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  • ~~just put up the January Challenge!

    USA Day 28


    Thank you again, SongBirdMe!

    Day 29 – Japan – WFD #4 in row

    Today I feel better so I’m continuing my fast. Last night my blood glucose dipped to 60 mg/dl, later it moved up to 68 mg/dl and just now it was a more normal in an extended fast of 71 mg/dl. For me I typically see high 60’s to low 70’s after day 4. It has been a while since I did a fast this long and I was just surprised how quickly my body shifted this time. Now I’m feeling the keto fuzz where my muscles feel fine but I just don’t want to push them hard. Great for running but horrible for sprinting. Mentally it isn’t comfortable, I feel edgy and it isn’t as easy to focus, also the mild headaches have started. I don’t know if it would be better after a couple weeks, the longest I’ve gone is 7 days. I really think people report better mental clarity because they have simply detoxed themselves when they get into ketosis. (Just my opinion)

    @at – I was gone because I had too many things going on and I had to focus. I was still fasting except for a week in China on business. Fasting can be too anti-social.

    @matpi – I don’t know about the Sandow exercise. However while fasting I think light weights with repetitions would be better than heavy weights. I mostly do body weight exercises right now. However if I join a gym again I might look into something like that. For me I just don’t like to highly stress my muscles unless I’m going to be able to eat within 12 hours or so. While I don’t believe immediate protein is necessary, we do lose some protein everyday and over a period of days some protein is necessary for muscle growth. It is just that many people eat way more protein than the body can use. That probably isn’t a good choice unless one has an extreme amount of weight to lose.

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Good morning (day) to you all.
    @at: You’ve had a lovely and busy time over Christmas, your weather the same as ours further south. No fasting? Well join the club! Who fasts during Christmas? Glad your tooth trouble is settling. Actually I’ve LOST some weight due to my terrible fear of my cracked tooth….which, thankfully has turned out to be merely the top veneer of the crown, rather than all the way through to the depths! Half fell off yesterday to reveal quite solid-looking substrate!
    NO pain, most importantly. Dentist after work tomorrow.
    @songbirdme: You’re going to host the January Challenge! Thank you SO much for that.
    There’s usually someone to do the technical bits regarding the spreadsheet, and @at will do that, so you’ll be fine.
    @michelinme: I can do February if you can do March, as I have a week off work at the beginning of February.
    Right….off to make my breakfast porridge now…..have a lovely day, all xx

    Day 29 – NFD – UK 🇬🇧
    Good morning everyone.
    Lovely day yesterday with a good 10km walk and we are off to meet some friends today for walk before we fly back to Ireland tonight and we will be with my parents for NYE.. ♥️
    Must walk as on top of all the Christmas excess we had a curry yesterday….. it was too dreary to get the bikes out and it’s good to mix up the exercise… 👍
    I’ve had a chance to read back on posts as had just been skim reading over past few days with family here.. everyone seems to be doing really well..much better than I am with good FDs nailed 👏 (@therealwil78. @dykask @rabbette, @songbirdme) and lovely to see everyone catching up with family 💕 both young and old. @ccco your grandson sounds very cute and it’s just magical to be around very young children for Christmas 🎄 💕
    @flourbaby what a shame you had that horrible tummy bug! I suppose the only upside is that you were losing weight instead of gaining 🤔 @daffodil2010 sorry to hear the bug has hit your family too… it’s definitely doing the rounds in both countries at the moment 😢… we were desperate to keep anyone with it away from mum and dad at Christmas. ⛔️
    @ciren2 that’s good news on your tooth! Hope work is going ok…
    @matpi thanks for your explanation of eggnog… it’s not something we drink in Ireland or France… although do now have a recollection of something called lait de poule (hen’s milk) 🐔 …
    @songbirdme thanks so much for setting up the January challenge.. I’ll be committing to a good new year from about 3/1 👍 so will be climbing back on after @bellyblast,@at (new beginnings and new attitudes – love it!) and everyone else 👍👍

    Hope you all have a lovely day.
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 29 – 2nd post

    Tonight my stomach is hurting. Since I’m four days into a fast I don’t really want to take medicine as I know that I’m better off with nothing. So I made a plan to end the fast tomorrow night. So I have 24 hours to go. For some reason I tend end longer fasts with supper, it might have to do with what I’m craving.

    Right now I’m craving easy over fried eggs. Sounds strange I know, but probably my body wants something that is in the yolk and I don’t care for hard yolks. So I’m planning on making a supper based on a few fried eggs, maybe some cheese and some toast. I don’t normally eat bread, but sometimes I like toast. So that is my plan. Then on the morning of the 31st I’ll either eat my standard breakfast or take my family out to a Japanese breakfast buffet. By then I should be able to handle some dark greens. (Both salad & seaweed) Japanese breakfast is typically leftovers and rice, this isn’t anything like western breakfast. Typically they have some bacon like meat and maybe plain omelettes but that is just a nod to non-Japanese food. There will be a salad bar, couple styles of rice, rice balls, sashimi, various toppings including curry, various kinds of seaweed, nattou (I hate it but my son loves it mixed with raw egg on rice), many kinds of pickles, udon bar, miso soup bar, soft boiled and raw eggs, several Japanese vegetable dishes, several types of fish, and a couple meat based dishes. Desert is typically some kinds of fruit, yogurt and jello like cubes. Maybe I’ve scared people away from wanting to have breakfast in Japan. If you are a breakfast person, Japan probably isn’t the easiest place to be! Still in general Japanese breakfast is pretty nutritious compared to the typical modern breakfast fare. (Actually American breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, etc are often considered deserts in Japan.)

    On long fasts I really like to plan my exit. When, what, how I’m going to cook it, etc. I think it is a positive benefit of ending the fast. Just typing out this long post has break reduced my stomach ache. I don’t think my stomach ache has much to do with fasting, I’ve always been prone to them as was my mother. When I was a kid we used to drink hot jello water together to help calm our stomachs. One of the better memories I have of her.

    Anyway fasting is as much about eating as not eating. For me planning my exit gives me mental strength. In less than 24 hours I be over the 120 hour mark. That is enough for this fast.

    @dykask: Yes, agreed, that will be long enough!

    Here is the link for next month’s challenged hosted by @songbirdme:

    Yes a five day water fast is probably worth a month of normal 5:2 fasts. 😀

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD,

    Well, the tummy bug appears to have set up home …………………. In me!!!
    I’m tired, hungry, weak, worn out, headachy and generally P’ed off with this!!! I don’t like to say it, but I’m NEVER ill and I’ve certainly never had a ‘dicky tummy’ for more than a day let alone 6!!!! Possible GP visit tomorrow, if I don’t feel better tomorrow morning.

    I’m supposed to be out tomorrow night for pre NYE dinner & drinks (actually going out on NYE is too much of a nightmare), perhaps I’ll push myself and hope I don’t suffer the consequences!!!

    @dykask, one just needs to read your posts to realise that fasting works, but if you dilute it down soooo much that it’s unrecognisable, the results speak for themselves!!!! My NFDs are still tricky, perhaps I’ll fare better with 5:2 if the ‘2’ are WFDs? I may start January on a slightly different path!!! Eeek!!

    @jaifaim, the key to this WOL?……………….. BALANCE, that curry was well deserved, no doubt you’ll ‘bike’ it off in no time. It was heart-warming to hear about your time with your parents & feelings towards their carers. The hardest part for me with my dad, was actually handing over that control (Could I trust these strangers? Was I a failure??) until week 2 or 3 when I seriously wanted to adopt them!!!!

    @songbirdme, thank you so much for hosting January, I’m not sure why I’m so fearful of hosting, considering I post every day and it’s not like it used to be when the host filled in the spreadsheet daily and tallied our combined losses at the end of the month!!! ……………….. perhaps later in the year??

    My New Years Resolution? …………………………………. NAIL this 5:2 malarkey, once & for all!!!!

    @flourbaby when I first started reading about fasting I didn’t really buy into it. I was pretty locked into to the eat less move more camp even though it was failing me. It was only when I accidentally removed most added sugar from my diet that I woke up. I had been experimenting with my lower calorie diets a lot. Starting to lose weight didn’t wake me up, it was the loss of the driving hunger. That was unexpected. Up until that point, lower calorie always meant suffering. Losing weight and suffering when hand-in-hand.

    I started studying about sugar which brings one to hormones which leads to fasting as it is the strongest tool to move our hormones. Up to this point I was losing muscle mass and gaining fat while feeling horrid all the time. Now with the reduced hunger I tried fasting. I started losing more fat and I also started gaining muscle mass. I was working out, but I had been for years. Slowly I started fasting more and more.

    My fasting wasn’t regular and somewhat random. I experimented with a few forms and landed on 5:2 being easy for me. At that time it wasn’t really easy to water fast 36 hours, it just wasn’t horribly hard. I still had trouble sleeping the second night and some other side effects. However with a few months of regular fasting most of the nasty side effects just faded away. I slowly built up my fasting until I had the opportunity and fasted for a full week. That was a turning point of sorts and fasting for 36 hours after than because much easier.

    So for me my road to fasting was getting sugar out of my diet. Other people will have other journeys. I’m sold on fasting because it is working for me. With fasting I can eat freely and manage to still improve past middle age.

    However fasting has also changed me.
    * Sometimes I crave dark leafy greens. I could barely eat them before.
    * Sometimes I just can’t eat because I don’t like being over full.
    * My body now tells me things. I guess it always was but fasting gave it a megaphone.
    * Fasting has changed my diet to a much healthier one. I no longer can enjoy junk food as much as I used too.

    So it isn’t free, just worth the cost.

    Day 29 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Hi everybody,

    Sorry, I’ve missed posting and I’m just catching up, tonight is the last night of our Christmas celebrations with family and friends, tomorrow back to sanity …. and 5:2 WOL

    Glad to read that many have caught up with families and their friends hope you had a fabulous time. Well done those that managed to avoid too much of the goodies available. Although those with health or dental problems would no doubt have been happier to gain a pound or two instead, hope you’re all improving.

    As for the rest of us, won’t take long to get back down, think I’m about 4 lb over my lightest, but that’s no surprise with the cruises, Christmas markets trip and then Christmas as well!

    Our friends are coming round tonight for an “empty the fridge and drinks cabinet” night! Tomorrow morning sees a fresh start! No problem for us as we don’t do New Years eve. Looking forward to next year though, I have learned a lot about 5:2 and am determined to get going downwards again.

    Take care all ….. I’m back on the wagon tomorrow.

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Had quite a few unplanned FDs courtesy of the bug that’s been doing the rounds Feeling much better today so concentrating on getting back to normal ,hoping to be able to make it to the New Years party and then get down to the January challenge

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD🐷

    Still on holiday in Cape Town. Before I arrived I’d convinced myself that it would be business as usual, and I would continue with my regular FDs. Didn’t happen, and it won’t! So I guess my fasting for 2019 is over. I don’t have bathroom scales, and quite frankly I don’t want to know the damage until I get home. What is it about being away that makes fasting virtually impossible?! Anyway, I’ll be home on Jan 2nd, and will resume the fasting WOL with a vengeance.

    I’m staying in a lovely old Victorian guesthouse, nestled at the foot of Table Mountain. I may never leave… 😏

    Day 29 – UK – CD

    Today was meant to be a FD – started off well but got derailed into a CD this evening – better than and EFS or even NFD 😉

    Thank you to @songbirdme 🤗 for taking the helm of the January 2020 Challenge and to @ciren2 🤗for offering to do February 2020 and @michelinme 🤗 for doing March 2020 – lovely to have the first quarter of 2020 sorted out!

    @ccco – sounds like you stayed in control over the festive season 💪
    @matpi – good job on only seeing a 1.5lb gain on the scales
    @dykask – I do hope that you get your work/retirement plans sorted out without too much hassle and well done on that extended water fast and good to hear that you have a plan for your exit.
    @jaifaim – Good to catch up with your news – OH and I enjoy a good curry too – was thinking of making one for NYE but undecided as yet……
    @flourbaby – so sorry to hear that the tummy bug appears to have set up residence in your tummy – as you say if not better by Monday go and see your GP. BTW I think that you would make a wonderful host perhaps you would consider doing so later in the year 🤗
    @i-hate-lettuce and @FUNSHIPFREDDIE- I suspect a few of us will have put on a few lbs by the end of the month 😢
    @brightonbelle – not you too with that tummy bug!! hope you recover enough to celebrate the new year!

    Two more days left in this DECEMBER 2019 CHALLENGE – LAST ONE FOR 2019! Let us hope that none of us did too much damage over the festive season and if a few lbs have crept on then we can support each other in the January Challenge to dispatch them promptly 😇

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 29 Canada NFD
    The guests are starting to leave and the fridge is getting emptied out. What a fantastic holidays but I’m keen to get a FD in.

    Day 30 – Japan – WFD 5th in a row. ~10 hours to go

    I feel fine. With extended fasts I tend to always feel good in the morning. I could probably push this fast another 5 days, but I’m not going to. It is just too anti-social to do so and some things are more important.

    My weight was down to 77.8kg and it was 82.1kg (-4.3kg) when I started. Most of that will be water but I’ve probably burned close to 1kg of fat off during this fast. I have enough fat I could easily fast 30 days or more, maybe not 60 days. My blood glucose is low at 62 mg/dl (~3.4 mmol/L), however I’m feeling fine because because my body is mostly burning fats and the ketones generated by that. I’m sure my breath is bad but I can’t really smell it.

    My family was gone over the weekend and gets back tonight. I could push the fast another night but I want options in the morning as it would be nice to get a nice breakfast together and Japanese breakfast buffet include leafy greens. (I like the greens, but they don’t work well for me when I’m breaking a fast.) When I start breaking the fast I have to eat slowly and give my system time to ramp up. It is also possible for some mild side effect, like a quick run to the bathroom. I just don’t want that to be an issue in the morning. For myself it takes two or three hours to transition back to eating. Some people have a lot less time and other milk it out for days. A lot of people push just liquids and ramping up the calories over days. I don’t like that for two reasons, one it isn’t cheap and two I suffer when I under eat. I’m okay fasting or eating, but the not the self imposed calorie restriction area any more.

    Long ramble …

    So I tend to eat a little heavy the day after a fast, probably around 3000 calories. Each day my eating goes down and settles in the 2000 to 2500 calorie range after a few days. I know I could eat less, that is just where I feel good. A good chunk of my calories comes from fruit, cheese and nuts. Oatmeal, leafy greens, eggs, fish, etc don’t add that many calories. Most days I tend to limit my rice, pasta and normally I avoid breads. Lately I often don’t even use salad dressing as I don’t find it necessary, or maybe just a sprinkle for some different favor. I limit my processed food consumption a lot although a might enjoy something once a week, like a bag of chips I like. Breakfast / lunch typically account for more than 70% of daily calories, but I’ve been tending to eat breakfast later and later and lunch later. I might hit a point where I’m only eating two meals a day. So my diet could be better, it is good to have room to improve if needed.

    Anyway I feel good enough that I might do a hard workout before breaking my fast. I know I won’t have peak performance but right now I have plenty of endurance energy.

    Day 29 Ohio, US — NFD (55 bites)

    An okay NFD. For some reason it was hard to get things in motion today; maybe it was the clouds and the rain?

    @dykask Thanks for ideas about the workouts. Since I’m a vegetarian (ovo-lacto), I’m quite careful to maintain a daily protein intake of about 60 gm. It’s really difficult to get much more than that without adding on a tremendous amount of weight.

    @jaifaim J’ai lu l’article dans qui donne une description de lait de poule. (Sorry about the diacriticals!). Yes, that is very close to eggnog. In fact, there is a Canadian company that markets eggnog under the name “Lait de Poule.” (Just to muddy the waters, as it were.)

    By the way does anyone know about the D.O.D.O. method of intermittent fasting? From what I’ve been able to ascertain from the web, it sounds like alternate day water fasts. Is that correct?

    To get Monday’s pocket list going:

    Pocket List — Day 30

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    One day at work today followed by my day off tomorrow, and (lucky for me!) another day off on Wednesday for New Year! Then totally back to normal.
    I’ll tell the boss I need to finish on time today as then I have the emergency appointment at the dentist (aka the torture-chamber)….scared. I also still have this asthmatic cough hanging about me…I hope I can control it while lying helpless in the chair.

    Hope to see you all later….

    Day 30 update, weight 77.2kg (From 82.1kg)

    I’ll be breaking my fast starting within a couple hours. I just did a bar workout. As expected my peaks weren’t as great but the endurance is good. While running to the park I actually had lactic acid build up and my blood glucose right now is 95 mg/dl, That is a good example of the CORI cycle that converts lactic acid from muscles and converts into glucose. Muscles don’t easily give up their glucose. That is one thing that a lot of keto proponents don’t seem to understand. Glucose is always in our bodies and we don’t get it from diet our liver makes it from whatever it can. Low carb just reduces how much glucose is needed. Also insulin is always present, it is just a matter of degree.

    This is the first time I’ve done such a hard workout this far into a fast (5 days). Interesting it is kicking up my appetite, which is timely. I’m sure it would fade away if I kept fasting. It isn’t really hunger it is more like a reminder that I can eat. 😀

    @matpi – 60g of protein is might be okay. According to Brad Cox’s research people that eat less protein lose less protein a day. That is from his book “How Much Protein”. My average protein consumption is closer to 100g a day, but I’m probably larger. I’m sure my own consumption is much lower than that many days. By US standards I should be closer to 200g a day. I think that is crazy and probably a bit risky in terms of cancer, etc. However the links between high protein consumption and disease aren’t clear.

    Proteins are always breaking down. The old proteins are broken down into amino acids in the small intestine (I think) and most of that goes back to the liver and new proteins are created. The amount recycling of proteins probably varies by our diets by a multitude of factors. Needless to say, people around the world all build muscle even there is large variation in protein consumption.

    When we burn fat we are also releasing lots of proteins that are used to hold the fat. As we shrink all the protein is released. So protein normally doesn’t come from muscles. After a heavy workout, then muscle rebuild will release a lot of protein and require more protein to rebuild the muscle. Keep in mind that protein is really generic and there are many different types of protein based on how they are build out of the amino acids. It is the amino acids in our food that is really important. That is what the body used to build the proteins in our bodies.

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Back to work just for a day, then two days off. We set off in our camper this evening to a riverside stop and will bring in the New Year somewhere on the Wild Atlantic Way in Co Mayo. Then it’s back to normal from 2nd January….thank goodness!!

    Weight is horribly high, 145 this morning 😱 So I am not eating a thing until as long as possible today but from this evening it’s back to silly season.

    So sorry to hear of your bug @flourbaby, it’s really doing the rounds, so many people sick. Now my poor Grandaughter has a middle ear infection just as she has recovered from that bug.

    Ooops, got to go, I start work early today to finish early. Catch up with you all soon.

    Day 30 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Well after last night, most certainly a FD. Friends came round and we finished off lots of goodies and the wine shelves have taken a beating! That’s the last of any planned activity party wise. We don’t ‘do’ new years eve so starting back on the wagon.

    I’m with you @bellyblast, really feel the need for a FD!

    Last couple of days, then fresh look at target etc

    Take care all

    Pocket List — Day 30

    Day 30, London, UK, NFD,

    Thanks for the well-wishes guys, no need for a trip to the GP today, I hope I’m not counting my chickens, but I think the tummy bug has vacated the premises!!! Yeeaaaayyy!!! Now I need to remind myself NOT to go mental over the next week and make up for the lost eating & drinking!!!

    @dykask, you really know your own body so well, having worked your way through various IF options it seems as though you’ve found your ‘groove’!! I want to get to where I too have the same 4 ways fasting has changed me as you have, you’ve inspired me!! 2020 is the year I aim to get into a rhythm and stick to it, I expect there’ll be WFDs since my NFDs are cancelling the 5-800cal FDs I’ve been having. We never stop learning, so this year I intend to try various ideas (perhaps a 5 day WF???) and discard what doesn’t suit me but keep a few new things in my fasting arsenal, ready for ‘those’ times when I need to bring out the ‘big guns’!!! I’ve been meaning to ask you how the planche is going? I saw someone recently do it on a table corner, at waist height, where gravity & balance seemed to help him greatly, he just tipped forward, tucking his elbows until he see-sawed for a bit until he found balance!!!

    Last year I was a bit down by this point because my fasting efforts had been derailed by Baileys & vino & chocolate & crisps & more Baileys!!! This year am I really contemplating giving quiet thanks to a tummy bug????!!!!!

    Roll on January, I’m READY!!!!!

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) NFD

    The year is winding down indeed. Back to Silver Sneakers this morning then watching NCAA football with my Fighting ILLINI playing Cal at the Red Box Bowl. Go ILLINI! I plan to clean during the game. They always make me nervous!

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 30 FD

    I am going for a 500 calorie 5 :2 FD to end the year. I got on the scale this morning and Christmas wine has taken its toll!! Ugh! My January resolution will be to take this more seriously. Good luck for everyone!

    Day 30 Canada FD

    I’ve been craving a FD! My body feels uncomfortably full. Off to dinner with friends tonight and I googled the menu…..very long on heavy pasta dishes so I’m going to have a salad and bank a FD!!!
    Pocket List — Day 30

    USA Day 30 FD

    Thank you, Bellyblast, for making the pocket list! 🙂

    No more work for two days.
    I survived….just… the dentist. I would normally have taken some diazepam (Valium) but I’d run out some time ago… I was close to panic at times! He’s done a fix on the crown but he says it won’t last forever and that |I’ll need a new one.

    Day 30 – NFD – Ireland 🇮🇪
    Good morning everyone.
    Lovely day yesterday with a good 12km hilly walk with friends 💕
    Back in Ireland and we are on a night away in a nice country hotel before heading back down to mum and dad for NYE 👍
    I am happy to host again this year… May would be best for me – the same as last year.l 👍👍 hosting really does help to keep you on the straight and narrow for one month at least m and @flourbaby I think you would be a brilliant host as you seem to be far more organised and consistent than I am at this WOL 👍👍.
    Hope you all have had a good day.
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 31 country West Australia NFD
    Have been insanely busy over the past 6 weeks.
    Can’t begin to tell you all that’s been going on.
    Been fasting by default – 20 hour days back to back, little time to eat and when eating, eating really healthily.
    Have managed to lose a few kilos due to being constantly on the go.
    Not fasting today as going out to celebrate NYE tonight with friends.
    Looking forward to a good 2020 regarding 5:2.
    @songbirdme, thanks for hosting
    @flourbaby, sorry to hear you have the stomach lurgy, hope you improve soon
    @dykask, I am constantly in awe of your achievements with fasting.
    To everyone – wishing you all a Happy New Year.
    ( It doesn’t seem like 20 years since everyone was worried about the ?Y2K bug that was going to bring planes down and make our computers unusable!!)
    Where does the time go??

    Day 31 country West Australia NFD
    Have been insanely busy over the past 6 weeks.
    Can’t begin to tell you all that’s been going on.
    Been fasting by default – 20 hour days back to back, little time to eat and when eating, eating really healthily.
    Have managed to lose a few kilos due to being constantly on the go.
    Not fasting today as going out to celebrate NYE tonight with friends.
    Looking forward to a good 2020 regarding 5:2.
    @songbirdme, thanks for hosting
    @flourbaby, sorry to hear you have the stomach lurgy, hope you improve soon
    @dykask, I am constantly in awe of your achievements with fasting.
    To everyone – wishing you all a Happy New Year.
    ( It doesn’t seem like 20 years since everyone was worried about the ?Y2K bug that was going to bring planes down and make our computers unusable!!)
    Where does the time go??

    Day 31 – Japan – NFD … 78.3kg

    I expect to gain weight quickly over then next few days, likely ending up around 81 kg. I’m not planning on fasting until Monday because of social reasons. I took a couple hours to eat a large meal. I just didn’t push fiber too much. I had 3 eggs too, easy over and they tasted really good. I started by eating some peanuts very slowly that kicked up my appetite then I eat. The only side effect is it made me sleepy and I took about a 40 minute nap.

    @lilymartin when I fly I avoid thinking about the computer systems. 😀

    @flourbaby – when doing a five day water fast I find the evenings where I tend to notice the fasting more. I think it is a good idea to have something on hand like some kind of low calorie salty broth in case you start feeling too bad. I haven’t had to use something like that for a while, but in the past I did and it really helped. For me a small bowl of miso soup worked wonders when I felt like I had to give up on the fast. (~2 years ago) Just try to keep it to no more than 30 calories. The reason I did a 5 day fast wasn’t for weight it was for health and also thinking about things.

    Day 30 Ohio, US —- MFD

    The fasting has gone well: just a slight bit of hunger which will be taken care of by heading to bed as soon as this post is done.

    @dykask Thanks for the info on proteins — I hadn’t thought about the protein released when fat is burnt off. That helps round out the picture.

    @ciren2 Good news about the crown. When I was younger, I was allergic to the anesthetics dentists used and so sometimes had to have work done without any pain relief at all. That’s when I discovered that passing out is one of the best remedies for pain in the dentist’s chair.

    @songbirdme The bowl games don’t seem to have been kind to the Midwest this last week. My brother who lives close by Clemson has been gloating mightily.

    Have a great New Year’s Eve, everyone, and a super start to 2020!

    @matpi – I thought for sure Ohio State could pull off a win over Clemson… but I did fear for my Fighting ILLINI this evening…. we had some injuries of a few of our best players. Oh well, the folks I know who went out had a great time. Now it’s over to LOTS of our area Wisconsin fans out for the Rose Bowl and our 2 Michigan alum kids for the Citrus Bowl. Big Ten has done some better than expected!

    Day 31, Emden Germany, NFD
    Day 27-30 NFD

    had a good month, starting weight 58kg/128lbs, this morning 57.5kg/126.8lbs so my weight stayed about the same. Maintenance is going well.

    @at thanks for hosting this month’s challenge.

    Enjoy New Year’s Eve and make 2020 a good one!

    Day 31 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Last FD of the year, yesterdays FD was OK, but still feel bloated from all the Christmas celebrations etc. Great fun with family and friends but ate and drank too much and not much walking, not a good combination! We don’t bother with new years party so a FD today shouldn’t be a problem, its frosty and dry so a decent walk today as well.

    Thanks @at for hosting Decembers challenge, well done those that have maintained or lost during a difficult month! ‘See you all’ in the January challenge.

    For those out tonight, have fun and take care all

    Todays pocket list

    Day 31 Oxfordshire, UK CD
    Hi everyone sorry to have been absent for so long. I hope everyone is feeling better, over the bugs and sore teeth.
    My Christmas has gone I longer than expected due to my DD and partner staying until Sunday pm. Not that we minded, it was a lovely treat to have them with us for so long.
    The downside is the eating and drinking continued and I’m feeling bloated.
    So I’m ending the month about 500g down on the start, all things considered I’m ok with that.
    I’m ready for next year now and want to get back into my routines.

    Thanks @at for hosting.
    Happy New Year to you all. I’ll see you in the January challenge.

    Day 31: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Day off work today….my normal rotating day off….which just happens to fall right next to New Years Day off tomorrow….ha….ha! More opportunities to overeat, of course, especially now my tooth is repaired (for the time being) so treading carefully when near the kitchen!

    @matpi: You passed out at the dentist?….yikes! In my case I need tablets for the fear (rather than fear of any pain), fear of choking, drowning, being out of control…. I’m getting a supply in ready for when I HAVE to have the crown done again.

    Good to see lots of people returning after busy times… DID get a bit quiet on here.
    So glad to have you back @suki2, @lilymartin, @i-hate-lettuce and all others who’ve been out and about.

    I AM going to see DD one more time before she returns to Australia on Thursday! They are coming over tomorrow tea time to return her winter clothes, raincoats, wellies etc….so I’ll not be at work after all!

    @at: Many thanks for hosting us this month. Especially with it being such a hectic time of year. xx

    Day 31 – NFD – Ireland 🇮🇪
    Hi all, last day of the year and will be another EFS for me I’d say…I’m enjoying this break but looking forward to getting back on track next week.
    Thank you @at for guiding us through the toughest month of the year… and to everyone else for all the support and tips provided on this forum… thinking back to lots of people who started the year with us but are not posting these days and hoping that they are doing ok..💕
    Hope you all have a good day and all best wishes for a great start to 2020!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 31. NFD. Just popping in to say hi. The sooner I get back to fasting the better. I feel a bit ill today. Probably the start of a cold but my stomach hurts. Please count me in for January. H

    Day 30 -31 – UK – NFD

    What can I say – all thoughts of fasting has escaped me since Day 20 but I have enjoyed all the extra unexpected meetings with friends and will see the New Year in tonight with some 🍾🥂 with no guilt……

    Crisp cold morning today and the sun is out in force ☀️ A strong Broga class with OH to start the morning and it was fully booked!!!! We went for a coffee and a chat with a few others after!

    @ciren2 – good to hear that the dentist visit was bearable
    @lilymartin – lovely to hear from you – sounds like life has been very busy for you 🤗
    @suki2 and @emma Taylor – great to hear from you both and I now what you mean – my Christmas celebrations went on for far longer than expected too, but I decided just to go with the flow and enjoy it all………

    I am not weighing in until Saturday as I now plan to make a fresh start for January 2020 with a planned CD tomorrow and perhaps B2B FDs on Thursday and Friday 🤞 or perhaps it will be 3 x FD800?????

    My apologies for being a bit of an inconsistent host this December but great to have had you all for company during this most difficult of challenge months. Looking forward to a fresh start in the January 2020: New Year, New Resolutions Challenge with @songbirdme

    “Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” —Hal Borland

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Whew… the past couple days have left me a few pounds over my “goal” at maintenance. The New Year will help I hope!

    @at – you have been a marvelous host. We all appreciate your hard work.

    Onward and downward in the New Year!

    Day 31 UK NFD

    Been AWOl the last couple of days… had a bit of an ice cream binge after the refugee lunch on Sunday evening. This has not been my finest month – off the rails & back to a weight not seen in 12 months! But I’m still 30lbs lighter than I was when I started this WOL 2 years ago, and this is a perfect time for new beginnings 🙂

    I’ve lightened my schedule for the next two weeks, delayed delivery of new bed & visiting friend and made space to be more spacious. Yesterday & today I’ve enjoyed having a breathing space between people – lovely to have some resting and reflecting time, tho not quite as much asleep as I’d hoped.

    My friend is now on her way with dog and cat & a car load of tools – we’ll celebrate NYE – possibly at friend’s supper, or maybe staying home and catching up. But her main reason for coming is to help me declutter and to fix things. Feels like a really positive way to start the NY – switching off from projects & people to home & health: letting go of what no longer serves me and simply making space to live.

    Also got dentist on Friday (ulp) and DD hosting family NY celebration on Saturday, but that’s it for the next 8 days. Time to rest, clear and prepare for the new…..

    @flourbaby sorry you have continued sick – there seems to be a nasty norovirus going round. Hope you have made it out for your small celebration – and will enjoy some weight-steadying smugness in January. Great idea to mix it up in 2020 and get to a consistent place – I’ll be aiming for the same x
    @at thank you for your gentle encouragement & lovely hosting of deadly December!
    @songbirdme thank you for volunteering to host reset January – always busy and filled with epic intentions!
    @ciren2 great to have you host Feb & I’ll be glad to pick up the baton from you for March. We are SET for 2020!

    Thank you all for sharing support, encouragement and wisdom this month and this year. Wishing you all peace, hope and happiness in the year ahead…

    Day 31 Canada NFD

    Had a great FD yesterday and not too much damage done after indulging over the holidays. Perhaps there was some restraint after all!!
    @flourbaby I hope you are recharging batteries, that was a long time to be sick.
    Thanks for hosting us @at. You are the best
    Can’t wait to join the new challenge @songbirdme

    Happy last day of the year/challenge everyone

    USA Day 1 NFD

    I had a nice start to my day! I stepped on my scale and found myself down 2 pounds ! Yay! This new year, I have to reach my goal. I have no excuse, since I don’t have much to lose. I am grateful for that but it causes me to be lazy sometimes. The result is a yo-yo effect!! Ugh! Anyway, that weight loss is a great way to start the new year tomorrow, which is the beginning of my third year posting on this thread.

    Thank you, AT, for hosting this month. I would imagine we will suddenly find our group will have an uptick in posters, who also want to start the year off on a good foot!

    Everyone, have a wonderful New Year!

    Day 31 – South Africa – 🇿🇦 NFD

    Thank you @at for being our December host. I’m blissfully ignorant of my progress, or lack of it, this month due to being away from home and unable to weigh myself. Back to reality on Thursday. Best wishes to everyone for 2020. See you in January! 🥂 🎉🎊

    Day 31 UK NFD

    Thanks for hosting @at, been an odd month See you next year 🎉🎉

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    Managed another FD yesterday, 5th one of the month. Only lost .2 lbs for the month, but still under maintenance. Back in the swing of working steadily after surgery and healing up very well so far. Thank you, dear @at for hosting us this month and thank you @songbirdme for being willing to herd us in January which I’m sure will be a busy forum! I’m looking forward to a healthy and productive new year – I’m moving to a cute country rental in the middle of January and it is another step forward for me personally. I found out I’m to be a grandmother again and looking forward to welcoming another little soul in July. What’s not to be happy about! Happy New Year to you all…this will be my 4th year on the forum and I appreciate each one of you!

    Day 31, London, UK, NFD,

    Very late post from me today, I’ve been faffing!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I love the ostrich impression, remember, easy on, easy off, you’ve got the tools to shift any added timber quickly!!!

    Anyway, the end is nigh ………… to 2019, that is!!! I’m really looking forward to 2020, I’ve big plans in place, and as time speeds up (it truly does) I need to seriously GET A GRIP and stop negating any forward motion with big jumps backwards!!

    Thank you @at for hosting us through Dangerous & Deadly December, it’s been a tricky one, neither a huge success nor a huge dissapointment, just a bit Meh!

    Anyway, Onward to January, will it be Dry-January? or Veganuary? or Gymuary? for you guys? After my tummy bug, I’m going to focus on re-establishing good gut health………… that may incorporate Dry January too!!

    To those already on Day 1 ………….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Final Results,

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    This month has been a rollercoaster and I’m ending it +3lbs. I MUST NOT PANIC since I think it’s mostly down to the added exercise. Size-wise, I’m smaller, so I’ll give the scales just a passing glance for the time being and continue exercising and shrinking & getting buff!!!!! LOL!!

    See y’all over in January’s challenge!!!

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