eat Less but gain weight

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eat Less but gain weight

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  • Hi,

    I try to lose five pounds and I try eating 500 kcal for two days and the other five days I ate under 800. However I found myself is not losing weight , instead getting heavier and gain some belly fat, I am struggled.. I do cardio exercise like sky walker for 45 mins four to five days a week, plus eating less,, but I can’t lose weight.. can anyone help?

    What foods are you eating? Some foods, I find, add to my weight even though they fit within the 500 calories. For me that is white rice. Even if I eat a little bit, I gain weight and hold it. Stick to protein = eggs, lean meat, fish, other seafood. Vegetables, not fruit.
    good luck.

    I m only eating proteins and veggies like egg white, chicken without skin and veggies and a portion of apple or orange. And I do HIT for thirty mins plus cardio fifteen mins and I still gain weight .. I wonder if that’s the starvation mode, that I cannot eat too little or not

    Starvation mode is a myth.

    How long have you been following 5:2, you may need to give it more time to start working.

    How much are you eating on non fast days? Many of us who struggle with our weight over estimate what eat normally means. You need to check you aren’t eating above you TDEE.

    Go to the resources tab at the top of the page and calculate your TDEE. I suggest you select sedentary for exercise level, and that is because not only do we all tend to over estimate how much exercise we do but there is far too much emphasis on it as a weight loss tool. It is very important for fitness and flexibility but calorie restriction is what drops the weight. I would also suggest you enter your goal weight. The figure you get will be the maximum you should eat on non fast days. You can then keep a close eye for a couple of weeks to ensure you’re not eating too much.

    I have been doing 5:2 for three weeks, and I am eating around 800-900 kcal on non fast day. I thought it may be better to eat less so I can speed up the weight loss.
    Thanks for the link, I will calculate the TDEE, but I saw the latest updates on 5:2, it said it is up to 800 kcal ?
    normally how long would 5:2 starts to lose weight?

    If you’ve only got 5lbs to lose it might take a while so you’ll need to be patient and if I were you I would stick to 500 calories on fast days.

    Are you guessing you eat 800-900 on non fast days or are you weighing and counting the calorific values of everything you eat and drink?
    Guessing is usually wildly inaccurate.

    I am still eating 800-900 on non fast day and I check the calories values for everything I ate and record by app.. or I try sticking with 500 in fast day, should I eat more like TDEE on non fast day, it said 1700 , quite a lot..

    Sberry, your lack of weight loss after eating under 800cals for 3 weeks, and under 500 for 2 days for each of those 3 weeks does not sound normal. Even if you already had a very low BMI I would still expect to see some weight loss. Even if issues like hormone levels or fluid retention had an impact – this is usually resolved over a 3 week period.
    I actually think you should talk to a professional – your doctor or a dietitian. You many have other, more serious issues that are affecting your body (eg thyroid issues).

    @sberry1123 if you are really eating so little and not losing weight you probably should see a doctor, maybe there is something going on.

    Adaptive thermogenesis (so called starvation mode) isn’t something that happens quickly. Typically the the body adapts over a period of months to years. However hormones can have profound impacts on the body. It is possible for some people can put on fat even well their body is actually slowly starving. That is very unlikely if you are eating healthy. It is already possible that your weight is already normal and you are trying to push it too low. It is normal for weight to move around within a range.

    I’m not very keen on egg whites, you are missing out on a lot of nutrition by avoiding the yolks. When you are eating so little food, nutrition is really important. You don’t need to eat egg whites just for protein. That is something body builders do and typically they don’t age well!

    I’m with LJ and dykask, if you’re eating so little and not losing weight there may be an underlying health issue and you should seek medical advice.

    Actually my weight is normal and BMI is 19, but I want to push it lower… thanks for advices, and I see a nutritionist, and she said I m eating too little, and I had to eat more. However, I try to eat more these three days, and the Weight really goes up.. I wonder if I should start the 5:2 again or I should eat normal for a period first

    If your BMI is 19 you don’t need to lose weight and should not be dieting. The nutritionist is correct, you need to eat more.

    rejuva, we don’t use a lot of calories/energy to digest our food. The reason Sberry isn’t losing weight is because she is where her weight should be.

    Sberry — why do you want to lose another 5 pounds? I could lose more weight, but then I would weigh so little that it would be unhealthy. What do you think you should weigh and why?

    So I should eat more ?

    I look like with healthy weight, however, Igor skim arms and upper body but really fat tummy. I gain two inches of fat around my waist in half a that s why I need to lose weight, and trying hard to use 5:2 to help..

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