Fast-dieting and Mountain hiking – is 500 enough?

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Fast-dieting and Mountain hiking – is 500 enough?

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  • I am hiking / walking in the high Alps for the next month, quite strenuous exercise every day as well as needing stamina. Today was my first fast day while doing so, and I found sticking to 500 calories really hard. Pretty much knocked out by it really. I had a good jumbo porridge breakfast with fresh apricot, and lots of water all day, now eaten a ratatouille and hard boiled egg. My calorie output is probably much higher than normal – should I increase my fasting calorie count? (I have lost about 20 lb in the last 3 months so really pleased with the diet generally, about 10lb to go). Any advice welcomed.

    Hi, I don’t have the expertise to give you advice, but if it was me, I’d leave 5:2 while doing the hike, and just concentrate on eating good healthy food to fuel all that hard work. I’d pick 5:2 up again when I get home.

    Its really up to you. Personally I dont find it a problem to go for a bike ride and fast (I do water only fasts). But it took about 6-7 months before it became very easy to do. If youre struggling then top up with a meal. Only you know what your body is able to do.

    weighttogo: Why, given the strenuous month ahead of you, not to mention the uncertainty of the day to day activity and therefore caloric needs, would you even think of fasting? If your companions have a religious reason to fast then you can decide to do what they are doing. Or not. You can drop that 10 pounds when you are back towards sea level if you still have it to lose. Good luck to you.

    I’ve done quite a lot of long distance walking/ cycling. And I’ve been intermittent fasting for 2.5 years now. If I was going to be out all day every day I wouldn’t even think about trying to fast. Makke healthy food choices, enjoy the holiday, you may find you come back lighter than you left in any case.

    Thank you all for your very sensible replies – yes, sounds like I should just walk / climb and eat while I am here! Off on another 6 hour hike now…..

    Have a wonderful hike!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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