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  • I am on my 2nd week and am finding it ok , although the headaches are horrible !!!
    I am i bit stuck on breakfast , i have underactive thryoid and have to wait an hour after taking my tablet each morning so am used to not eating like i used to as soon as i get down the stairs to the kitchen , however i seem to be sticking to a boiled egg for breakfast or a green smoothie i was amazed how many calories a green smoothie is !.
    I will be getting weighed on Monday and will be interested to see if i have lost anything , i have put one 4 kg so that needs to come off , sometimes it is difficult having the thryoid problem .
    I am having salmon with sweet chilli sauce and stir fry , so not really sure how many cals the sweet chilli sauce or stir fry would be , i used to know calories years and years ago but not now .
    I think this diet is a great way to rest your body like it says and you do have to keep telling yourself it is only for 2 DAYS A WEEK now that con’t be bad !.
    Still any breakfast ideas would be welcome this is one i found

    40 g flaxseed 194cals
    1 egg 107

    Can you get frozen egg whites? 8 egg whites are the same as 2 eggs. 150 cals
    Make an omelette and throw in celery (8 cals per 100 grams) spinach ( 25) mushrooms (16)

    Should keep you going.
    You whip the whites a bit, like runny meringue and pour it over veggies, like a frittata and brown under grill once cooked underneath .
    Loads of protein.

    I don’t have breakfast just a lunch of a boysenberry ( 23 cals 50 grams) ice and water smoothie till a salad at 3
    Can’t eat..cos I won’t stop.
    Then stir fry for dinner, crackers and cottage cheese and left over salad for supper.

    Sorry, don’t eat breakfast!! Just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey and hope you get the thyroid / breakfast thing figured out OK!!

    I tend to start my fast day with 80-100 calorie greek yogurt or oatmeal. I had bad headaches at first, but try to drink 1-2 cups of hot green tea first thing in the morning. Hope that helps!

    I have got into what I thought was a good habit of eating breakfast every morning. However with 5/600 cals to play with I decided on fast days it had to go!
    I now generally have a cup of black coffee and a herbal tea and save my first ‘solid’ food (soup!) for lunch.
    I can then have a nice filling meal early evening.

    Thanks everyone for your replies , i am now into my 5th week and have only lost 1 kg , i do have underactive thryoid maybe this is why it is slow , however i do feel slimmer in my clothes which is good .
    I have been having a green smoothie for breakfast and it lasts me well only veg no banana then if i am hungary i have a miso soup ,i have my normal tea without any carbs just the meat and veg , black tea and coffee if i feel like one ,i only have coffee once a day though.
    I found a website called MyFitnessPal , i did find the link on here somewhere , anyhow it’s really good , when you put in what you eat in a day (normal day it is amazing how it all adds up to quite a lot of calories .
    Well i am keeping on it food tomorrow hurray !!!
    Just ordered a book for recipes for the fast days so that will be a help .
    Good luck everyone

    Good on you for not getting disheartened by your ‘slow’ results! Are you Hungary often? 😉

    A lot of people on here use MyFitnessPal, can’t you also create groups on it or something? I don’t use the thing myself, but maybe an idea to get together with the people that use it?

    HI Nika ,

    Before i started the diet i could go without lunch as i never feel hungary , i did used to have lunch as i thought i shouldn’t go without it this is only since having the Thryoid problem , before that i used to get the shakes and need food especially first thing in the morning ,but not now , maybe it’s cause i have to wait an hour before food after taking my tablet and it’s in my head now .Very rarely i get that feeling now only now and again.
    Since i have been doing the diet i have felt a little hungary on the fast days but just get on with it , have a glass of water or two ,i know it’s working on my fat .
    I thought i would be more hungary than i am as people do say they get starving on it .
    My fitness pal is good for seeing what you eat in a day , not interested in joining groups i just want to see what i eat really it is quite amazing i can see i probably eat to much on a couple of none fasting days ,maybe hence the slow wait loss , i havn’t had any wine of gin and t for 5 weeks ,i only have it on a sat and sun anyway but still i thought that should go as well as i do have a fatty liver , so hopefully it will help that to .

    It’s true, seeing what you’re eating every day can be quite amazing. I don’t track it using an app though, I’m a trained counter so I can estimate quite easily.

    Also sorry for confusing you, I made a joke in my previous post – Hungary is a country in Europe, you actually spell it as ‘being hungry’. So lose the a 🙂 I thought it was a typo the first time, again sorry!

    And good on you for just working through the hunger on fast days, I think it’s a piece of discipline that can work for many parts of your life. It must suck having that thyroid problem, so double kudo’s for being so positive about it!

    Beauty Breakfast

    170g 0% Greek yogurt (really thick)
    20g chopped dried apricot
    30g Jumbo oats
    20g chopped blanched almonds
    1 tsp sunflower seeds

    Night before of morning of Fast – Add all ingredients, loosen with water to desired consistency, store in fridge. Produces a few thick breakfast treat – keeps my hungry at bay for hours – use Fitness Pal to adjust the calories accordingly.

    2 scrambled eggs
    handful of mushrooms
    low carb tortilla wrap


    How many calories in the Greek Yoghurt breakfast please?

    According to MyFitnesspal in Total 0% fat yoghurt there is 57cals in 100g. There is 170g in a small pot.
    Natural Greek Yoghurt is 145 cals+ per 100g depending on the manufacturer.

    20g dried apricots 52
    30g Jumbo oats 114
    20g almonds 116
    170g greek yoghurt 133
    1 teasp sunflower seeds

    Total 439

    Here you have the calories for the breakfast that Beadybliss has posted .It does seem like a lot of calories for the fasting day

    That is a lot for one meal.
    No wonder it keeps you full a long time!!
    Yum though.

    50 grams boysenberries in a blender with some water and ice = 23 cals

    I have that when I first eat….about lunchtime.
    If I eat to early, I cant stop.


    The Beauty Breakfast is from the Fast Recipe Book – I think it is 300 calories? Not sure, but adjust calories with Fitness Pal. It is very filling!! I eat it at 10.30 and not hungry until 3pm

    Use Fitness Pal to adjust the calories, that’s what I do. I eat a 300 calorie version.

    Hi im a newbie, i dont have time for breakfast or if i do i have to make it at work? Does it matter if miss breakfast? Or any ideas for having at my desk at work?

    Hi jadey
    I think it’s best to do what suits you. I’ve learnt to not have breakfast or milk in my cuppa as it’s starts the hunger pangs. I can last till 2pm tops before I have to eat. Just make sure you have plenty of fluids and have a really filling lunch. I’ve heard that some people can last till tea time! Go with your gut!!

    @jadey Hi and welcome. If you don’t normally eat breakfast there is no need for you start now. 5:2 is about doing what suits you best. Personally I never eat breakfast on any of my days but I know many people do and it makes no difference to the end result either way.
    On fast days I have nothing but liquid (water and black coffee) until dinner time and on non fast days I have only liquids until lunch time. This is what works for me but everyone is different. It’s about ‘try it to see what suits you and your life style best’.

    Make sure you read the ‘faq’ and ‘how?’ links at the top of the page before you start, it will give you loads of information and help you on your 5:2 journey.


    Thank u, i didnt have breakfast on my first day just water and it wasnt bad 🙂

    I am new 3 weeks love breakfast I find 2 boiled eggs 180 cal black coffee plenty of h20 with lemon juice lasts me till dinner time then I have soup I buy from Coles lentils and chorizo and chia 180cal 1 apple and black coffee great.

    I also have breakfast. Just a soft boiled egg for me.

    I am a “juicer”. So I generally have a 6 oz glass of “carrot and red beet” juice with my morning coffee with stevia. Or I will have one hard boiled egg with a half of a grapefruit…low in calories. Lunch is a simple salad, Dinner might be a few steamed shrimp with some sliced tomatoes. Through out the day I may munch on blueberries or celery stalks. I am a muncher so I try to find things I can chew on that are very low in calories.

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