Did I actually lose 9lbs in 3 days or are my scales broken?

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Did I actually lose 9lbs in 3 days or are my scales broken?

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  • I started the 5:2 this week and weighed myself Monday morning and was 10st 9lbs, weighed myself Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning and was 10st 0lbs?

    Weighed myself this morning and it said 9st 13lbs.

    This seems impossible? I have not been less than 10st 2lbs in at least 6/7 years.

    I know that water weight is a factor (I was not drinking enough water a day before I started this), but it seems really odd. I’ve also been on my period this week but I usually fluctuate up 2-4lbs, not down.

    Are my scales broken!?

    Sometimes this happens to me too, Kat: the scales inexplicably give a weird reading. But 9 pounds in 3 days are a lot. If you are in the habit of weighing every day, weigh in tomorrow [the 8th] and see what you get. Once I weighed at 6 am [not usually awake then] and then again at 7:30 am — the difference was 3 pounds!! If your weight is accurate, then what a sensational loss! don’t expect that every day

    Good luck on the journey.

    You can lose that much in water weight in a week on a Keto diet (very low carbs), so maybe you’ve done a couple of days fasting an eaten less than you would usually other days then it’s possible. Tuit Nutrition says ‘For every gram of glycogen stored, the body also hangs onto about 2.5 grams of water. That’s right—over twice as much’. So when you fast, the body uses the glycogen for energy, & the water goes with it.
    Weight can easily fluctuate a few pounds between days anyway, but enjoy it, I’m sure it’ll slow soon to a steadier amount…

    depends how much you have to lose… if you have a lot to lose.. then its probably right… if not… then I don’t think its possible to lose 9lbs in 3 days…But I may be wrong
    Well done for losing anyway… you must feel great 🙂

    It is impossible to lose that much fat in a week as it needs a calorie deficit of around 3700 calories to lose 1lb of fat.

    My guess is that when you weighed yourself on Monday you were carrying extra weight due to fluid retention which most women get when their period is due. I know I used to gain 4-5 lbs every time, which soon disappeared again.
    You started 5:2 and lost the retained fluid plus the usual water weight that we lose when we start a weight loss diet. Some of the loss will be fat so well done and keep going 🙂

    OK so I’ve been weighing myself pretty much daily evening and night, last night and this morning I am 9st 13.

    I really must have been carrying a lot of fluid weight when I weighed and was 10st 9lb! I’m really happy to have finally broken under 10 stone, it’s been a plateau for me for years.

    Well done you, that’s great 🙂

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