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  • Hi all

    I just wondered if anyone here does 4:3? I did my first two fast days last week (5:2) and I thoroughly enjoyed it that I was thinking of doing 4:3.

    At the moment I’m doing this purely for weightloss, I love my food and wine at the weekend so doing two fast days helps me “bank” those extra calories for the weekend, however, after the amazing feeling I felt last week I actually like the other benefits too. OK so I didn’t do it long enough to reep ALL the benefits but from the two days I did fast I noticed less bloating, more energy, more control, I felt in control, it felt nice to give myself a break from eating, I have dry skin on my hands, I never moisturise them and am always thinking how old they look….well that scaly complexion seems to have disappeared since last week, not sure if this has anything to do with the fasting I did.

    I lost 3lb too in my first week!

    Any advice on the 4:3 would be greatly appreciative.

    I started with the 5:2 which has worked well for me, but I now do do a 4:3 about once a month. Not always, but very often a complete water only fast for the three days. I do this for the general health benefits, not weight loss. The more often you do it, the easier it gets. I agree – it feels really good. If you are doing 3 days of reduced intake you should have no problems. If you have not water fasted before, it might be an idea to aim for a two day fast fast and if you are feeling really good extend it to the three.

    I just started my if and intend to do 4:3 as i’m like you: i like food and would like to be able to eat without having to worry about how it will affect me. Today was my first eat day and was really crazy. Not sure why but about mid morning i started crying for no reason and it lasted for several hours. I have never done this before and no longer have my cycle so i’m not sure what caused it or how to keep it from happening again. Anyone have a simular experience?

    Do you have trouble losing weight? Or would you like to lose faster? You’ve come to the right place.
    The sad truth is that conventional ideas – eat less, run more – do not work long term. Counting calories, exercising for hours every day and trying to ignore your hunger? That’s needless suffering and it wastes your time and precious willpower. It’s weight loss for masochists. Eventually, almost everyone gives up. That’s why we have an obesity epidemic.

    I started the 4:3 Three weeks ago when I started and can honestly say it’s fine. I’ve also incorporated a 16 hour fast between the last meal,of the NFD and the FD. I’m feeling the benefits already and the Lbs are dropping off. I’m a big lad so 5lb a week initially is no problem. I’m exercising everyday and do a lot of resistance tube training which is none impact and easy on the joints. No doubt the weight loss will,plateau but whilst it’s dropping like it is I’ll maintain the 4:3 with a view to going onto 5:2 in a couple of months.

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