    hi there I read your HIT style training and think its great for you to start there its very impressive for someone to start exercise and jump into HIT I would suggest that after you set a goal like lets say 10 mins you increase the time on and keep the same time off you want to make progression its going to become easy to keep going where you started to add to it you need to move forward your no longer the same person when you started

    There is a 4 minute 20s work 10 recovery (8 rounds) HIIT exercise bike Video here with work/recovery efforts, to give you some pace and motivation.


    I tend to mix it in with other training. I know the guy in the video, he goes to my spinning class – I’ve seen him hit 200rpm on a wattbike.

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