Combining Fast Diet and Exercise – Grow Your Own!

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Combining Fast Diet and Exercise – Grow Your Own!

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  • My allotment, which I have had for 7 years now, is one of my passions and gives me so many benefits:

    – fresh air and exercise (when the weather is being kind!)
    – something to occupy me on fast days – or any other day
    – meeting people with the same interests
    – an engagement with nature, the seasons, the weather and wildlife
    but best of all
    – plenty of fresh, cheap, organic, unusual and delicious fruits and vegetables 🙂

    If you’re getting fed up with jogging, gym machines and other repetitive exercise, maybe you could consider this as a way to broaden your horizons? I’m not trying to sell anything, I just wanted to share an idea, in case it’s something you’ve never considered (I know many of you probably do it already)
    I know many allotment sites have very long waiting lists, but not all do, and if you have some spare space in the garden perhaps you could grow some veg at home.
    Does anyone else have an allotment, and how has your life changed since you started?

    hi there StraR and thank you for sharing your idea!!

    I think its a super idea, makes sense!! I am ashamed of myself really, I have a quite a bog garden but we keep chikens, all 12 of them lol and they keep the weeds at bay, but then we get fresh eggs every day 🙂

    but having said that I may have to work something out and grow at least a little patch 🙂

    Now is the time to start – and composted chicken poo makes great fertilizer!

    haha I know StraR 🙂

    OH packs it up and gives it away, and also some of it goes back to the soil ( sorry if anyone is eating grrr )

    will have to do something now the weather is getting better, watch this space lol as I may need some advice, I know nothing about growing vegs!! 🙂

    Hi StraR
    Growing your own is a fantastic way of life! I’ve only had a place with a garden for 3 years and although it’s not allotment sized, I grow lots of veg in the ground, in raised beds and in pots. The best thing ever is that I know what I’m eating and I must say that even with all the hype about home grown veg, I never really believed how good it tastes until I started!
    One bonus is the fresh air – and I even go out in the rain!!

    Hi StaR, I don’t have an allotment and the waiting lists are massive around me. I do like Janeface, grow vegetables in raised beds and lots of pots around the garden. I love it and there is a real satisfaction in eating something you have just picked.

    I am currently having a major problem with squirrels eating everything and digging up all my pots and beds so have alot of netting and wiring around the place. Seems to be working but doesn’t make it look very pretty!

    Looking forward to spring and the new growing season!

    Grrrr to squirrels and grrrr to pigeons!
    One of my projects for this weekend is to use up some of my surfeit of squashes in some sweet and spicy slow-cooked squash chutney – hoping it will be a bit like mango chutney – to have with curries. I am quite keen on roast squash, but I’m the only one in the family who is, the others only seem to like it in soup (and the spicier the better) so I’m having to get creative with it.
    I’ve currently got potatoes chitting, garlic and broad beans growing and leek seeds sown. Tomorrow I will be sowing tomatoes and chillies 🙂

    Nice sharing.Its very useful for me.Through this Online Diet Tips i learn about,by doing exercise also we maintain our health.

    I would LOVE to have an allotment, I have lived on farms before & there is something truly satisfying of cooking up something created by hard work & your spot of earth. Definitely agree re: the health benefits too!

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