Fasting and Bikram/Hot Yoga

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  • Wondering if anyone has any experience of fasting on days when they practice Bikram/Hot Yoga. I am finding it difficult fitting in the fast days and Bikram yoga days as I have not wanted to do both on the same day. I worry that I might pass out if I have only taken in 200 odd calories leading up to the class. I also cycle to and from work before doing Bikram so it would involve a 10 mile cycle as well as Bikram. I currently don’t struggle cycling home from work on a fasting day but I think that Bikram on top of this may push me over the edge!
    If anyone has any experience please let me know.


    Hi, I dont do Yoga. But I know that Hot Yoga is pretty intense. However I’ve been doing exercise and 5:2 for about 18 months and I’m pretty used to how my body reacts.

    I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. I do kettlebell classes on Mondays, and “primal circuits” on Wednesdays and Fridays. According to my heart monitor watch, all of these burn over 600 cals for me and more if I decide to jog the 1.3miles to the gym and back. The weird thing is that the easiest session is the Monday one, despite being equally intense. I tend to eat nothing during the day, and a reasonable meal after training. I can be pretty hungry before heading to the gym, but actually feel LESS hungry after the exercise and dont gorge myself after. When doing exactly the same workout on a Wednesday – having eaten during the day, I can actually feel less energetic during the class. Although not a scientific comparison, I know how many reps I do, and what weights etc and I’m sure I do better on a fast day. Having said that, on a fast day, the run home is definitely more of a struggle.

    Another datapoint was when I did a Tuesday fast day (almost zero cal) followed by a Wednesday when I ate almost zero cals, (I think I had an egg) and then did a class. I was OK for 40 minutes and then just suddenly kind of ground to a halt. Boy the evening meal tasted good !

    So, I wouldnt worry too much. You will be surprised how your body just gets on with it – just drink plenty of water and don’t stray too far away from a source of banana.

    I have had to change my exercise since starting the 5:2 diet. I feel sick fasting and doing Bikram yoga, even the day after a fast! I got through the class but thought I was going to faint after the class! That has never happened before and I have been doing Bikram for years. So I have cut back the Bikram to once a week and am going to the gym instead, pump classes and RPM mainly. Have only been fasting for 3 weeks and already lost 3 kilos! Amazing……..

    I am attending a Bikram class tonight after aprox 300 cals so I plan to top up on lots of water during the day and opt for a light green crunchy salad when I get home. Bikram works at its best on an empty stomach. I can’t imagine that I will feel that much different to any other class- but I will let you know how I go!

    How did you get on Missy E? I’ve just started Bikram and am wondering how it will go with 5:2. I do Bikram at least 5 times a week so can’t really avoid combining it with fasting days. Did you find it more difficult on a fasting day or was it ok?


    As far as bikram is concerned I didn’t attend a session that particular night as I just felt generally flat and felt like resting, so I did. However this week on both on my fast days i achieved a rigorous 1 hours training at the gym and I felt great.

    I think its about listening to the body ,especially on fasting days. If you feel like going to Bikram, then go. The body will tap in to our energy storage and burn fat very efficiently. But if I feel lightheaded during the day because of the fasting I would probably avoid Bikram personally. I think plenty of water throughout fasting day is key, and once you are a bit more used to the fasting process and used to how the body reacts to different activities, then I can’t see any reason to avoid Bikram at all on fast days.

    Anyway, you can always lie down if you feel dizzy and get the benefits of a warm room relaxing the muscles. Let me know how you go

    I always practice bikram yoga while fasted! It’s awsome and the way to go. I’m a 46 year old airline mechanic who works midnights and has a family. I use to weigh 210. Less than 4 months starting bikram and intermittent fasting I’m down to 188! I feel so much better in general. I usually go do class while not eating anything for the past 18 hours. My focus is way more intense and my balance is a lot better. I never feel faint either! I encourage anyone to try. The first few weeks are hard because the body has to get use to not eating but after a awhile you get use to it and I’m no longer all that hungry! Good luck everyone!

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