BMI 21.5, will this work??

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BMI 21.5, will this work??

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  • Hi! Starting today with my first fast. Desperate to lose some weight as an over forty mother of 3. I am 157cms tall, and weigh 8st 5lbs with a BMI of 21.5.Would like to lose 10 lbs. I already exercise 5 times a week and try to watch what I eat. I am just wondering whether this diet could work for me too???!!! Really unhappy with the way I look and want to lose the weight. If this doesnt work, not really sure what else to try!!


    This diet will work for you, but very slowly. The reason is you have a very low TDEE and have to eat even less to lose weight. This will explain the numbers:

    Good Luck!

    Hi, Louis, I’m an over 50 mother of one. When I started the FastDiet last August (2013) my BMI was 26.9, I’ve lost 31 pounds in 31 weeks so it’s now 21.6 and I’m still going, aiming to get back to my baseline weight and get my waist:hip ratio below 0.8. In addition to doing the fasting days I think of the other days as “practicing for maintenance” (even though I do plan to continue with 6:1), which means that in addition to staying physically active I pay attention to portion sizes and the general calorie content of food, being extra careful with portions of fats, peanut butter, cheese, pasta, bread, rice, ice cream, etc. I don’t weigh and measure everything all the time on non-fasting days, but do weigh out my portions a couple of times a week to keep my eye in practice and myself honest. I’m quite fond of my digital kitchen scale, I just put my plate or bowl on it and weigh away as I serve myself. Otherwise it’s just too easy to go over 1500 calories per day.

    I started the 5:2 at the beginning of November with a BMI of 22.6.
    Since then I have lost just over a stone and now have a BMI of 19.9.
    I actually tried the 5:2 diet a year ago but I didn’t lose anything as I wasn’t doing it right (i was snacking throughout the day and consistently going over my 500 cals)This time I did it properly and consistently. I have missed the odd fast day over the Christmas week and holidays etc. It has been a slow and steady loss and quite surprising really – I was only expecting to lose half a stone tops. I really feel that now I am the weight I am supposed to be and I actually now enjoy fast days and look forward to them!
    Also want to just say thank you to everyone on this forum, I have been on it literally every fast day since I started for inspiration and moral support but this is the first time I have posted!

    Thank you so much for your responses! It seems to me as though its going to be a slow process but one I need to pursue. It occurred to me in the middle of the night last night that on my fast days I should be eating a max of 450cals because the calculator tells me I need to eat in the region of 1800cals a day and we are meant to eat only a quarter of those cals on a fast. The loss of those 50cals will make it even more difficult, but heyho, will go for it! So pleased for you sblue and franfit, you have both achieved what I want!!!

    I started with BMI of 22.5 in November and am down now to 19.8. Starting weight 65kg, now 57.1kg. I am 48, with three kids, so yes it works.

    I am also a 48 year old, I started fasting in December and weighed 62.8kg bmi 23. I am now 57kg bmi 21. It does work.
    To the frustrated fasters…..Patience is important, whenever we pose changes on our body I believe it’s important to trust that it will respond if we don’t sabotage the process too much! It takes time to gain the weight but for some reason many of us want instant results in the loss side of it. Realistic month goals may help put our weight loss in perspective. It is more sustainable and helpful to slow down the frustrations of a more gentle weight loss rather than hard and dramatic. Keep going and congratulate yourself for engaging in the process!

    Would you all recommend then not weighing yourself weekly…as if you have less to loose, does the weight drop off a lot slower, i.e. 1 lb every couple of weeks rather than weekly? I don’t want to get disheartened and give up as evidently from the comments above it does work! 🙂 Also are people having to watch what they eat on non-fasting days too in order to see progress? Congratulations to all who have posted success stories too, thank you for the inspiration


    People are all over the place on how often to weigh. It seems to depend on their personalities. If you weigh frequently, get ready for some large swings in weight – up to 2 or 3 pounds a day.

    Here are some tips:

    Good Luck!

    Stef congratulations! 19,8 is what I’m aiming for. 🙂

    Thanks Issu,

    I still have 1,1 kg to go to my goal weight which is 56kg.


    Hi! My husband and I started this ‘diet’ 6 weeks ago full of enthusiasm. I just wanted to lose a couple of kilos so I could fit into my jeans but I also wanted to support my hubby who needs to lose around 30 kilos. Unfortunately despite being really strict with the fasting days and trying not to overindulge on normal days we have not managed to lose ANY weight at all! I also feel really ‘fuzzy’ on fast days and somewhat clumsy. I daren’t fast on a work day as I’m a midwife!! I have kept going with it in the hope that it will eventually start to work but I have to admit to getting a little impatient with it. My husband is still quite enthusiastic. Are we doing anything wrong or should we just be more patient?

    Congrats Steff and Kathjul!! You have inspired me to keep going! I am only one week in and lost a pound last week! That may sounds miniscule to some but that loss has made me really happy! I just need to keep my goal in mind! Only another 6-7 pounds to go!!! Thank you for your stories, it all helps, a lot!!

    Stascer, it is hard to tell whether you did anything wrong. I assume you have calculated your TDEE and your BMR? I have set my activity level to sedentary eventhough I work out every day, just to make sure I do start with a lower allowance.

    You are logging ALL your food, including sauces and drinks? I use myfitnesspal for that as it even allows me to scan items. It is very easy to underestimate portion sizes, so perhaps weighing the food with a food scale might be helpful?

    You are staying under your TDEE on feed days? Did you measure your waist? Some people lose inches before they lose weight!

    If you do not lose weight over a longer period or inches than Some of your food calculations are probably off. Also perhaps if you can face it, try 4:3 for a week? Just to get things going.

    Best of luck
    P.S. Thanks Louis for your kind words.

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