calorie counter & GI/GL search facility

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calorie counter & GI/GL search facility

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  • It would be good if the site had a facility that allowed you to search for the calories pertaining to food items, like the NHS Livewell calorie counter. The latter is great, but it would be even better if the Fast Diet homepage provided a similar counter AND the option of then entering the search results into a more tabular diary than the one that’s online right now, which is just a box for comments. Charts would be more user-friendly.
    And has anybody out there thought of combining calorie counters with GI/GL indexes?
    Also, I’m not great with maths, and it can be annoying to try and figure out how many calories you’ve been eating if you’ve not had 100g of something or other… My breakfast included half a slice of cooked turkey breast. Pack said 150 cals per 100g, pack size was 139g, that included 4 slices, I had half of one of those… Does my head in to figure out how many calories that would have been! Am I the only imbecile here?

    Yes I agree.
    Been using myfitnesspal app which has a good list of items/calories. Also exercise calories used, but think they overestimate these.

    Does anybody have a preference for any of the free online calorie calculators? Like Spark Recipes,Calorie King, etc.
    Any idea which is the most accurate to calculate your own recipes?

    I use, and have been using Calorie Count ( I find this to be the most accurate and detailed input/output diary out there. It even has an analysis tracker where you can view MANY Macro and Micro nutrients.

    I love it and was hoping for something like that here to assist with the fasting days of the week.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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