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  • Does anyone chew gum on their fasting days?  Does it help with the hunger?  Is there a down side to the aspartame in the gum?

    Funny thing about chewing gum: some people find it kills their hunger, while other people – like me – find it actually makes them hungry! I don’t know why, but even if I just ate, if I have chewing gum I start feeling my stomach empty-ish, so to speak. I think it tricks my stomach into thinking that it has to work on digesting something and it realeases gastric acids to do the work. So it’s as if my stomach is trying to digest fruit-flavoured saliva 😛

    Some hard candies that contain ingredients also found in chewing gum – like xilitol – have the same effect on me. So I avoid chewing gum and this kind of hard candies like the plague! Besides, I’m not that much into chewing gum, anyway. I just enjoy them in the beginning when they’re packed of flavour. When they lose their taste and start getting hard and difficult to chew, they lose all their appeal to me.

    Hi there

    I’m new to this forum, and have tried doing a full day fasting without success. I often cave in at lunchtime at work (although I do have lots of salad and fruit and low-fat yoghurts).

    The problem is, I think I’m actually addicted to chewing gum – sometimes I have up to 4 packets of Extra a day. Initially it kills my desire for food, but probably around half an hour/an hour after I’ve finished a packed I really crave something sweet.

    So I’m kind of stuck here as I’m trying to give up the food but hooked on gum which is probably making thigs harder for me in the long run.

    Any suggestions?

    I think chewing gum is bound to make you hungery. Your tastebuds come to life your jaw starts to move then your brain will be expecting food.

    I prefer not to eat anything. Drink water to hydrate or coffee to wake you up.

    Sweets contain sugar so if you must eat I would say suck aniseed balls. They are small and last a long time!

    Noooo! Aspartame is the spawn of the devil!

    The trouble with sweeteners is that sweetness receptors can’t distinguish between sugar and the substitutes. Anything sweet will trigger the release of insulin, which a)causes you to crave sugar and b)will lead eventually to insulin resistance.

    And that is before you start on the rather nasty side effects – the best known of which is MS like symptoms.

    I know its hard to start with, but just go cold turkey, you’ll do much better, much more quickly. And eventually you’ll lose the cravings too.

    Excellent advice, avoid aspartame at all cost. Interesting point about sweeteners and insulin. Jennifer

    I have been using the Fast Diet regime for about 3 months. I have found that I should drink more water on may fast days to reduce strong feelings of hunger. I try to drink about 120 ounces, based on my body weight.

    I can drink a 16 ounce glass of water on my Fast Days and then enjoy chewing gum without the problems noted above.

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I do think drinking lots of water helps not only with hunger but with other cravings too. It’s just a matter of making myself drink enough every so that I get in the habit.

    Do you have a link to a study that supports this theory? Most studies have concluded that aspartame, although not the best thing in the world, does not have any real adverse effects. For instance, did you know that being alive and dying are heavily correlated? I also find that diet drinks help to ward off sweet cravings. Just my two cents

    Hi folks!

    Sorry, but I am still unclear about the chewing gum. Today is my first fast day.

    Can I chew sugarless gum on a fast day?
    (I don’t use for hunger, but rather for fresh breath as my job demands it.)

    Thanks in advance for the clarification.

    Gum can make you feel hungry because the chewing and salivation makes the stomach expect food to come down.

    I tried chewing gum on one of my first fast days and it was terrible, made me feel SO hungry and a little bit sick after a while. I wouldn’t bother personally!

    Hello everyone,

    This is my 7th week on the Fast diet. On my fasting days, I chew gum twice a day and find that it takes the edge off the hunger pangs. I drink a lot of warm water or herbal tea and manage to go 24 hrs without food as I keep my 4 hundred something calories for dinner.

    Occasionally I chew gum but its more of a breath fresh thing around other people, I find fasting can lead to bad breath. In general the only sweetener I would use is xylitol, I always have xylitol chocolate and candies in the house. Its the only thing I take in tea.

    I’ve read these comments and seems to be a personal response still giving an unclear reasoning behind eating sugarless chewing gum l I personally don’t get hungry when chewing sugarless gum and seem to fly through when I do – I think it’s a more scientific reasoning behind the science as does the gum confuse the receptors and is it releasing hormones that inhibits the repair of damaged cells failing to work correctly hence failing to lose as much weight?

    If it is a fast day look on the gum packet and see how many calories you are using and add them to your food total. As long as you eat 500 calories or less for all your food and treats on that day you are fine.

    From a fasting book I read: “It’s also helpful to avoid artificial sweeteners. Even though they contain no calories, they may still kick off the cephalic phase response, stimulating hunger as well as insulin production. I don’t recommend artificial sweeteners during fasting for this very reason.”

    I chew regular sugar and flavor and what not – just my favorite gum (cinnamon trident of late, but also fine with raspberry ice cubes forget the brand etc etc ) gum right after I eat for 10-12 mins and stash it away in a cup of ice in the freezer. That I chew on during fast days, but I also was fasting for days on end, not a 5:2.
    That way chemicals and sugar and what ever that can get into your body are all dispensed as part of your meal, and you can just chew and give yourself a jaw ache which to me is a signal I’ve eaten, cos I didn’t feel hungry when fasting and didn’t feel full after eating for most of my long fasts.


    yes i agree. i fast and chew about 4 pieces a day. BEWARE 10+ pieces can cause laxative effect. anyway chewing helps me immensely especially last hours.

    OK, new here. I was just searching to see what kind of information is out there concerning fasting and chewing gum. I am on day three of a 10 day water only fast. This is the only way a true fast works. You have to give the digestive system complete and total rest. Chewing gum is not allowed. And for goodness sake do not put aspartame into your body! It is an excitotoxin and it reeks havoc on your nervous system which is THE tree of life. The nervous system controls all 12 systems of the body so you have to take care of it…make it a priority.

    Your body needs to reach a state of ketosis if you’re serious about fasting. This doesn’t begin until after Day 3. My massage therapist/former olympian who used to be in the Cirque du Soleil show at Disney Springs, till he broke his back in an accident, does a lot of fasting. He has done both the 10 day water fast and he has gone so far as to do a 24 day water only fast. He told me I am going to feel 20 years younger when my 10 days are finished. I asked him if I could put lemon juice or even apple cider vinegar in my water and he said no. Your body will never reach the state of ketosis if you ingest anything but water during fasting and it takes three days to get there. I’ve done my own research as well.

    If you have to have gum any other time, get the brand called- pur. All lowercase letters. It’s sweetened with xylitol which has been found to help regenerate tooth enamel. YES, teeth can be regenerated! Check out Dr John Bergman’s YouTube channel. He’s a true healer chiropractor in CA who KNOWS and teaches the truth.👍🏽

    Dr Bergman’s YouTube channel:

    There is no scientific evidence that Aspartame is devilish or that it causes diseases ( Cancer, seizures, headaches, depression, ADHD, dizziness, infertility, birth defects and MS have been blamed on aspartame with NO scientific evidence. Interesting is that most of these diseases have unknown causes and are difficult to test. Yes, it seems to trigger insulin like response in rats (tests done, b.t.w. using 10 times the amount of an average human consumer) and may lead to insulin resistance. But the jury is still out there.
    I have been using aspartame continuously for the last 30 years and have perfectly normal blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. But to be on the safe side, I never take more than 8 tablets a day (160 mg total; recommendation from FDA for safe use is 50 mg/kg of body weight, i.e. about 3500 mg).
    Some people prefer Stevia, as it’s more “natural” (natural does not mean it is safe or innocuous or that it’s good for you; many known poisons are also “natural”). I find Stevia’s taste intolerable.
    Yes, even using aspartame, I put on weight, but not because of the aspartame, simply because I stopped exercising and have been eating too much, too often, including too many naughty treats! It’s a direct cause-effect!

    Sources have their own agenda, but I trust the ones who back it up with evidence. The FDA originally would not approve aspartame. Donald Rumsfeld, under the for real nazi Bush admin, FORCED it to approval. There is tons of evidence that aspartame is a neurotoxin. Like, Priscilla is an expert? I don’t think so.

    Get educated:

    Yes, sources do have their own agenda, and MPWHI most definitely does! That organization/website was created by “Dr. Betty Martini”, also known as Nancy Markle. She’s not a doctor, she’s a quack. She is also anti-vaccine, anti-fluoride, anti-MSG, a conspiracy theorist, and thinks she was once cured of breast cancer by an herbal formula.

    “Martini” has no expertise in any relevant field. She refers to herself as “Dr. Martini”, but this is based on an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree awarded by an unaccredited religious institution.

    Like (realtor) Love2ClearClouds is an expert? I don’t think so. Aside from the effects in people with PKU (phenylketonuria disorder), no health problems have been consistently linked to aspartame use.

    Get educated using VALID resources:

    I’m impressed … I’ve never seen so much miss-information in a single short thread! I’m glad @wufusk posted.

    One of the most asked questions by peoples who are in intermittent fasting is, does chewing gum break a fast?

    The answer is Yes. It breaks your Fast. Because chewing contains chemicals and the definition of fasting is the willful refrainment from eating for a period of time.

    So as soon as you chew gum, your fast will break. But, if you think that chewing gum satisfies your need to have something in your mouth and it helps you to maintain your diet & fast, and you’re getting effective results, then you can go for it.

    If you have any quesries in your mind yet then I strongly suggesting you to check this below article.

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