Coming off very low calorie diet and scared about weight gain

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Coming off very low calorie diet and scared about weight gain

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  • I have been on a very low calorie diet (on average 60-70% of my TDEE daily) for months. I have lost a lot of weight but want to move onto something more sustainable and also being able to eat less restrictively.
    I am scared that in doing the 5:2 will oput weight on as overall my average calorie intake will be more daily.
    Dpes anyone have any experience of doing this/words of wisdom?
    Thank you!

    Thesmiths88 – i would suggest you try 5:2 particularly as you have experience of calorie counting. 5:2 is very simple and very effective if you follow it properly ie fast properly for 2 days a week and ‘eat normally’ for the other five days. I’ve lost loads of weight using 5:2 long term. I’ve never lost a decent amount of weight using daily calorie restriction – I think it reduces your metabolism so has little chance of working long term.

    Avoid the feast-and-fast approach, and work out what normal healthy eating is for you. And it probably isn’t what you were eating before! Eg eat wholefoods, mostly plants, and nothing made in a factory and you are probably heading in the right direction! But there are lots of different approaches so you have to find what suits you. Good luck

    Thank you very much!

    Hi TheSmiths,
    Just seconding what Cornish-Jane has written.

    With 5:2 you’ll probably find the calorie restricted days easy, and they give you the space and the ‘reset button’ twice a week, while you practice working out normal healthy eating on the other days.

    Good luck and best wishes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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