Carbohydrates on fast days?!

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Carbohydrates on fast days?!

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  • Hi all,

    So I have been on the Fast Diet since beging of November 2014 with some really good results. I’m down from 12.7 stone to 11.8 stone. I even had a couple of weeks break over the festive season!

    On fast days, I don’t eat anything until dinner time which is around 6 pm so I can have my full 500 calories in one satisfying meal. I usually go for a jacket potato with some heathy filling & salad, a vegetable omelette or most recently, Weight Watchers microwave meals along with a couple of new potatoes or a small portion of pasta.

    I watch the Horizon documentary the other day about what the right diet for you is & one group did our beloved intermittent fasting. The Dr there said you should avoid carbohydrates on a fast day because your body then goes into ketosis & you burn more fat this way.

    I’ve been relatively happy with eating a small portion of carbs on my fast days but I’m wondering if it’s better if I cut them out completely on the fast days. I’m worried this will make it harder because they do fill me up better.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


    Hello Heidi
    My thought is, for you, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ 🙂 Well done on your weight loss so far!

    Hi BB,

    Thanks for your reply! I suppose you’re right, I do enjoy having potatoes & pasta but I eat little bread, even on feast days.

    Today is a fast day so I will still have some of my beloved carbs 🙂


    If you get to the stage where you have a few pounds left to lose and it is getting tougher to shift them you could consider cutting out the carbs as it does seem to help, but for now I agree with BB.

    The only time I successfully lost 20 lbs was by cutting processed carbs, i,e, no bread, potatoes, biscuits, cakes, etc etc. I was only 30 lbs overweight. In 2 years with eating a few carbs, toast, fruit, and desserts when at friends’ for a meal, I gained 10 of those lbs, so I guess I am carb sensitive. It is just not worth the gain to have that little bit of pleasure in my mouth for such a short time. With eating carbs over the festive season I gained 3 lbs, so committed again to the low carb WOE, which I think for me is the only way.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your replies. I think you’re right BB & Amazon, as long as it’s working it’s okay to eat them.

    Ecoosse, that is such a shame having an adverse reaction to carbohydrates! I feel for you!!

    I has 2 fast days last week, both consisted of carbs & I weighed myself today with a 2 lb loss so I think as long as I stick to my calorie limit of 500 on my fast days & don’t scoff too much on my regular days then it’s okay.

    I want to lose another 14-16 lbs so it’s not massive amounts but the less I weigh the harder it will get so I may reduce my carbs.

    I hope everyone is getting on okay with their fast days?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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