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  • Hello! I’m happy be back to the only diet that ever worked for me. After a few years I fell off the wagon and found it hard to stay at 500 cal without falling off the wagon completely so I started counting macros, doing 16/8 and the RP (Renaissance periodization) a very regimented macro counting and eating timing diet. None of these stuck or gave me the results as 5:2.

    I know fasting is a “muscle” you need to exercise to get stronger but I really struggled after I lost my consistency even after years of doing it. I hope this time is different. I want to lose 10 lb. so my question is this, with the new book fast 800 what approach has worked best for you? Start with 800 everyday or a few days a week? Does anyone even do the 500 cal a day anymore? I just got the new book yesterday. Also, I’m a pescatarian and really need to make sure I’m getting my protein a s fat to stay full. I’ve found it harder to do high protein diets.

    Any advice or support is much appreciated! Thank you!

    I have done the 5:2 diet with 800 calories on the fast days for 3 months, ie: slow loss of weight.

    I am now trying to maintain my weight at around 85Kg, so my body gets used to the idea of less weight. I’ll go back onto the 5:2 diet in 2 months time to try and get my BMI to 24-25. On a 6:1 diet, for maintenance purposes, still 800 calories on the fast day. I actually lost 1Kg this week even while maintaining.

    I continue with the HIT program, eat sensibly (most of the time!) using Fast 800 recipes or similar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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