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  • Day 25 – EFS!!! 🎄- Ireland
    Happy Christmas everybody! 🎄 🎅 ♥️ I hope you all have a lovely day today and for those of you who find this time of year tough sending you hugs and strength for the day…
    @shinything – great to see you back for a visit! Hope all’s going well 🤞
    I am waking up with Mum and Dad as our fantastic Carers are off for this special family time and it’s also a very precious time for us.. it’s a long time since I’ve stayed with them on Christmas Eve but there has been lots of change this year… we are so fortunate to have wonderful people looking after the most of the time 😇 and I am very grateful to them.
    Dinner with the rest of the family at my sister’s later this afternoon which will be fabulous food and lots of fun – we still have some believers 🤗 and I’m off up the country to fly to my OHs family tomorrow..
    Have a wonderful day 🎄
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 25 – Cumbria UK – CDD ….. Christmas Dinner Day !

    Hope everyone has a great Christmas Day with your loved ones.

    I always have a thought for those who are working today, keeping us all safe and well, hope they all have a quiet day.

    Cheers all, Merry Christmas.

    Day 25 – UK – NFD 🎅🎄🥂

    Merry Christmas to one and all – Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and home. In this loveliest of seasons may you find reasons for happiness.

    Today will unashamedly be a NFD maybe even a EFD including 🥂🍷 Have a fabulous day!!

    Day 25 UK NFD
    Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

    Day 25 USA NFD

    Merry Christmas to one and all! Of course, this won’t be a fasting day! Lots of fun, family, and food ahead today! Have a great day everyone! 🙂

    Day 25 – USA – NFD

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Day 25: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Taking a break while the family are playing the dreaded Scrabble! Our daughter is with us and her SO, it’s been a lovely day. DH has produced far too much food!
    I hope you are all enjoying your day too.

    Happy Christmas xx

    Day 25- South Carolina- USA- CD

    Happy/Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!!!

    Merry Christmas!

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) NFD

    So glad to see no one is trying to fast today! Beef fondue for us and cherries jubilee for dessert. Red wine.

    DH and I are getting used to new FitBit activity trackers today – sharing our low heart rates! 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Happy Christmas all!

    Day 24 & 25 have been EFS, unsurprisingly. Utterly exhausted but had a lovely gentle day with my elderly mother; plenty of messages & calls with family, centred around poetry reading and reminiscing.

    Mother’s just gone home in a taxi saying it has been the perfect day, that’ll do me. Now for 12 hrs sleep!

    Day 25
    Merry Christmas everyone ❄️⛄️🍾🎄

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s St Stephens Day here in Ireland…I will visit my Dad who is staying with my older brother, will meet my youngest brother and his family there….we have DD and Grandaughter coming to dinner too…so a busy family day and I love it ☺️

    Yesterday was a big eating day but as we had no chocolates or biscuits or bread in the house it was not so crazy. Even managed two walks too.

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 🍗🍷

    Day 26 – NFD – UK 🇬🇧

    Early start but lovely to be here….
    have a good day everyone
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 26 – Japan – WFD

    I’ve been fasting a bit irregularly, but this should be over number 90 for water fasts. I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to get to retirement, or at least how to change my work to something I want to do vs something I have to do. I’ve also had a lot of travel this last year.

    My weight has been stable, running from 80kg to 82kg. 7 years ago I was at 106kg. So I’m pretty pleased that the weight is stable. My eating isn’t always that great but it is much better than it was, so I’m sure that helps.

    I’m trying to build more strength. Fasting is helpful to a point. In fact I don’t believe it is necessary to have a “calorie” surplus or even a protein surplus to build muscle. However, it does tend to slow down progress. Lately I’ve been gaining strength and I’m at an advanced enough age (60) that I need to go with the flow a bit. So I’ll move my fasts or shorten them if I get a good opportunity to stress my muscles. Since I mostly workout outside, it isn’t always possible to plan completely. It is one thing to deal with blisters from bars and another thing to deal with mud and cold rain.

    My currently fast may last longer than 36 hours, I haven’t decided yet. I might let my body dip in to ketosis more than normal. I don’t really believe there is anything special about ketosis or that ketones are a preferred fuel. (If they were so preferred, the body would probably hold on to them rather than release them in breath and wastes.) I also haven’t experienced any improvements in concentration, in fact it typically is a distraction because it makes me slightly edgy to be deep in ketosis. That could be related to diet. I don’t drink either because that does reduce my ability to think and I have to hold on to the little I have. To me, ketosis is just an indicator that my body is using fats and that I’m not starving.

    My wife isn’t very healthy, in fact she is under weight, but has at least bounced back a little. Her BMI dipped below 18 for a while. However she is now more supportive of my fasting. I think she can see I didn’t have the many problems she started to have. I have two healthy children. One is in a top high school in Japan but struggling because it is extremely hard, the other is in his first year at Princeton university in the USA. Both of them are healthy and at healthy weights.

    I don’t know how often I’ll post for a while, but I sincerely wish everyone here success and a good new year. When I was newer to fasting, people here were very helpful. Thank you.

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) FD

    Need to do a FD today – really enjoyed our Christmas dinner yesterday. It had been many years since I had made cherries jubilee.

    @dykask – good to hear from you. Hope you and your family are all able to have the good health we all desire.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    DD and her SO have left us now to move onto his family in West Sussex for the rest of the day. It was lovely to have them here. It almost seemed as if DD had never been away in Australia for a year so neatly did our relationship slot back into place. They are obvoiusly very much in love, and so the hope is he’ll soon get his visa to join her in Australia. He almost has a job lined up, so that would be the icing on the cake for them.
    To join @michelinme and someone else (sorry, can’t remember who….) with broken, infected or damaged teeth over Christmas…..I have cracked the crown on a HUGE molar on my best biting spot…..scarily awful. Can only eat gingerly, and not sure how to get to the dentist. I’m back at work tomorrow and it’s all holiday right now…

    Day26 Canada NFD

    Had a fantastic Christmas. Shared with family, friends there was lots of delicious food and laughter.
    Feeling like one meal will be enough today though 😊

    Day 26- South Carolina- USA- FD

    Enjoyed my family for the holiday. Now back home in the morning. Had a good CD yesterday. Avoided most of the sweets. Although I did enjoy a homemade brownie and a cookie or two. Still stayed below my TDEE. I’m looking forward to the new decade. Going to commit to doing it right each day. Have a beautiful day everyone!

    Day 26, VA, USA, FD

    Of course there was lovely food yesterday. It was interesting to just be home for the two of us.
    Woo wee, scales have let me know egg nog is not a diet food. Ha. Really that has been the biggest jump in number and the only thing different is indulging in egg nog. Thank goodness its only available for a limited time.

    On Xmas eve had an interesting variety of foods. Then on the 25th since it was just my sweetheart and I hanging out together and I was feeling rather lazy about cooking. This year was the first time we have ever ordered Chinese take out. I was rather excited about the idea too! We tried a new dish called Singapore chow mei fun which was absolutely delicious and we will be putting that one in rotation!

    As the evening wore on while we were watching a movie the pain in my legs increased. I took an advil but it did not help. I rubbed my legs and just moaned a bit with the pain that kept on increasing. This morning is manageable.

    Today I already taught one yoga class, managed to get to the store to pick up a b-day present for my sweethearts big day next week, feeling a bit tired may try and rest up before the next yoga class.

    Pocket lIst 26

    Day 26 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 24 — NFD
    Day 25 — NFD

    It’s been a little busy over the holiday. I didn’t keep track of mouthfuls and just ate as I was hungry. One thing that has definitely changed this year is that I definitely ate much less than I did a year ago on the same feast. Although progress at times seems impossibly slow, a recurrent food intensive event like this one, really shows that this WOL and this group of support have been responsible for a long-term change in eating behavior. Thank you all!!!

    P.S. We’ll have to see what the scales have to say about that on Saturday. Today I had another acupuncture treatment, so the FD this week will have to be tomorrow.

    @rabbette Eggnog can be a big calorie bomb! That’s why I’ve started to make my own version that has somewhat fewer calories and a lot more protein. At least that way something good comes along with the something naughty! And I hope that the leg pain continues to clear up!

    @therealwil78 That’s a great intention! Wish I could be so controlled around brownies and cookies as you!!

    Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 27 – Japan – WFD 2nd in a row?

    I feel fine, I may push 2 or 3 days. Yesterday I posted that I think there is too much magical importance given to ketosis. To me it is just an indicator I’m burning more fat than normal. Fat burning is the buffer between being fed and starvation. When you run out of fat to burn you starve and probably die within a couple weeks.

    On the other hand I see a lot of value in longer fasts and I haven’t done one for a few months. I have plenty of fat as most of us do. So for now I’ll continue until I get too tried of it or forget that I’m fasting and start eating.

    My weight this morning was down almost 2kg. That is probably 90% water. Burning more fat takes more water and air. If you are breathing harder than normal that can also be an indicator your body is burning more fat. I only notice it though when I’m doing things like stairs. I simply dehydrate a lot while fasting.

    Day 27: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Back to normal with getting up for work, today and tomorrow…..phew! I think may….MAY…stay dry today too, a bonus! It was really good to have our daughter with us over Christmas. She goes back to Australia on the 2nd. I may see her one more time, but it’s more likely only DH will, because I won’t be home in time on the only day she can visit.
    @dykask: It’s good to see you back on the forum. You are still our water-fast champion too. Glad to hear that you and your family are well.

    OK, must fly. See you all later xx

    Day 27 – NFD – UK 🇬🇧
    Very very lazy day yesterday with my man and his family…just what the doctor ordered… I think there may be more of the same on order today.. the weather was dreadful all day yesterday but better today…
    @rabbette and @matpi I’ve never tasted eggnog… not sure I’d like it… 🤔
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 27 – Cumbria UK – CD

    Just popping in, going to get back to things on Monday, all visitors will have gone and we can return to sanity! Weather been pretty wet as well so hardly chance for a decent walk!

    Must admit, the food particularly has been excellent, no drunk too much and didn’t have trifle!

    Take care all.

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 🐷

    Well, work was busy….all the junk mail is back….with a vengeance! Holiday brochures, sale catalogues, buy this, buy that….continue to BUY things!
    The weather has been very grey, almost foggy, very low, damp cloud basically. We’re back to doing the lapsed round (split between us) thus saving a job for Royal Mail. Unfortunately my bit is the biggest and adds nearly a whole hour to my round. Moaning makes no difference though…I’ve learnt that. So, finished three-quarters of an hour beyond my time.
    Still having to nurse my badly cracked molar. The dentist was only working during the morning today….so I’ve made the next available appointment, after work on Monday. My eating is now controlled by FEAR…fear of it breaking apart completely, exposing….God knows what underneath….it’s a crown and will not only be terrifying to fix, but extremely expensive too, I’d guess.

    Day 27 Canada CD??

    Trying for a control day, the house is still full of family and friends so it is not that easy!!

    @dykask it is great to see you back, you certainly have the water fasting mastered.
    @rabette hope the pain has subsided
    @ciren2 fingers crossed that the tooth is an easier fix that you are predicting

    Day 27 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had a very good FD yesterday. Hope you’re all finding some relaxation time this holiday season. We’re doing well.

    @ciren2 – oh no fun with that tooth issue! Ugh. May you be able to cope until your dental appointment!

    @rabbette – I try to avoid egg nog, but DH loves it! Even had to get more nutmeg for garnish… I have other beverage vices though. Ha ha!

    @matpi – good to see you back. I expect Ohio is experiencing much the same mild winter so far that we are in NW Illinois?

    Silver Sneakers classes all cancelled this week, so I found a YouTube of one. NEED TO GET MOVING! My new Fitbit keeps buzzing when I sit too long!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 27 UK NFD
    Day 26 EFS

    I seem to be stuffing myself like it’s my vocation, albeit in 16:8 pattern. Goodness knows what’s going on with my head – tired, viral and in need of long zzzz I suspect. But I’ve stayed dry all Christmas and mostly drunk fizzy water, coffee and ginger tea – counting all the achievements!

    Friend came over yesterday to hang out and make recycled candles – lovely and exhausting, and still clearing up wax! I seem to have picked up a whole new virus which is a pain – only two days feeling well in the last 7 weeks!! Clearly some work to do to boost my health – I’m looking forwrad to restarting solid 5:2 … feeling the weight piling on and unhelpful habits stacking up! Being aware of it is a helpful start 🙂

    Yesterday I ordered a new bed in the sales. I’ve been saving up for a while and had a plan… but last minute decision to go with a different company for a much better bargain. I’ll have to recycle my old bed myself which will take a bit more planning… keeping fingers crossed that all goes well.

    @jaifaim welcome to the UK – hope you have a restful, happy time
    @ciren2 time with DD & SO sounds lovely. So sorry about your tooth -empathy re careful eating! – fingers crossed it holds out for your dentist appt next week
    @dykask nice to hear from you, and well done with all the WFDs in 2019. You are inspiring me to have a longer fast to restart in NY
    @rabbette hope your pain has settled 🙁
    @matpi hope the acupuncture is helpful and healing
    @therealwil78 sounds like a really good result eating carefully over Christmas

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 27, London, UK, NFD

    Well, I last posted on Xmas Eve and mentioned getting a FD in before the Xmas day excesses I had planned. I was glad to bank that one; however the Xmas Day EFS I had anticipated didn’t exactly go to plan, as I woke up on Xmas Day with a tummy bug from hell!!! So, very little food & perhaps one glass of vino for Xmas Day, yesterday felt fairly normal, a bit excessive on the vino, but limited food-wise because the tummy is still a little delicate, but today the bug is back with a vengeance!! I’ve been nibbling on all the wrong things but I’m so weak and I need to eat, so hot buttered toast it is!! I’ll count it as a CD and look on the bright-side, since I had a FD on XMAS DAY!!! I know it was enforced, but I’m taking it!!

    I hope everyone here had a fabulous time and didn’t attempt any EFS world records!!!

    Lovely to hear from @dykask and @shinything, I’m sure there’ll be loads of returnees and newbies for the January challenge ready to put Dangerous December behind them!!!

    Stay strong everyone …………………………. ‘Tis the season to be mindful!!!!

    USA /day 27 NFD

    Had a wonderful Christmas with my family, especially since it was my grandson’s very first! He is such an easy baby and always smiling. In an case, excessive food was eaten on that day and the day after, so I am up a couple of pounds. Now back to business! Do we have a January Challenge? I think I missed that!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

    January challenge —

    Has anyone put in to manage it? I really ought to … would need help transferring the database.

    Gwynne in NW Illinois

    Day 27 Ohio, US — MFD (so far?!??)

    So far the fasting is going well. What makes it tricky is that this evening my next door neighbor brought over some home-baked chocolate chip cookies. I don’t usually keep any treats in the house on fast days, and I can already feel temptation. And evening tends to be my weakest time on FD’s. I’ve put the cookies away out of sight — it’s just that I still know where they are when I walk by the place where they’re “out of sight.”

    @jaifaim Eggnog is just one type of milkshake with alcohol in it, sort of like a Brandy Alexander.

    @songbirdme At least the last few days have been quite mild. So my guess is that we’re experiencing similar types of weather, although NW Illinois is probably a lot breezier!

    @michelinme The acupuncture has been for heel spurs that developed from running so much. This time that they’re acting up there’s been some plantar fasciitis too. The treatments have reduced the pain a great deal, and it would be nice to find a permanent treatment.

    @ccco Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Especially the wee tad’s first Christmas! Definitely worth it!

    Have a great weekend all!

    Day 28 – Japan – WFD 3rd in a row

    I’m mostly feel fine, a bit light headed after the workout. I just checked and my blood glucose is 80 mg/dl (4.4 mmol/l) which is low considering I just worked out. So my body is probably adapting right now to mostly surviving off of fat. I have no fear, I could likely survive a 90 day fast!

    Thanks for the support. While most of my fasts are water fasts, it isn’t that much of a strength. I find it really difficult to just eat like 1/4 of my TDEE, for me water fasting is just easier.

    Update: My weight this morning was at 78.8kg, down 3.3kg but that is mostly water. I’m not dry fasting but do tend to dehydrate while water fasting.

    Day 27 Ohio, US — second post

    @dykask Thanks for your post. I started to feel myself slipping for those cookies and then reading your post has helped! If you can do three days of water fasts, then I can hold out a couple of hours until bedtime. You really are very inspiring!

    @matpi, many times I have to fight temptations especially on NFDs. It can be really hard then. I admire you for resisting the cookies!

    Day 28: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Ready for work. So a quick “hello” to you all before I set off in the cold, the dark, the mist/fog. I’m hoping that, after yesterday, we’ve got rid of the excess mail, and that today will be easier. Famous last words, eh?
    Carefully ate a large bowl of milky porridge trying to preserve my cracked crown until Monday afternoon’s dental appointment. Have to chew lightly or not at all! Scared of the consequences if it shears off…

    @songbirdme: I’m sure there’ll be a volunteer for January, someone who can post daily, who can write a quick intro….that’s all that’s really needed. As I know….you don’t even need to be any good at 5:2!!
    Come-on folks…

    Must go now, see you later xx

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s turned out to be a rather quieter Christmas than we thought, as DD was not able to visit on the 26th due to our Grandaughter having some vomiting bug that’s doing the rounds, then yesterday we were expecting the middle DD and her girlfriend for an overnight but she had to work unexpectedly (she is in the police).

    So myself and DH have spent lots of time alone together, so while that is good, we are both really looking forward to today where we head out late afternoon to meet up with my brother, his wife, and my Dad and we are going for food and drinks in the nearby town.

    Scales are not good, despite not eating too much rubbish….it’s the vino for sure. And on it rolls.

    2nd January will be when I hoist myself back into the wagon DH said he will join me in trying to lose weight and will try this old fasting WOL ☺️

    Day 28- Atl, GA-USA- FD

    Day 28 – NFD – UK 🇬🇧
    Hello all… very chilled times here which I am enjoying… MIL has just left to travel back to her home and we will now get out for a decent walk…, need some exercise as we’ve been very lazy 😄
    Hope you all have a lovely day.
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 28 – Japan – Update

    I’m about 76 hours into this fast and my blood glucose has dropped really low, at 60mg/dl. (3.3 mmol/L) This happened much harder and faster than I’ve experience in the past. I’m pretty much feeling okay, just tried and a little light headed. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll continue this fast though, I had hoped to maybe go two more days. If I do go longer I will probably revise my workout plans. I was planning on doing a pull-up based workout before stopping, but that also involves about 5k in running to get to and from the park I use. I don’t think that is a good idea, I’ll do something close to home, maybe a pushup workout. It isn’t worth the risk.

    Day 28 Canada NFD

    Slowly climbing back on the wagon!

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Not quite an EFS but ice-cream. Community breakfast was pretty controlled, it’s the after time that gets me..every time! i did slow down & practice the pause, calculated calories – and then ate it anyways. I will get better at this.

    Meanwhile, scales have gone up to 154. That’s 10/14lbs up on my Sept low/regular weight…. plenty of work ahead!!!

    @flourbaby sorry you have been so ill – you poor thing. (Christmas day as FD!!!) Hope you feel better v quickly x

    Any volunteers to host January – now only 3 days away?! Sadly I can’t host January again this year but definitely up for hosting February or March

    whatever the day brings, go gently 🙂

    @daffodil2010: A shame two of your daughters didn’t make it for the Christmas plans, but they both had very good reasons and here’s to another meeting very soon. Enjoy the meet-up with your brother, his wife and your dad. xx
    @bellyblast: Keep climbing back….then drag me up after you!
    @songbirdme: What is this database that needs transferring? I never did any of that! If you mean the spreadsheet….I don’t know that people really need it, do they?
    @dykask: You never cease to amaze me…how long is this water-fast?

    Good news is that the outer half of my cracked crown fell off today….with no pain. It seems to be just a veneer and underneath there seems to be a solid structure, which should stay intact till my appointment….great relief! At least I now know the nerve isn’t going to get exposed.

    Day 26 – 28 – UK – NFD

    Apologies for not posting since the 25th – too much partying and meeting up with friends and enjoying the good food and drinks of the festive season leading to no fasting this week so far, but I did go to a Broga class on Xmas Eve, Boxing Day and again this morning and I have one on NYE morning too.

    We had a lovely sunny day on Christmas Day but all the other days have been grey, overcast and for the most part drizzly – today even though overcast has been dry and warm for this time of the year!!!!

    Hopefully everyone had a peaceful and enjoyable time and no fasting 😉

    @ciren2 – it must have been especially special to have your DD with you for Christmas💓I see you joined the ranks of those with dental woes – luckily for me the antibiotics did their job on my infected wisdom tooth and 🤞it stays that way for a long time – those silly wisdom teeth are growing out at the wrong angle and are impacted and I would need a GA and some chipping into my jaw to remove them……..not looking forward to that day. Hope yours hold out until you can get to a dentist on Monday!
    @michelinme – how lovely to spend Christmas with your elderly mother, I miss mine so much still 6 years on 🤗
    @dykask – I thought you had left us for good – great to read your post from Day 26 and to see you posting regularly once more – maintaining that weight loss is wonderful and good luck with that extended water fast – 3 days in so far…..😲
    @i-hate-lettuce – Yes I too look forward to a “return to sanity!” starting tomorrow and no more EFS days for a while…..control…..control….
    @flourbaby – sad to hear that you woke up on Christmas Day with a tummy bug 😢 leading to an enforced FD …….
    @ccco – Christmas with your grandson’s very first! must have been magical
    @matpi – When I suffered with plantar fasciitis in the past – an orthopaedic surgeon friend put steroid injections in the underside of my feet and it cured the problem for me – I did not have any issues with heel spurs however. Hope the acupuncture is helping!
    @daffodil2010 – shame your family Christmas time got derailed, it was such a shame two of your daughters didn’t make it for the Christmas plans, but they both had very good reasons and I’m sure you and your OH had a lovely one together – hope your little granddaughter is much better and brighter now
    @bellyblast – good for you – climbing back on the wagon!! I’m easing back into things today and I’ll definitely be starting back tomorrow with B2B FDs
    @songbirdme – No one else seems to have put their hand up for the January Challenge – If you are happy to run the January challenge I’ll set up the spreadsheet for you! Are you OK setting up the challenge itself on line or do you want me to set that up for you?? It seems that our dear @michelinme has offered to do February or March

    As I have not been making great food choices over the past week, I am pressing my RESET BUTTON, starting with a CD today and then onto B2B FDs – I am looking forward to fasting after the overindulgence of the past week – anyone else wanting to join me in a B2B Sunday and Monday??
    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    With a month and a new year starting on Wednesday, we have another chance to get it right so let us be inspired by the thought of the coming “JANUARY CHALLENGE”
    “The first month of the year,
    A perfect time to start all over again,
    Changing energies and deserting old moods,
    New beginnings, new attitudes”
    ― Charmaine J Forde

    USA Day 28 NFD

    I am so glad everyone has had a lovely Christmas. I don’t think I overate too much on Christmas but I ate a lot of meat, which I don’t usually do. I have felt full ever since and seem not to be able to eat much, so that should help me take back off the few pounds I have put on! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managing well.

    @at and @ciren2 – yes, I meant the spreadsheet rather than database. Duh…

    I’ll take on January, will post an intro tomorrow.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 29 NFD

    Thank you, SongBirdMe, for taking on the new challenge!

    Day 28 Ohio, US — NFD (55 bites)

    Well, the scales weren’t too bad —- the weight’s up by 1.5 lb ( .7 kg) which certainly could have been worse! Thanks to @dykask I resisted the homemade chocolate chip cookies last night and finished the FD in good style. This morning I did, on the other hand, have them with milk for breakfast. I did keep within my target number of bites, and after enjoying some of them, I tossed the rest. Probably the first time I’ve ever done that, so participation here is leading to some (previously) unexpected behaviors.

    @ciren2 Good news that the root is protected. Now you can have a great New Year’s celebration with complete confidence in your teeth.

    @dykask With your exercise experience let me ask if you know about the Sandow exercise routine. It uses light weights with a good number of repetitions. There seems to be some stuff on this on the web, but also a fair amount of controversy, so I’m not sure about it. I’ve started doing it and it seems to go okay, but it would be helpful to have someone’s opinion who knows what they’re doing.

    Peace to all!

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