Disability and lymphodema

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  • Hi my name is Carole. I’m starting the 5.2 diet on Monday. Looking forward to my first fasting day .
    I’m worried because I’m not a massive eater, but I do have a sweet tooth . I suffer with lymphodema so basi ally can put 10 pounds on over night with fluid. It’s so frustrating . Has anyone else succeeded on this diet with lymphodema . I also am unable to do exercise as I have a disability which prevents me walking far. Any advice would be appreciated x

    Hi Carole, I have Lipoedema which whilst not the same is also in part linked to the lymph system/water retention. I also have painful fatty tissue. Mine is mainly in my legs. I have had good results on the 5:2. I lost almost 2 stone doing this diet (this took 2 years). I reached my goal in 2017 and stayed relatively stable till bad habits crept in and I’ve put just over a stone back on. I have just returned to the 5:2 to get back on track. I do yoga (at home) from a dvd and try to be realistic about my goals. I know when I have water retention so am kind to myself knowing that my base weight is going down, even if I can’t see It on the scales. It takes a long time, but I do feel a lot better and healthier on the 5:2. Good luck Fi x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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