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  • Day 19 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    What a great laugh last night, fun time with neighbours, as usual, well fed and ‘watered’ plus pretty much non stop laughter.
    Going to be an easy (and quiet) FD today, freezing fog outside, it hardly lifted all day yesterday, but got done what we needed to do out and about during the day.

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 19
    @i-hate-lettuce 😉

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @stitchincarol – that’s sounds like a very clever gadget! Although very expensive. You can buy a bottle of wine here for that! Not very good wine though. I was also toying with the idea of throwing in the towel until January after yesterday’s Lindt Lindor binge. 🤯 But I think I’ll soldier on. Two more FDs before Christmas; maybe 🥳️

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 19 – 16:8

    Successful yesterday but opened my new package of feta cheese for my salad to discover I had accidentally purchased the low-fat variety- ugh. Tastes like cardboard 🤣. Won’t make that mistake again.

    I think a lot about the low fat craze and realize how adherent my mother was about low fat and how that shaped my adult eating. No bueno. Until a couple of years ago, I never even understood that a salad could be filling, but until a few years ago I never ate a salad with full fat dressing. I still get the mindset, if I don’t intentionally think about it, I’d OH, that is bad for me… is there a low fat version? I think that’s called a knee jerk reaction and I will prob have to consciously work against it for life.

    I will fast M&W this week. I’ve got to get a plan for xmas day, DH will spend it with his family but they don’t meet the minimum pandemic precautions I believe are necessary so I’m sitting it out. Causes a bit of strife with DH, on the one hand he supports people choosing the precautions that they believe are necessary, but on the other he is frustrated because my precautions are stricter than his, and he’s going so I should just go too. Actually he is great about precautions- except with his family. So bothersome because they are ‘over’ doing any precautions and I really don’t want him around them at all. Of course, I can’t directly say that. Sigh.

    So, I’ll zoom with my papa and brother, and hopefully with my sister as well. I’ll certainly have a quick phone call with my other family as well. But unlike Thanksgiving day, I’ve been dreading this holiday. Time to identify some fun over the top movies like Down with Love or some such that are cheery. But not sure what to do about food that day.

    Sorry, that reads like a major downer. I’m fine – it’s not a big deal, it is just not much of a joyous season this year. I’m much more looking forward to DH’s scheduled time off from work around New Years day. Keeping that firmly in mind, we plan to have fun.

    Cold but wonderfully sunny here today, I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the crisp air, the smell of firewood burning in neighborhood fireplaces and sun on my face.

    Have a good 🌞day!

    Day 19 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Making today a FD; enjoyed the time with family yesterday, but obviously all kinds of goodies were consumed at all times of day. Colas and sweetened drinks are reappearing. I have probably doubled my intake in the past week, so I have to get that under control before the new year.

    My highest weigh-in last week was Monday also at 218 lbs. It may be a lost month, but it can be one of maintenance rather than loss. Still, I’ve calculated my 5:2 weeks thus:

    * This week: Today and Wednesday (22nd)
    * Next week: Monday (27th) and Thursday (30th)

    My thought process for planning might help? Depending on your personal habits and your social gatherings, you can adapt as needed!

    Week one:

    Dec. 19: today’s the “recovery from the gathering” day, so easier to pass on the finger food leftovers.
    Dec. 20: harder to say no today, as my sister-in-law will surely have leftovers from her private Sunday night multicultural gathering!
    Dec. 21: Give my body a break. No fasting, but no major feasting. It’s that last minute time when things can come up that need doing before the holiday.
    Dec. 22: This is the closest day to Christmas in the week for a FD; arbitrary but true.
    Dec. 23: Possible cooking and preparing for Christmas Eve. Taste, nibble, yum.
    Dec. 24: feast day? Christmas Eve.
    Dec. 25: feast day – Christmas day

    Week 2:

    Dec. 26: Well, we don’t celebrate Boxing day in the USA, but the push to eat leftovers will be pretty intense.
    Dec. 27: Best first day after Christmas to fast; arbitrary.
    Dec. 28: Try to observe mindful eating while eating down any redeemable leftovers with nutritional value.
    Dec. 29: Ditto
    Dec. 30: Best day to fast before New Year’s Eve.
    Dec. 31: Not a big NYE celebrant, but food is always around.
    Jan. 1: Southern tradition dictates eating collard greens, black-eye peas and cornbread on this day.

    Haha! Well, it’s a plan. It’s already nearing noon time, so ZBC accomplished. After yesterday’s bites, I feel a day of pure hydration is in order, so probably no problem this Sunday. Have a great day! I’m off to do some housework grrr…

    Pocket list day 19
    @i-hate-lettuce 😉

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I really should have thought about it and fasted today but I felt the need for breakfast and have just had a bowl of bran flakes for fibre. Salad for lunch. Not sure about the evening.

    Had a great weekend with DH’s mum and sister. His mum hosted a family dinner in our local restaurant and it is astounding to see the similarities in looks and mannerisms between DH’s children and his birth mum and sister. We went to the pub after and the place was hopping with live music and it was such a suprise as I didn’t think these things were happening. Unfortunately from today we have 8pm curfew for all hospitality so I guess it was the last hoorah on Saturday for many.

    So it’s Christmas week. I will fast tomorrow and Thursday for sure. After that it will be the new year as we will be having family from 25th Dec and then going to the UK on 28th until 2nd January….no fasting then.

    Have a great Monday.

    Day 20 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Since I had a FD yesterday I’ll just be careful today and limit the intake until this evening, we’re off out to one of the local stately homes tonight, they have special openings for a couple of weeks running up to Christmas. The gardens are full of lights, various food, drink and craft stalls (note the order) so might have a treat or two this evening.

    Take care all

    Day20 U.K. FD

    Weekend over , opportunity to reset today possibly my last FD before Christmas so I’ll make it a good one

    Very worried about the rising covid numbers and looming restrictions but let’s see

    Have a good week all 🌲

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Well done Sunday fasters – @i-hate-lettuce & @northgeorgia! I wished I’d followed your example. I may not be thrilled that the weekend is over, but my liver & pancreas certainly are 🥴️

    Anyway, big reset today. Two FDs, maybe even three this week, depending on how the scales behave tomorrow.

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍉

    Day 20 – UK – FD

    Apologies for my absence since Day 15 when I last posted – all good just been busy with life as I’m sure have you all……

    Did B2B FD on Mon, Tues and Wed last week but Thurs, Fri and Sat were definitely NFD – managed to do a just under TDEE day yesterday so today is a much needed FD – scales have been wisely avoided 🤣

    Had a delicious seafood menu at home on Saturday evening after I had put the Christmas decorations 🎄 – a starter of large juicy scallops with hazelnut butter followed by Lobster Thermidor with a fresh green salad and potatoes with sage butter and ending with a dark chocolate pave with clotted cream – and no I did not make it all 🤣 it was provided by a Rick Stein Delivery – just had to grill and warm as instructed – a gorgeous White Burgundy matched it well – a wonderfully indulgent treat 😋

    A fantastic Winter Solstice yoga workshop yesterday, last yoga class for the year 🙏 a good way to end nurturing body, mind and soul!

    @mariaelena – my recipe is from a book called Gastronomy of Italy by Anna Del Conte – wonderful book with lots of interesting regional Italian food
    @i-hate-lettuce – definitely freezing fog yesterday, had a hard frost to scrape of my car before heading to yoga – fog looked very atmospheric over Windermere – still freezing on my way back home around 4.30. OH said that Lily Tarn was frozen over….
    @northgeorgia – I have followed your example and tried to plan for this week and next – tossing in some FDs…….now to try and find my RESOLVE to stick to that plan!!!!
    @brightonbelle – I’m with you in being worried about the rising covid numbers and looming restrictions, I’ll be very surprised if we don’t get a short sharp lockdown after Christmas…..

    Lovely to read all your posts and catching up with your news – I’m planning in logging in daily over the next 2 weeks to try and stay on track 🤞 Because of the cricket my sleep pattern has been somewhat wayward – normality will now resume until Boxing Day (Christmas night here!!!) when the next test starts in Melbourne….

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍉 💪


    Day 20 – FD 500

    A nice veg soup for lunch to keep me warm this rainy cold day. Have a lot to do this morning so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the rain stays at drizzle level. This afternoon I’ll tackle the kitchen floor and vacuum. Not an exciting day, but I hope to accomplish stuff 😀

    Sending out good thoughts and wishes to all.

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍉 💪

    Day 20 North Canton OH FD

    LDL has dropped 20+ points since the last time I checked. Happy about that. Busy day for me today.

    Stay safe and mindful everyone

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍉 💪

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Happy Christmas and best wishes to all this week!

    May we at least maintain until January LOL!

    Day 20 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Ate and drank with abandon over the weekend so today’s FD is very much needed for at least a little damage repair. I can definitely feel my dragon rattling her cage, wanting out for the holidays!

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍉 💪

    Day 21, NFD, Aus

    Hello all!! I have been MIA. Changed jobs; been really busy and now work in open plan with no permitted access to my phone so find it difficult to get into my usual posting routine.

    Great catching up on all the news; Ashes (sorry England), the seafood debate (I love seafood but can’t eat fish cooked – raw is yummy), birthdays, family reunions, food plans and so on.

    If I don’t “see” you all before Christmas I wish you all a a very merry and festive occasion (in moderation of course!)

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – not worth discussing! 🤣

    Today DS25 bought a house! He doesn’t have lots of money, so it’s clearly a starter, but DH and I are as proud as peacocks. That accomplishment explains the lovely meal after escrow closed. Christmas explains all the food over the past few days and the days coming up.

    I’m going to stick to my WF tomorrow and Thursday; hopefully that will do some damage control, but I’m not beating myself up, and am going to enjoy the days and the treats, and then resume with vigor when all our Christmas celebrations are over.

    @northgeorgia Great thought has gone into your plan for the rest of the year; huge encouragement to you to follow through on it better than I’ve followed through on my own plans over the last week, LOL!

    @at Shrimp with hazelnut butter?? Potatoes with sage butter?? (Notice the common theme of what I obsessed on? 🤣😂🤣) Everything sounded glorious, but those two truly caught my attention!

    I have a to-do list showing what needs doing each day this week so I’m sure to accomplish it all in a timely fashion–I’d forgotten to schedule in practicing the organ for two services here and two for when we’re in California! I LOVE to-do lists; rather than feeling onerous, they free me to simply move from one task to the next without feeling frantic that I’m forgetting something. Oh! And next on my to-do list is to get to bed at a decent time, so off I go!

    I’ll be back in earnest eventually, everyone.

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    It’s the winter solstice! Shortest day but woo hoo, it’s going to get brighter and longer days from today. Unfortunately as its cloudy I don’t think there will be the spectacular sight at Newgrange this morning but it’s good to know we are turning the corner into spring.

    I echo @northgeorgia and hope to maintain until the new year. Wishing you all well.

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, & still just within my maintenance range; which seems almost miraculous after last weekend. I’ve learned my lesson.

    Julio’s Portuguese restaurant for lunch today, down by the harbour. One course only!

    Wishing RESOLVE to anyone fasting today 💪

    “Eating breakfast breaks the fast. Skipping breakfast breaks the fat.”
    ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    Day 21 – Ireland – FD

    Hello all!

    I hope you are all well in the final week rolling in to Christmas… I’ve been trying to say on the straight and narrow but it’s difficult… but surprisingly I stepped on the scales this morning and things don’t seem as bad as I thought… maybe a Christmas miracle 🎄😀🎄…

    Still a while to go before the end of the month… I must find time to read your posts later today as I feel like I’ve been flying around recently…between work and planning for the Christmas break.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 21🎄🛍

    Day 21 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    We had a great evening yesterday, the Hall and Gardens visit was impressive! The gardens are renowned for one of the oldest yew tree topiary gardens in the UK, the lighting was done really well, the biggest and best trees were under-lit and the hall itself had a projected light show on the outside, quite special.
    Inside the hall the Christmas decorations and lighting were quite minimal, it worked really well, as it was very atmospheric as most of the lighting was by ‘electric’ candles, so it was like being in there a couple of centuries ago!

    Had a glass of mulled wine and came home to a home made pizza and a couple of drinks, so my usual Monday FD was postponed until today.

    Take care all.

    Pocket list day 21🎄🛍

    Day 21 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Yesterday was the last FD I plan to do this year! No more fasting for me until 3 January. Tonight DH and I will enjoy a special dinner to celebrate the solstice and then I will be relaxing and eating a little more extravagantly and drinking a bit more 🍷🥂🍾 until new year.

    Have a wonderful holiday however you choose to celebrate 🤗

    Day 21 – 16:8

    Fast day yesterday was somewhat difficult but passed successfully.

    Happy Holiday wishes back to @penz (hope your new job is going well!) and @missybear and anyone else choosing or taking a necessity break over the holidays!

    Glad the winter solstice is here, the short winter days are not my favourite.

    Something in my house keeps dinging as if my husband left his phone home, he didn’t – so I’m puzzled.

    Last holiday project to finish today – I made a dvd with edits of my wedding video for my family – separate clips for my mom, papa, sister and each brother. So today I’m doing an in-laws clip dvd for each niece. There are 7 minutes that focus on or have a large amount of in-law time and I don’t think any other video footage of their great grandparents exists. It is finicky work, but their parents are we’re almost the same age as they are now (except for my youngest niece) so I think they might find it fun to see their younger parents on video.

    The day is sunny and cold – a great improvement over yesterday. The birds are loud this morning too. Huh.

    Good thoughts to all – especially the fasters.

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs (barely). Well, I knew yesterday was going to be heavier, but the carbfest got out of control eeeeeek! Anyway, able to stuff the weigh-in down to 217 lbs, which is still a 3 lb gain over yesterday haha

    Doing a ZBC this morning while baking. My niece and nephew want a gingerbread house to decorate, so I’ll bake and paste it together and take them the candies. Ironically, that should keep me occupied enough to keep my mouth closed (until I have to make the icing, anyway) this morning.

    I plan to fast tomorrow.

    Happy holidays to all!

    Day 21 – UK – FD800

    Aiming for a B2B FD800 today – started well with ZBC as usual then joined my walking group for a brisk climb to Levers Water at the head of the Coppermines Valley above Coniston Village – great views as all that fog we have been experiencing lifted today – enjoyed a cup of tea sitting outside a cafe in Coniston village with the gang before driving home.

    Decided to go and brave the supermarket for my last shop – surprisingly quiet and managed to get everything I wanted with no fuss

    Now enjoying another cup of tea whilst logging on here feeling rather virtuous 😇 a 5:2 prawn curry planned for tonight with a cabbage and carrot salad and a small serve of rice should keep me well within my 800cals – might even be 600cals…….

    @basyjames – great news on that big drop in your LDL
    @northgeorgia – 214 weigh in – great effort! Yes it would be great if we all manage to maintain until January 🤞
    @missybear – some consolation that you were not alone to have “Ate and drank with abandon over the weekend” 🤣
    @penz – good to hear from you – new job sounds a bit hectic but hopefully will settle down a bit soon
    @stitchincarol – great that your DS25 has managed to buy a house – no mean feat during the current financial climate, I know butter makes everything taste so good…..shame that my body responds with an increase in my weight 🤣 Luckily I was able to press my RESET button yesterday and today!
    @jaifaim – I’m aiming for some control at the beginning of this week as after that I have no hope……. as having an early xmas lunch with DD on Thursday. Then a Christmas Eve feast with seafood is planned (The Réveillon is one of the very best (and most delicious!) French Christmas traditions. It’s the biggest meal of the holiday season, eaten on Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day – part of my French heritage I suspect!) Christmas day itself this year will be a vegetarian one – A Butternut squash, spinach, pine nuts, orange zest, cranberries, sage and creamy blue cheese filo pie (got the recipe from the Wine Society website)….all this talk of food is making my mouth water…..
    @i-hate-lettuce – Was your visit to Levers Hall? sounds like they did a good job with the lights!
    @missybear – your plan from now on sounds ideal – Enjoy!

    Thank you for the season wishes from @penz @daffodil2010 @missybear and right back at you – for anyone taking a break from the challenge wishing you a safe and happy festive season – hopefully someone will put their hand to host January 2022 and lead us forward

    I will keep logging on daily until the end of the challenge and hope to have some company 🤗 but totally understand if folks don’t log back on until towards the end of this December challenge.

    Pocket list day 21🎄🛍

    Remember that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 21 North Canton OH NFD

    Quick check in for accountability

    @mariaelena what a great gift idea!

    @i hate lettuce sounds beautiful.

    @jaifam love Christmas miracles

    @funshipfreddie I love the quote 😁

    Be of good cheer everyone and please be safe

    Day 21 UK NFD

    Good reset FD yesterday,steady day today then off to London for a Pantomime and some last minute treat shopping a meal out and overnight stay so Ill be joining the band hoping to stay steady for the month and I’ll be going for it big time January Happy winter solstice 🌚

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check in. I’m doing pretty well – keeping at maintenance for now! Working at the Children’s Museum we started a few years ago. Staying open more now that school is out.

    Hope to keep in touch with everyone!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    It’s just shy of nine o’clock as I type, and my day is about over. It was as tough as most WFDs are: I was hungry, I was cold, I lived through it. Keeping really busy truly is half the secret, and the other is to stay away from my home and the kitchen, LOL!

    Tomorrow night, choir practice starts an hour early and then everyone is trooping over here for a little Christmas party. My plan is to break my WF with a roast beef sandwich late afternoon and then stick to wine rather than beer at the party. The chips and cookies will most certainly call my name, and I’m sure I’ll answer. 😘

    @basyjames IMPRESSIVE changes in your LDL! If this added weight loss combined with regular extended fasting doesn’t move me in the right direction, I’m going to have to give in to my doctor and go on statins. 😒 I’ve been so proud of not being on any meds, but that’s been changing over the last year, so what’s one more, right??? 🤣

    @jaifaim Your Christmas miracle sounds lovely; I’m hoping for one as well after today’s and Thursday’s WF, LOL!

    @at Thanks for the description of your Christmas Day meal; I copied your words and pasted them in a search bar and, voila!, got the recipe. I WILL be making that!

    @brightonbelle What a wonderful time you have planned in London!

    @songbirdme Wow. I’m always dazzled at how you manage to maintain!

    Okay, time for the sandman and me to have an extended meeting! I may manage to check in tomorrow morning, but it’s another early start, so not likely. Hopefully Thursday morning!

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Still maintaining which is as good as to be expected. Off to get my booster today, there is a walk in clinic near my work and my lovely boss has kindly agreed to me slipping off during the working day to avoid horrendous queues. I really need to get it as I will be in the UK next week where Covid figures are scary.

    Have a great Wednesday.

    Day 22 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Quick pop in, delivery just arrived!

    @at – Yes, the visit was to Levens Hall, only a few minutes drive for us, they had done a really good job.

    Take care all

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Struggling along; certainly no ‘dry til Fri’ this week. Probably til January. But I’ll definitely be on that pocket list tomorrow 🎯

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TRE

    I’ve figured out that over Christmas, when we’re in California with my extended family, I can do TRE to help minimize the damage of holiday eating, so today’s a good day to start the practice, right? The scales were 140.8 this morning: not as gorgeous as the 137 that was my goal for Christmas, but certainly better then the 144+ it’s been over the last couple of days, and a number that I would have been thrilled to see a mere six months ago, so I’m content. My dreams of a Christmas at 137 (132, 125…) will have to wait for 2022.

    Woke up way early for me, so gave up and got up. It’s still too early to do the things that need doing (vacuuming, putting away laundry in our bedroom) as DH is still asleep, so I’m enjoying some quiet time with my coffee and Beegie Adair on the speaker, with the Christmas tree lights making it cozy and cheerful. Love these days of Christmastime!

    Have a lovely day, everyone, and Merry Christmas!

    Day 22 – FD 500

    Accountability post. Monday’s FD was difficult hoping today will be easier but whatever the case I am determined – I think that if I don’t be strict with myself about the fast days I go off the rails. When I get to my goal weight I’ll try going down to one FD regularly and occasionally two, but for now I think the structure is what I need.

    Have a happy day, all.

    Pocket list day 22 ⛄️

    Day 23 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. Got to run…

    Pocket list day 22 ⛄️

    Day 22 – UK – FD800

    Lovely relaxed day – slept in – cup of tea with OH then a bit of hoovering and tidy up….
    Walked to the village to get some fresh sourdough and met a friend for a coffee and catchup before going for a manicure with colours to match my recent pedicure – Rebellious Ruby = feeling very festive

    Back home to write and deliver Christmas cards to the neighbours by which time OH had returned from his run – cup of tea and catch up with him. Long phone call with a dear friend from Suffolk and now a catch up on here……as still nothing eaten I’m now on track for a OMAD FD800 🤞

    Looking forward to DD visiting tomorrow – we will do walk and then head for Christmas lunch at a place called The Gaddum in Brockhole (@I-hate-lettuce – you might know it??)

    @brightonbelle – be interesting as to how you find London – if the news report are to be believed the city has been deserted and is empty……Hope you enjoyed the pantomime and managed to get whatever shopping done you wanted
    @songbirdme – you remain my inspiration managing to keep at maintenance…..
    @stitchincarol – Great effort in fighting those dragons and keeping to your WFD 💪 The author Steve Farrow certainly makes the recipe sounds nice in his write up – the contents of the filling are things we both love so🤞it lives up to expectations
    @daffodil2010 – great job at maintaining and hope no bad side effects from your booster
    @mariaelena – I’ll keep you company with a last FD before Christmas – making today my 3rd B2B FD800

    Pocket list day 22 ⛄️

    A bit quiet on here at the moment but I suppose to be expected with the lead up to Christmas – hope everyone is keeping well 🤗 Will be a later post from me tomorrow once DD has headed back home.

    On this day 2 years ago @flourbaby posted “Stay strong everyone, silly season has officially commenced, but in reality, that wine, pudding, cream, brandy butter, chocolate, biscuit and lonely unopened bottle of Baileys isn’t the last of it’s species & will still be there AFTER you reach your goal!!! KEEP THE FAITH!!!!! – we miss seeing your posts @flourbaby hope all is well with you

    2nd post

    Today’s fast successful.

    I’ll be back on Monday — my next fast day.

    Safe and happy wishes to everybody.

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Absolutely not going to pretend that I can manage a fast these days. Got my booster yesterday, when I arrived back to work there were chocolate biscuits galore, and I did not say no. It’s Christmas is always the excuse isn’t it?

    Last full day in work, will work half day tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy, extremely busy, family Christmas, but will try to keep my head above water.

    Thanks to all on this forum. If I don’t pop back in thanks to @at for hosting 👍

    Day 23 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Think todays FD might be hard, too many goodies starting to appear, however will give it a go. No breakfast and minimal lunch will be easy, later in the day could well prove more difficult …. but after the festive feast and it’s all gone, back to buying, eating and drinking sensibly.

    It’s still dark outside this morning, misty and drizzle, I went outside to take out rubbish and the security lights came on!

    @at – re Brockhole Mrs IHL has been I’m still waiting, there’s a list of places still waiting to get to 🙁

    Take care all

    Pocket list Day 23

    @i-hate-lettuce (fingers crossed)

    Day 23 – UK – NFD

    Hi all,

    it’s been an awfully long time since I posted last! I’ve been checking in very quickly and heartened to see everyone here & getting ready for Christmas. I’ve not posted because I’ve not actually managed a FD all month (argh!). However, I have definitely been far more controlled than last month and have last 2lb in the past week. I’ve been working from home for the past week and I think just slowing down my pace of life a bit from what has felt quite frantic in recent months has definitely curbed some of my eating. I’m clearly more of an emotional eater than I would’ve said I was.

    @at – you have inspired me to do some festive nails this year. I won’t get in to a salon in this time but will find a lovely Christmassy colour at home 🙂
    @i-hate-lettuce – good luck with the FD today. I’ll definitely be in the ZBC and minimal lunch club with you
    @mariaelena – Great work on the FD!
    @stitchincarol – I hope all the Christmas plans are coming together well. I can’t wait to hear the verdict on the Christmas pudding. I’m just about to wrap my friends’ one up for them – I didn’t remake it in the end so they’re getting the original. I really hope it’s ok (and still slightly wishing I’d steamed it in a ceramic pudding basin rather than the plastic one!)
    @daffodil2010 – I hope all is ok after your booster – enjoy your trip to the UK!

    Have a lovely day all!

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    After 2 pm already here; so as I haven’t eaten yet I’m going for a usual Thursday FD. I DID say I’d be on the list, & it would be rude to leave @i-hate-lettuce on his own 🤔

    We’ve got this, Barry 💪

    Pocket list – Day 23 🎯
    @i-hate-lettuce (fingers crossed)
    @funshipfreddie ( ” ” )

    Day 23 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Yesterday was my last FD until Monday, December 27. May God have mercy on us and our scales.


    Good luck everyone!!

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WF

    The party DH and I had for my choir after our practice last night was totally a delight. Lots of laughter, lots of stories…and lots of eating and drinking. 😒 How is it possible, in the middle of a delightful evening, to remember self-control, discipline, and goals? That’s a real question. Truly, I ate way too much, drank more than I’d have chosen had I been given an option at the beginning of the evening (in other words, not that much, but probably three glasses of wine instead of only two), and only had the vaguest thought flit through my conscious of limiting my carbs and calories before I took more chips and smoked gouda dip! If I can figure out how to maintain awareness, that will go a LONG way to leveling off the wild fluctuation of eating/gaining/losing. Any tips from those who are better than I at maintaining discipline?

    @at I’m eager to hear how fussy it was to cook that pie and if it is as good as it sounds. And that quote from @flourbaby is perfect; thanks for finding and posting that. Good reminder.

    @babs_b SO lovely to hear from you! I’m so excited to feed both my two Christmas puddings and also @i-hate-lettuce ‘s Tropical Christmas Cake to my family. The first will be on “our Christmas,” this coming Monday, and the second will be either Sunday or Tuesday (can’t actually remember my menu for those days, LOL). Why are you wishing you’d used a ceramic instead of plastic pudding basin? I have a metal one with a lid (three, actually…very long story), and often wonder if there’s a difference in how it turns out compared to the ceramic ones I see in YouTube videos. And it’s beyond impressive that you’ve lost two pounds!

    @northgeorgia You made me guffaw loudly with your “May God have mercy on us and our scales”!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

    Pocket list – Day 23 🎯
    @i-hate-lettuce (fingers crossed)
    @funshipfreddie ( ” ” )
    @stitchincarol-WF (Barry and David, it’s a challenge from the US to the UK and to SA!)

    My whole Christmas to-do list is entirely on track thanks to the party last night that forced me to get everything tidied and cleaned, so the next few days will certainly be busy, but not frantic (which is why I have such a long post this morning, LOL). So I’ll check in tomorrow and see how the fasters all did!

    Day 23 – UK – TDEE

    A grey and mizzly cumbrian day……but DD and I still met and went for gentle walk…….

    We then enjoyed our early Christmas lunch – for starters she had Butternut Squash Risotto with Sunflower seed puree, roasted squash, parmesan crisps and I enjoyed a Pumpkin custard tart topped with crab salad, smoked mayonnaise, fennel. We both had Slow Cooked Herdwick Lamb Belly which was cooked overnight in stock and glazed to finish, wilted winter greens and vegetables….we definitely did not have room for a pudding so enjoyed a coffee with a mini mince pie to finish 😋 that will definitely be my OMAD for today as still feeling rather full…..I’m hoping that I will coming in at just below TDEE 🤞for the day????

    @daffodil2010 – 🤞no horrible side effects from your booster
    @babs_b – lovely to hear from you and christmassy nails are certainly cheerful in our current gloomy weather 😊 Well done on dropping 2lbs despite not fasting
    @i-hate-lettuce @funshipfreddie – good luck with the FD today – you have got this!
    @stitchincarol – I don’t think that any of us have conquered “how to maintain awareness” when faced with a party – I totally blame alcohol consumption for making me lose self control with food at a party as it is so tempting to keep nibbling whilst enjoying that 2nd….3rd glass of wine…..🤣 I’ll let you know how the making and tasting of that filo pie goes…..

    Weight this morning was 56.7kg – 1.1kg down from the start of this challenge – I had to step on and off the scales a couple of times as I couldn’t believe my eyes 💃 and as @northgeorgia said “May God have mercy on us and our scales”!!!! from now on…….🤣

    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – I will be out walking with my regular walking group in the morning and as I took delivery of our Christmas Eve meal from Simon Rogan today a OMAD feast awaits us tomorrow night with matching wines…….we are both looking forward to it 😋
    I’m planning to stay up late so that I can ring my sister ❤️ in Australia (I can catch her Christmas morning in Melbourne – 11hrs difference atm – she will be busy prepping for a late lunch with her 2 daughters/partners and MIL joining her – this year she will also have her first grand daughter joining for the first time, she was born on 2/1/21 – I’m hoping if I time my FT call right I’ll get to see them all too)

    Pocket list – Day 23 🎯
    @i-hate-lettuce (fingers crossed)
    @funshipfreddie ( ” ” )
    @stitchincarol – WF (Barry and David, it’s a challenge from the US to the UK and to SA!)

    Meant to say that OH could not wait and sampled my Christmas cake yesterday and gave it a 👍 a new recipe for me this year – Buttered Rum Christmas Cake from Good Housekeeping – made in early November and managed to feed it twice with a bit of rum since – we don’t wait for Christmas Day to cut into the cake and always seem to sample it at the start of Christmas week…..

    Like @stitchincarol my Christmas to-do list is entirely on track so no last minute rush to do anything – I’ll check in tomorrow after my walk

    Day 23 Minnesota, USA NFD (as they all have been this past month, lol)

    Hello to everyone! I just wanted to come on the forum to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and wishing you all a grand New Year!!

    I am doing well, albeit about 10lbs up from May. December is a month of 4 family birthdays, an anniversary, then Christmas, and the usual office and organization parties. I will get back into the swing of things (TRE, 5:2, and HFLC) in January. I’ll be happy to not gain more. I’ll consider that a success.

    I’ve been extremely busy, in a good and fulfilling way, since our vacation ended around the last week of October. I’ve read a bit of the forum for the last of October and some of November. I hope to read it all before January.

    Again, I wish the best to all of you, my forum friends. Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the Holidays!!

    second post

    @northerndawn Thanks so much for popping in to say hello; Merry Christmas to you as well, and I look forward to having you back regularly in January! I’ve missed your chatter and was so delighted just now to see your post!

    Day 22 – Ireland – CD
    Day 23 – Ireland – CD
    Day 24 – NFD

    Hello everybody well I’ve had busy days and many outdoor catch ups throughout this week. Heading south for two weeks… shame it’s not south of France. Spain, etc but south of our little island will do for now… 💕
    I am due to fly for the first time in 2 years in January… now I’m not so sure that will happen. On verra…🤞

    @penz congratulations on your new job 👏

    @daffodil2010 I hope you are feeling ok after the booster 👍👍 . You have experienced such amazing times recently – I have only sped read posts but there has been so much going on for you and your DH… wishing you a happy trip to the lakes over the Christmas period 💕

    Hmmm @stitchincarol I’m hoping for a miracle… it may not happen but we can hope 😂😂. I feel like 2022 will be my target year… I’m soooo close…🙏

    @at I love the Réveillon tradition – (one of the many things I miss since moving back from France) even the word makes me smile… great memories of sitting up til late and eating lots and lots of delicious food… and drink of course! Your Christmas meal sounds delicious… (as do all of your meals 😋 ) mine will be traditionnelle but I’m so looking forward to it… we will eat with my sister and family. May build an appetite with a Christmas swim… we’ll see what the weather is like on Saturday.

    @stitchincarol im so impressed with your son at 25 buying a property! 👏👏 My goodness.. back in the 90s my friends bought houses at that age but I was living it up in France and bought at 35… they all are getting towards the end of their mortgages now… there is so much to be said for buying young… mind you I don’t regret those crazy days of my 20s 😂💕

    @babs_b well done on your loss while being careful but not fasting!!! What a fab achievement ahead of the Christmas craziness.

    Hi @northerndawn! Good to see you!

    Well done to the guys (and @stitchincarol) for FDing yesterday!!!
    And yes @northgeorgia we need all the prayers we can get for the next few days 😂😂.

    Thinking of @flourbaby, @michelinme, @snowflake56 and all others who are not posting right now and hoping that everyone is safe and well. I do hope people are lurking 🤞💕

    Happy Christmas dear forum friends 🎄♥️🎄

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Yesterdays FD – mission accomplished! And if I can get my fasting head back on properly next week, I may even be able to declare this month a success. Well, except for the Dry December bit 🤦‍♂️

    Wishing all my fellow-fasters around the globe a very Happy Christmas 🎄 🎁 🎉 🥂

    Day 24 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone, Christmas Eve 🙂

    It’ll just be Mrs IHL and I for Christmas, but still quite a lot to celebrate compared with last, much further on and oddly pleased to have to be watching the weight again, rather ironic eh?
    Well, just checked the records and between mid October last year and end of February this year, I’d lost somewhere around 14 kg / 30 lbs, not in a good way either. It was a battle trying to put weight on!

    So after another good FD yesterday, eating very carefully and no alcohol … this last week, gained 2 pounds, just have to smile, so much for being good! But after Christmas and the fridge, the freezer and the drinks cabinet empties, not much re-stocking planned at all.
    Plus got a fabulous email yesterday, I’ve got my membership back in my old Angling Association after a gap of a few years, result, some fabulous waters to fish in some beautiful locations.

    Take care all and hope you have a very happy Christmas whoever you are with or wherever you are.


    Day 24 UK NFD

    Just back from seeing my first crush – Donny Osmond!!
    Glad to report he was very good , back home now laden down with Christmas goodies , taking it easy today and then I’ll take it as it comes , Merry Christmas Eve my global fasting chums 🌲🌲

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD/CD

    Yesterday’s WF went well for me; a little tough after Wednesday’s excesses, but doable since I was on the go all afternoon and early evening, my danger time. Today, my goal is to strictly limit what, how much, and when I eat, and then relax tomorrow. The nice thing, however, is that we leave the house (DH, I, DS30 and DS25) at four o’clock tomorrow to drive to the airport and fly to California, so after a lovely Christmas brunch, I won’t have much time to snack the rest of the day.

    For thirty years, we have listened to the Service of Lessons and Carols broadcast from King’s College, and without a doubt, my absolute favorite part is the boy soprano starting out with Once in Royal David’s City. My whole family has, in fact, become fans of the tradition, so in just a little less than an hour we’ll be tuned in. Can you imagine how nervous that boy is right now as he waits for the time to start? Can you even imagine how excited and proud his mama is??? Those are my thoughts, and then tears stream down my face as I listen, because that’s how I react to emotions and beautiful music. 🤷‍♀️💖🎶

    Merry, merry Christmas to all of you, my dear friends…or, as @brightonbelle phrased it, my global fasting chums!

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) NFD

    No snow means a “green” Christmas here – unusually warm for most of December. That means driving is much easier though, so we are not complaining.

    Just popping on to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. 🎄💖

    @stitchincarol – yes, the boy soprano “Once in Royal David’s City” is also being used in the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar (a local organist friend gives it to me every year — a real fun way to spend December) and this year it is all in London. Maybe I ought to tune in today to see the King’s College service! I’m with you loving beautiful music. We enjoyed the new “West Side Story” yesterday (with movie popcorn…) almost as much as the original. The dancing in this one is absolutely fabulous.

    @northerndawn – great to see you pop in here as well! Merry Minnesota Christmas to you! See you in January.

    Onward and downward.

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