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  • Hi,

    After a lifetime of diets, all sorts of approaches to managing overeating etc, I have just come across this. (Actually I heard of it a while ago but thought it would just lead me to overeat). But being in a rock-bottom place, and having just met up with a friend who swears by this, here I am. On Day 2. So far it seems pretty great. Yesterday was a ‘normal’ day but amazingly, knowing that after today which was going to be my first fast day, I could eat what I liked, I just seemed uninterested in the various biscuits etc that crossed my path. And today has been absolutely fine. I chose today because I knew I would be working quite long hours but nothing too stressful. Was amazed not to really feel hungry, just light. Probably still full from the last few weeks of over-eating! And then tomorrow, back to what I want. The psychological effects of being able to eat what I want 5 days a week I am sure will lead me to naturally choose healthy foods most of the time. So Fingers Crossed! I have been enthusiastic before and am only on Day 2, but reading am determined to give this a really good go. I love the fact that it can fit onto a social life so easily.

    Hello, CatherineN – That’s so great to hear. Welcome and many best wishes to you for continuing delight and success.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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