Does this count as breaking my fast?

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Does this count as breaking my fast?

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  • Hi – I have a quick question I hope someone can help – I really like a hot cup of bouillon or Bovril to keep the hunger pangs at bay. The bouillon powder is 12cals per serving – If I have this on a fast day does it count as breaking my fast? …I’d only have one or two cups a day.

    If it not taking over your 500 kcal, then definitely no, if it was i personally wouldn’t worry about going over by 20 odd calories .
    I know sme people will have milk in there tea and not count it .

    Thanks Liquorice – It doesn’t take me over the 500 cals – I was thinking more in terms of length of time between meals as I remember reading (can’t remember where) that it’s best to have long stretches of fasting (MM does 3 x 12 hour fasting periods during a fast: 7.30 am to 7.30 pm to 7.30am). I was just wondering if the 12 cal drink would be classed as the end of that fasting period or if it would just be classed as fluids during a fasting period ..if you see what I mean.

    Try not to over-think it too much otherwise a diet that is meant to free you from the chore of daily calorie-counting will quickly become just as tiresome.

    Hi, lottielastic – I can’t see that these 12cals would be enough to prompt your body out of fasting and into food digesting-mode but it would be interesting to know what IS the lower limit on that front. It would be so easy to fall into ‘mission-creep’ by small increments: a lite hot-chocolate 41cals, for instance. That used to be one of my favourite drinks. Best wishes for reaching your goals.

    Thanks both. Yes I’d be interested in knowing the lower limit too – and I wonder if it would be different if the calories came from protein or carbs?

    Does it matter that I graze all day till I reach my 500? I do have dinner.

    Hello, hlg1rose – Do what suits you best and keeps you happy to continue using the 5:2 approach.
    Grazing all day, your two fasting periods will be: 1) from the last food eaten on the evening before your fast day, through your sleeping hours, until the first food you have on your fasting day; and 2) from the last food eaten on the evening of your fast day, through your sleeping hours, until the first food you have on the following day (a non-fast day, presuming you are choosing to do two separate, non-consecutive fast-days).
    Providing one (or both) of those over-night fasting periods are at least 12-14 hours long (each) you should achieve all the health benefits and a gradual, safe weight-loss.
    It can be valuable to experiment with different eating patterns on fast days – sometimes our body can surprise our mind with what it actually takes to most readily, compared to what we habitually think we like/need. Enjoy the process.

    Jeanius, thank you, but now I’m totally confused. I thought we were supposed to eat 500 calories on our fasting day, spread out over 3 meals.

    This is my “normal” routine…Dinner around 6 p.m. on a non fast coffee at 8 p.m. Fast day coffee at 9 a.m. breakfast at 12 coffee at 4 dinner at 6 snack or coffee 8… non fast starts with coffee at 9 a.m.

    Am I doing this wrong?

    I can change it if I misunderstood. Should I be having just one 500 calorie meal in the middle of my fast?

    Jeanius, you do not have to answer me above. I have discovered the forum Different Ways of Managing your Fasting Days. You explain it very well over there, and I see it really is just a matter of what works for me and I should not stress over it.

    Thanks again!

    I am trying to understand why a 7pm to 7am overnight session (that includes 8 hours of sleep) would not count as a 12 hour legitimate fasting period without food every night of the week. Do fast days have to be the daylight hours when you are awake in order for the repair mechanism to kick in? What am I missing? I would be very grateful if Michael or Mimi could also respond to this.

    Hi Susan J. 7pm – 7am “fasting” is just a normal gap between supper and breakfast. The desired fast in 5:2 is 36 hours – i.e, from the time you go to bed, say on Sunday night, til you wake up on Tuesday morning, you have only 500/600cals. Hope that clarifies things.

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