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  • Hi everyone!

    I’ve done the 5:2 diet before and not really gotten very far (lack of self control). So…… I’m turning 30 in June this year and i’ve decided that enough is enough. I recently found some photos from my pre baby days and i’m disgusted by how much weight i’ve gained ( during and after my pregnancy). My little boy will be 3 at the end of April and its time i pulled my socks up and make an effort to get healthy.

    I’m now on my 3rd week of the couch to 5k training plan. The app i downloaded is actually the couch to 10k plan so thats the ultimate goal. And i’ve decided to try and combine this with a 5:2 or 4:3 diet starting today with a fast day.

    I’d love to get a group of people following the same type of plan for support and motivation.

    I’m hoping to lose 15kg before before my birthday which is 16 weeks away. 1kg (2,2lbs) a week is a little ambitious but i’m hoping that with some support from some lovely people this might be possible. Then my ultimate goal is to lose the full 30kg i want to lose by the end of the year.

    Height – 170cm (5’7″)
    Age – 29 (going on 30)
    Current weight – 102kg
    Goal weight – 72kg (or preferably 68-70kg but we’ll see how it goes lol!)

    I’m SOOOO not remotely interested in running and I think I do enough other stuff to make up for that but I did want to encourage you in your goals so I’ll tell you about my 2 friends.

    My 1st friend did the exact same couch-5k thing starting in the summer of 2013. She then upped it to the 10k and about this time last year she ran her first 10 miler. Since then she’s gone utterly mental with it and signed up for the London marathon (which she will be doing for charity next month), she’s done several 10ks, 10milers and half marathons and she’ll be doing a 20miler (I think it is) this weekend in preparation for next month’s marathon. Honestly, she was NEVER even remotely sporty so this is like she’s been replaced by a pod-person or something – it’s absolutely amazing & everyone is so proud of her achievements. I will be there to cheer her on next month and I’m so pleased for her.

    My 2nd friend was very overweight (like me) a few years ago but got the idea in her head that she wanted to be a special constable and knew she would need to get fit if she wanted it to be a reality. To start with she just concentrated on diet and joined me in training for a swimathon (which we’ve done together 2 years in a row) but in the past year or so she’s also started doing the couch-10k thing. She now regularly runs 10k in the gym, 5k park-runs at the weekends and some races too. She loves it and she passed her ‘Specials’ physical/ fitness tests 2 weeks ago and will start on the job training soon. I can’t tell you how pleased for her I am – she has wanted to be a policewoman since I met her at Uni. I’m so chuffed that she’s finally made it 15 years later.

    For those who take to running it does seem to be life-changing and I’m sure you’ll have equally amazing achievements to boast of soon. Good luck 😉

    Hi Tracy and thanks for your reply.

    To be honest i’m not the least bit sporty but came across the C25K plan by accident and it seemed to be something that I could ease into slowly lol So far it’s been really good and I have to admit i’ve actually started to enjoy it! I’ve always HATED running with big capital letters, but it offers a good sense of achievement at the end of each week which is something i think i need when it comes to exercise :).

    I was also starting to have problems with my knees and the joints in my hands which was kinda scary only being 29 years old. But it’s totally linked to my weight and running actually seems to have helped a lot and i now don’t get the stiffness and pain I was getting.

    It’s just great to feel that I’m starting to take some sort of control in my life.

    Re: knees & joints. I’m glad the running appears to be helping so far – that’s great. However, as a sports massage therapist and the daughter of an ex-marathon runner who now has to only jog lightly on grass because of his crappy knees – I’d really recommend making sure you get a good pair of running shoes fitted to YOUR feet. Professional running shops like Runningman etc. will do a full gate analysis to make sure that you get the right type of shoe for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive pair, just the most appropriate for YOUR gate.

    Ooooh & please stretch. Stretch before, stretch after. Overdo the stretching. Hopefully you’ll never thank me for that advice because you won’t know any different 😉

    Thanks for the advice. I made the stretching mistake on the first day of running. The first day was only 1 minute running followed by 3 walking for 20 minutes with a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. I thought ‘hey i don’t need to stretch’. I couldn’t walk straight for 3 days! Lol i definately learned my lesson and now stretch extra just to be sure, plus some light yoga type stretchs before bed (i’ve always done this. It helps me relax before going to sleep).

    I have some running shoes which I had fitted several years ago when i attempted running before. But maybe I should get some new ones fitted? I weigh a lot more now than then. Does weight etc make a difference?

    Hi, how has the combination been working for you? I started the 5:2 3 weeks ago at the same time as c25k. I didn’t weight myself till last week (at my heaviest of 101kg!) Had a week off c25k last week as my leg muscles were too painful it was more of a limp than a run so starting again tomorrow.
    Height 5’5″
    Weight 101 kg
    Age 27
    Goal 76kg just to put me in the highest range of healthy bmi.
    I have a wedding coming up in June and have been steadily putting on weight for a good couple of years I looked at myself from pictures of a night out recently and was actually shocked as I have been kidding myself that I’m not that bad! So I am hoping this will help me lose a dress size or two by then but I don’t know if it is possible!

    Hi Ella.

    I’m sort of stuck on week 5 at the moment lol I got the couch to 10k app and in week 5 it jumps from 5 min jogging 3 min walking to 8 minutes running. I’m still struggling with 5 minutes to be honest so i’m repeating doing 5 minutes until i feel more comfortable. I am however really enjoying it. Although I must admit that I haven’t been able to find the energy yet this week.

    I tend to try and do the program on my fast days (monday, wednesday and friday) as I have more energy after a day of eating to get it done 🙂

    I had a similar moment as you where I saw a picture of myself and was just disgusted by how big i’d let myself get. I’ve always been over weight, except for a brief period where I managed to get my weight down to 68kg. I’m hoping to get down to 70/72 ish by the end of the year.

    How are you finding the program? You said your muscles were hurting. Are you stretching properly before and after? I made that mistake the first couple of days and couldn’t walk straight for a week lol. I’m also using a pedometre to monitor my number of dteps etc. Sometimes its nice to know that even though I’ve repeated a day I’ve taken more steps and gone farther than the day before. Sort of an extra motivational boost.

    I’ve been thinking of looking for someone on here who has a similar amount of weight ti lose and wants to maybe try posting weekly weigh in with me. Might be a good way to motivate each other.

    I’m sure we can both reach our goals by using these 2 programs 🙂

    I stretch after but not before, I just do the walk it says. I have never used a pedometer but should think about getting one. I work in a hospital so my steps should be pretty high (on work days at least!) I couldn’t convince myself to run today so am going to try motivate myself for Thursday.
    I don’t know how you are going straight to the 10k one this one slowly goes up 30 seconds each time it increases and I think closer to the end it jumps more but I am all for redoing the week until it is manageable.
    I have been looking for ages for someone using both the 5:2 and c25k. But if you are running fast days are you actually doing 4:3? And weekly weigh ins and motivation sound amazing!

    Definately worth having a quick stretch before starting. It certainly helped me at least. And as for pedometers I got Accupedo on my phone and it seems to work quite well. It sends you little messages if it thinks you’re not taking enough steps and has a day by day/ month by month comparison of steps taken. I tty to keep my steps over 10,000 a day but it’s hard sonetimes. I give private English tutoring to children (I live in Southern Spain) so I spend most of my afternoon sitting down. I had thought about walking between my classes but they all seem to be at opposite ends of the village so if I walked I’d be constantly late!

    I’m doing 4:3 because I have so much weight to lose I hoped it would give me a boost. I’m not sure if it’s working all that well at the moment. But I have a feeling i’m over eating on non fast days and cancelling it all out 🙁

    I now have no idea why I got the C210K app. I think it seemed like a good idea at the time lol! It’s longer than the C25K (14 weeks) but I’m now thinking that the C25K might be better suited and then once I’m jogging 30 minutes to gradually increase my time in 2.5 minute increments until I reach the 60 minutes of the 10k app. I definately need to download it and have a look. I haven’t found the energy to do it at all this week and I’m wondering if sub consciously i’m thinking it’s too hard and its putting me off. That or i’m just being lazy!

    I’ve been weighing on Saturdays after my Friday fast. We don’t have to weigh the same day we’ll just post our results here and hopefully keep each other motivated!:)

    Just got the C25K app and week 5 is the same as on the 10k app.

    Day 1 – 5 min warm up. Jog 5 walk 3, jog 5 walk 3, jog 5. 5 min cool down.

    Day 2 – 5 min warm up. Jog 8 walk 5 jog 8. 5 minute cool down.

    Day 3 – 5 min warm up. Then…….. Jog for 20 minutes!

    Seriously!!!!! That seems like a huge leap forward. I’m going to carry on repeating day 1 until i get comfortable with 5 minutes and then do the same for day 2. I can’t see myself jogging for 20 minutes straight yet. Maybe in a few weeks time.

    I will let you know if you can over eat on Friday! It was my husbands birthday so over this weekend I not only over ate with lots of chocolate cake but also over drank! So if I havnt gone down that’s why! I think if you are also running that the scales might not move but if you take measurements of neck, bust, waist, thighs etc then they should be moving in the right direction. Then you might suddenly drop weight. maybe adding in them might increase your motivation?
    I know what you mean I really have to run tomorrow as I can’t on Friday and if I don’t then I have not run as long as I have! Just re do until you are happy with that day it might not be moving on with the program but you are still doing better that 5 weeks ago when (if like me) you would have been sitting on the sofa!
    Yes let’s weekly weigh. I might start measuring just to check!

    I’ve been over eating a lot these last few non fast days. I tend to stress/emotion eat so I’ll be surprised if the scale moves at all this week.

    Measuring is a good idea. I think I’ll take my measurments on Saturday as well as my weight. I did try on a pair of my size 16 jeans the other day. They were tight but I COULD just about do them up. I certainly wouldn’t wear them yet as i’m not keen on the extreme muffin top look. But I think with a few more weeks I’ll be out of my 18’s and back into my 16’s which is REALLY encouraging. I still have a pair of size 10 levis from my brief skinny period (i couldn’t bear to throw away an expensive pair of jeans even if I haven’t worn them for at least 5 years) so I look at the occasionally. I’ve set myself the goal of getting back in to them.

    I’m hoping to move on through week 5 of c25k next. We’ll be staying at my parents house out in the countryside for a week. So I’m thinking that I’ll be able to get out into the fresh air and might be more motivated than getting on the treadmill. And like you said I’m still doing a LOT more than I was 5 weeks ago. And so are you! We should both be proud of ourselves!

    Good morning. I have done absolutely no c25k this week because I have just not been feeling it I do need to start. I weighed and am 98.6kg this week which I believe is only so good because I have produced no muscle. I measured myself but have nothing to compare with that at the moment. I almost think that should be every other week as I can’t imagine it being drastic and might upset myself as I don’t think i did it that precisely.
    I have also kept all my skinny clothes so can’t wait to actually try them again! I am in no way near even trying just one size down though!
    And new scenery might help. By my house the only option i have is down by a canal and that does get boring but better than around main roads and a busy town!
    I think you can get away with over eating as I really did a big celebration last weekend and managed to lose! Xxx

    That’s great!! You said you were 101kg starting? So 98.6kg is absolutely fantastic!! I can’t wait to get back into the 90’s.

    I also haven’t done any jogging this week. I’ve been feeling ‘off’ all week and just haven’t found the energy. Plus I hate having to get up early normally. And having to get up early to excersice is just awful. But I have to do anything I want to do before my 2 year old gets up which means getting up at 7am and even then sonetimes I can’t finish my workout because he gets up early. Next week my husband is home with us so I won’t have to get up so early either.

    I’m dreading my weigh in tomorrow as I think i’ve over eaten every non fast day this week. And even ended up having too much dinner on my wednesday fast. I think if I’ve stayed the same weight I’ll be happy.

    I think you’re probably right about the measurments. I have to resist weighing myself everyday or every other day. I get curious to see if i’ve lost and then upset if i haven’t. I’ll take my measurments tomorrow morning and see how i’m doing.

    And next week we both need to make more of an effort with C25K!!! Lol

    I was 101.6kg (I still didn’t want to admit to the .6!) two weeks ago (when I last c25k) keep telling myself I really need to do it!
    When you say feeling off, do you mean unmotivated or are you feeling run down? If you feel a bit coldy/ chesty cough you need to take a break. your body needs time, as long as you do better than me and actually start again!
    I really did nothing good on any of my days (although mine was two weeks) stay positive. I do shifts so I need to try make my runs around them if I am doing a 12pm to 8 I pretend I can run in the morning (hence why I have missed the last two!) but when I do 7:30-3:30 I can’t go after! In about 4 weeks I am completely swapping to 7:30am-8pm meaning I will have between 4 and 3 days off so I really won’t have an excuse!
    What does your husband do? An after 7 sleep in from a 2 year old sounds amazing having seen my nieces who are a early birds! (Another reason I need to lose as I want to start my own family) xx

    99.3KG!!!!!!!!! Cue me dancing around the room in my underwear. What a nice surprise after thinking I wouldn’t have lost anything this week. 1.3kg lost this week!! And I’m back in the 90’s. Next step the 80’s! Although I couldn’t take my measurments. Matthew, my son thought the tape measure was very interesting and has stolen it lol

    Wow your shifts sound like hard work! And finding time and energy to do your workout must be so difficult. I find that if I don’t do it first thing in the morning I can’t bring myself to do it later especially not after work and my job is realtively low stress. I’ve also found some aerobics DVDs that i’ve had for ages so I’m thinking of doing that on Tuesdays and Thursdays and C25K on Mon Wed and Fri then resting on the weekend. So at least i’m doing something everyday but the aerobics is relativelt low impact so shouldn’t over stress my body.

    I was feeling sort of coldy and run down. But I take multivitamins with iron and I’d actually forgotten to take them a few days so I think that that combined with fasting was why I was feeling run down. I took them yesterday and this morning and I’m actually feeling better.

    My husband is an industrial technician, so he builds and maintains the huge marble cutting machines that are used by the all the marble factories in the area. He works funny shifts as well so sometimes I feel like I never see him. If he’s working nights then he sleeps most of the day and if he’s working days he leaves at 7 and doesn’t come home until 8/9pm. You said yoy were a nurse right? And your husband/partner/significant other?

    Wanting to start a family is a great reason to lose weight and great motivation. I wish I’d managed to lose more weight before getting pregnant and keep it off during the pregnancy. Its a lot harder to get it off after. Especially if you gain 30kg like I did :/ I threatened miscarriage so I was signed off work (I had 3 waitressing jobs at the time) and was put on bed rest for most of my pregnancy. I was veru unfit by the time Matthew was born and that combined with an induced labor lead to an emergency c-section which was truely awful especially after I planned on having a natural birth. So it’s definately worth being in better shape than I was lol

    How many nieces and nephews do you have? They’re good for getting practise lol I have 2 nephews (16 and 3 years old) and 5 nieces (15, 14, 10, 4 and 1.5 years old) my husband is the youngest of 6 children so its a typical big Spanish family lol

    I’m actually looking forward to getting back to C25K next week i’m feeling very motivated! Lets hope that on Monday morning I still feel the same lol

    Yay! That’s a really good, back in the 90! Can’t wait to get down to 80s! As long as he was enjoying the process of measuring!
    Yeah really struggling with the motivation but I just need to excercise or I will lose but be flabby still! I hadn’t thought of DVDs I have quite a few lying around but it needs to be a reasonable time as in a first floor flat jumping up and down will quickly annoy the neighbours (see more excuses from me!)
    It’s amazing how quickly vitamins etc work. I take vit c and zinc and find of I stop I get a cold sore almost immediately! Glad you are feeling better.
    That’s an interesting job do you work shifts too? What do you do? Yes I am a nurse so shifts and my husband drives trains so also shift work (sometimes we don’t see each other sometimes we are under each other’s feet!)
    That must have been really hard for you. so loosing now is a good plan, you hear so many bad things from being overweight during pregnancy and reduced chances so I have a very good reason to stick to this! I have 3 nieces (11, 7 and 5) and two nephews (6) but they live so far away I couldn’t tell you about their morning habits!

    Yay manahed to get the energy to do my workout this morning. And i’m actually feeling much better about doing 5 minutes after a weeks rest. I think i might have a go at 8 minutes next time!

    I was totally surprised by how much of a difference the vitamins make to how i’m feeling. When we lived in UK my Mum worked for Holland and Barrett so she’s always trying to get me to take vitamins and when I started feeling cold and achey all the time she got me taking the the multi vits with iron. And i feel so much better taking them. Even my hair and nails look better.

    I don’t work shifts thankfully. I tutor english in our village. The kids here learn English in school and I help the ones who are struggling. I only work between 3-4 hours in the afternnon when the kids have finished school and my hours are pretty flexible. Flexible hours are a must for me as mt son was quite poorly when he was smaller with several bouts of bronchitus and an as yet unidentified allergy. So being able to cancel classes last minute if I need to is always handy. Thankfully Matthew hasn’t even had so much as a cold this winter.

    I’m feeling so much more motivated this week after losing so well last week and getting back in to C25K again. My birthday is in June so I’d love to be back in the 80’s by then. A bit ambitious but worth a try! 11 weeks to lose 9.5kg. I reckon it’s possible if I work hard xx

    Do you run on your fast days? I find I am hungry and don’t have a lot of energy on fast days so not sure I could manage it.

    Hi Sarah.

    Yeah I run first thing in the morning on my fast days. I find that way i’ve still got energy from having a non fast day the day before. But sometimes I try to run everyday including non fast days (so i’ve fasted the day before) and I’m normally fine. I don’t know if I could do it if I didn’t workout early in the morning. I tend to lose motivation the later it gets!

    I’ve also been doing 4:3 for 3 weeks now and I find that hunger doesn’t really bother me anymore. And if I do feel hunger I try to think about it as the diet working etc and then I feel extra good as i’ve also worked out that day. My workouts are now coming up as around 250 cals burned on My FitnessPal so thats over half of my fast day calories burned off (i tend to eat less than 500) which makes me feel great!

    Week 5 day 2 done!! Yay me! And I actually found that 8,5,8 running/walking combination was easier than the 5,3,5,3,5 combination. I found myself thinking ‘just get on and do it’ rather than worrying about how many minutes I had left before I could walk. I’ll probably do day 2 again tomorrow and Thursday and then try for day 3 on Friday (20 minutes no walking!)

    I’m working out everyday this week as I again feel like I’m over eating. My fast day was a bust yesterday so I’m trying agaon today. I’m on holiday this week and I found yesterday that hunger and boredom set in in the afternoon and I ended up eating along with the family while watching a film. I’ve always known that I over eat when I’m bored. So I’ll have to make more of an effort this week with my fasts. We’re planning to go out for a walk this afternoon. So hopefully that’ll keep me from eating!

    I need to lose 850g a week to reach my goal of 89.9kg by my birthday. Feeling motivated!

    Uuuurggg! Men are useless sometimes! Asked hubby to look after Matthew for half an hour while I did my workout. On an impulse I decided to try for the full 20 minute run. Around minute 13 I was suddenly presented with a toddler crying, saying he has a headache and needs a wee. And Daddy out in the garden watering the plants. The excuse? ‘I asked him to come outside with me and help me in the garden but he didn’t want to’. Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggggg! And I was feeling so good and thinking I can do this! But by the time I’d sorted out Matthew, and had a fight with hubby about him not being able to keep an eye on him for half and hour, I really couldn’t get the energy to finish up

    Did he apologise eventually? That’s not really fair not to at least give you half an hour! Well done on keeping it up, I still haven’t managed to get out and run! I seem to be lots of excuses! I have however managed to keep to the 5:2 and weighed in at 97.6 today. Not as much as last week but I am still very happy with the result! Xx

    Well done!! Thats a brilliant weight loss for the week. I did the complete opposite and kept up the C25K but i’ve been eating like a pig all week. I weighed 101.3kg this week so a 2kg gain!! I’m disgusted with myself 🙁

    Need to get back on track this week or I’ll never get back into the 80’s before my birthday. It’s not looking good now, i’ll have to lose 1.14kg a week and that seems a bit much. I’m still going to give it a good try though!

    He did apologise eventually. There’s still a lot of sexism in Spain and men don’t often do the house/children thing. My hubby is actually quite good about those things but he does have his moments sometimes!

    Looking forward to getting back to 5:2 tomorrow. I’ve been feeling bloated this week 🙁 Need to get more motivated!!

    Don’t be disgusted, you need to remember that you are still swapping muscle for fat if you are running so it could be that. If not its one bad week after loads of good ones there will always be an occasional bad week, stay motivated. Also did you weigh at the same time of the day? Once you start eating etc then your weight goes up so your shouldn’t weight yourself at the end of the day!
    1kg is just over 2 pounds so it won’t be impossible even if you are just over that should be more that noticeable as (using Google) 6.35 kg is 1stone. I know it is not always true but it seems that 1 stone roughly equals a dress size. So really I think one bad week is nothing stay positive and start thinking about shopping for your birthday dress!

    I ran/walked for 5 miles today and earned 579 calories, then I ate 1 small child size Easter egg and then ‘spent’ all of those calories earned. Was the time and effort spent running worth that 2 minutes of chocolate? No!

    It is quite common to overestimate calories used in exercise and underestimate calories consumed.But exercise builds muscle which uses calories for several hours afterwards and not only improves core strength, but tones too.

    BUT you have to look at how many calories you are consuming in order to lose weight. Try counting calories for a week of everything that you eat and drink and then compare that to your TDEE. Keep to the TDEE and if you ignore any calorie benefit of running, you should lose weight.

    Rather than have such pressure of losing a set amount by a set time, why not focus 100% for a week and see what the result is?

    Woohoo! Managed my first 20 minute jog this morning. And I feel fantastic!!!

    I always weigh myself first thing on the morning so I get the lowest reading possible. And normally the morning after a fast day just to make sure lol

    Thanks for your words of motivation Ella. I’m definately feeling better about myself this morning 🙂 this is after all a marathon and not a sprint. I actually already have a dress which i’m hoping to get back into for my birthday. I think it has to be the most frustrating item of clothing in my wardrobe! Its a 50’s style tea dress which I bought years ago in a size 20 and never got round to wearing. Then I had it taken in during my skinny phase a I think wore once or twice. Then I gained weight again and haven’t been able to wear it again. So frustrating as its a lovely dress.

    Annette I always try to keep my non fast calories at around 1200 – 1400 which is waaaaay below my TDEE of 2000. But I was on holiday last week and it all went a bit wrong hahahaha bur definately getting back on track this week. I personally find that having some sort of long term goal is actually helpful as it gives me something to set my sights on and look forward. My goal last week was to lose 9.5kg on 11 weeks which isn’t an overly difficult goal to achieve. I put on weight this week but I’m still going to try my best to reach my goal and of course give 100% each week.

    Back to fasting today so plenty of water and green tea!

    Last work out of the week done and today is my third fast day. I hope i’ve at least managed to get rid of the weight I gained last week. Weigh in tomorrow morning so i’ve got my fingers crossed. I must remember to measure myself tomorrow as well!

    How did it go? I still have not started running again and am not sure if I will because I seem to just let myself give me excuses! Like today I was off didn’t run but my house is spotless! I weighed in at exactly 97.6 again today so on the plus side I have not gained but I also didn’t lose a single thing! And I am not sure why as I did my diet days really well and didn’t over eat on my days off. So my plan is to carry on anyway and see if next week will be the same. If it is then I need to be better on my days off xxx

    I wish I had a thumbs feature to show my support for y’all.

    Also doing jumping jacks , trampoline , or skipping rope. Is also healthy in that help to circulate the lymphatic system. The first 30 seconds of most exercise burns fat, then turns to burning glycogen.
    I too started very slowly practically crawling out bed after a car wreck. I been working on my health for the last two years. Pleased to be able to most of exercises now. I started a job where I walk at fast ace the whole day sometimes for 16 hours if working a double. Taking the anaerobic approach for the first 30 seconds I try to sprint as often as possible now. Wishing you all the best!

    Yesterdays fast was a bit of a bust. It was my brother in laws birthday so we all went for a few drinks after work. Buuuuut i weighed at 99.4kg this morning so at least i’ve got rid of the weight I gained last week and I managed to measure myself as well so I’ll be able to keep an eye on that as well. My thighs certainly look firmer for all the running and my ‘inbetween size’ trousers are a bit loose around the waist. My size 16’s are still too tight but I’m getting there 🙂

    Housework is plenty of excersice. I find that a good spring clean tires me out more than running! I think the important this is to keep moving. I did over 12,000 steps yesterday according to my pedometre which is a new record for me 🙂 You’ve probably just plateaued this week, i’m sure you’ll lose again this week.

    Thanks for the words of encouragment SAMM. We’ve bought a l2ft trampoline for my son’s birthday who’ll be 3 at the end of the month so i’m sure to be using it as well 😉 it seems like a great fun way to do some excersice!

    Its my nieces birthday today so I’m hoping to not over do it eating cake and rubbish at the party. Fingers crossed.

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