Combining 5:2 with WW?

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  • Hello first day fasting today and not too hard so far. I was wondering if anyone else has successfully combined fasting with weight watchers for example ie. Counting points on the non fast days and whether this has lead to quicker weight loss in the ling term?

    I really advise that you stick to fasting only as it is easier to maintain for the long term. Have been doing this for 11 months and lost 9kg and will do this for the rest of my life for the health benefits. Don’t mix it with dieting. Fast for 36 hours at a time to get full benefits. From Sunday night to Tuesday morning and weds night to Friday morning. It really works, it’s brilliant and I feel great with it! Good luck!

    I did the new WW ProPoints diet last year and lost a stone then could not lose anymore no matter how accurate I was on point counting. £20 per week down the drain so I stopped. I was going to try doing WW point counting on my own at home as I still have all the bumf they sold me. Now I think in the initial few months I will try to combine the 2 approaches as I have 40+ pounds to lose and I find weight loss very hard. WW does promote very healthy eating so I think it wont hurt.

    I find one diet hard to stick to so the thought of combining the worst of both (fasting days and then restricted eating) sounds a nightmare. I also wonder if it is wise as the FastDiet book states that diets other than the fast diet can result in muscle loss which slows your metabolism so that you burn less calories naturally. Good luck but I’m hoping that the fast diet and healthy eating together with a few treats will do it for me. If it doesn’t then I will have to revise my thinking.

    I’m doing the 5:2 so I don’t have to calorie strict, I think too that 1 diet is hard enough, mixing another in is probably asking for trouble. I’m hoping to make this part of my lifestyle in a way that calorie restriction diets have only every been a temporary thing – not sustainable in the long run, I like food too much.
    That said I’m trying not to eat a load of rubbish in between. A good healthy well balanced and varied diet is the key

    I’ve been on WW for 2 1/2 years. I lost over 3 stone, but for the past year have been unable to lose the last half stone to get to goal. Six weeks on 5:2+WW and I got there. WW taught me a great deal about portion control and healthy food. Their points system is less a diet, more of an education on how to eat. There are no restrictions, the choices are yours.

    5:2 is a great addition. I love the health benefits and plant to stay on it forever; but, on the “feast” days, I still monitor my WW points – though less stringently.

    I plan to lose a few more pounds so will keep going to WW meetings (they’re free for me now) because I like the camaraderie and because I am motivated by someone else checking up on my weight. I also know that if my weight creeps up on 5:2, a week of disciplined WW tracking will get it off. An unbeatable combo.

    I think it would be hard to start 2 diets at the same time, however if one is already well-established, then it should be easy enough to introduce another.
    I have been doing Dukan since April 2012 and have no intention of departing from it. I successfully lost 10kg, the last 3kg being a cushion. Through complacency I put on 3kg and was losing my discipline with Dukan but still following it fairly religiously from Mon-Thurs.

    I am doing the 2 fast days of 5:2 and following Dukan on the non-fast days but also calorie counting.

    It is working quite well combining the two.

    I have to keep the fear alive somehow and this was the way to do it. 🙂 🙂

    I was thinking the same thing. WW isn’t too hard with all of the free foods they allow. I am going to try to combine with 5:2 with my existing ww plan and see how it goes. Of course on my fast days I won’t overdo the “free foods”

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