August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 10 USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was pretty normal about 550 calories. I need to eat up to TDEE today and tomorrow as it is my normal blood pint donation tomorrow.

    @daffodil2010 – so sorry you didn’t get the notice on your orthotics. Sure hope they give you lots of relief!

    @northerndawn – glad to hear you’re home safe and sound.

    @stitchincarol – plum tortes? Wow. They do sound delicious! You are so right that we should not feel sorry for ourselves in our WOL. I have felt sorry for myself that I got as heavy as I did.

    @penz – I hadn’t thought about our bodies losing weight by themselves. Oh how true, as long as we control what goes in.

    @funshipfreddie – gyms do have equipment, but as we learned in the lockdown, our gym did online classes. They even suggested “alternative” items like canned goods for weights, etc. that must have worked well enough. Hope you get some motivation to use that gym at times.

    @flourbaby – so sorry you lost out on that house. How true that we cannot really count on anything until the “ink is dry.” We all deal with disappointment in various ways, don’t we?

    @northgeorgia – DOT working at 3 a.m.? Whew! Glad at least it was during waking hours, but what a situation!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 10 – UK – FD500

    Lovely to wake up to blue skies and sunshine – out for my regular group walk this morning (6Km over lovely undulating countryside today) but the cafe we usually stop at afterwards was closed due to staff having to isolate – a member of staff tested positive for Covid unfortunately 😢 Sadly lots of hospitably around here having to close for the same reason……I suppose that’s the price to pay for the huge increase in tourism around the Lakes!!!

    @northerndawn – good to see you back on the challenge and a milestone reached = 1st 5:2 anniversary! Positive post with clear intentions reached – good for you!
    @emma-taylor – how frustrating for your OH and yourself – unfortunately pickpockets are all over the world and he was just unlucky to have been targeted – hope it does not spoilt the rest of your visit to Barcelona
    @daffodil2010 – 🤞your orthotic insoles help with your plantar fasciitis and I’m fasting with you today!
    @funshipfreddie – good to hear that Boo Boo is back to her normal demanding self 😁
    @babs_b – what an encouraging start to your August Challenge
    @flourbaby – commiserations about “your house” so frustrating………your mojo is just lurking round the corner…..can’t wait to hear what your August Aspiration challenge will be……
    @northgeorgia – stay strong and motivated……don’t let the construction crew win….you have got this!

    Today will be my first FD500 for the week – all planned and entered into MFP to keep me on track and I have a HIP (High Impact Pilates) class via zoom at 5pm so drinking plenty of water to keep me feeling full and well hydrated.

    Still feeling positive and motivated this month as I’m keeping @stitchincarol RESOLVE motivational mantra in mind 😇

    Looks like we are a small but positive group for today’s pocket list…..

    Day 10 -Together We Are Stronger
    @litprof FD800

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA -TDEE

    I’m confounded by the scales. I’ve eaten less than 1300 every day in August that I haven’t stuck to a perfect FD500 except on Saturday and Sunday, when I didn’t do badly. And yet the scale isn’t as low as it was last week. SO strange. I mean, not going down is something I understand, but going back up? ODD.

    Tonight will be a challenge, as will tomorrow. Tonight I go out with three girlfriends. I don’t think I can stick to DTF and also eat low-calorie/low-quantity, so I’ve decided to skip DTF, do OMAD, and do my best to find low calorie on the menu. Tomorrow night, some friends invited DH and me out to a restaurant. What was I supposed to say? “Sorry, I’m dieting and can’t eat that many calories.” 🤣😂🤣 So it will be a second night when I have to abandon DTF and strive for low calorie.

    @litprof My prayers that you escape getting Covid. Are any of your colleagues horribly sick, or are they doing okay?

    @emma-taylor Oh, how AWFUL! So much for a vacation, when you have to deal with the mess of stolen cards! I do hope it’s all resolved quickly for you.

    @penz I was right there with you for many weeks. Hopefully you’ll find that resolve just outside your door and coax it inside.

    @songbirdme Golly, twice for DH and once for his mom? Neither DH nor I have ever suffered through that, thankfully.

    @daffodil2010 Oh, how frustrating that you’ve gone two weeks without when they were available for pickup. I’ll bet you’re really looking forward to Saturday!

    @funshipfreddie I actually got myself to the gym yesterday and was startled to remember how GOOD I feel when I do that; hopefully you’ll feel comfortable at the gym soon, because I know you’ll feel better for it.

    @babs_b I too felt far better for logging in yesterday afternoon, and, like you, was able to continue to plan for the extra resolve I gained. Great group!

    Oh, @flourbaby, I’d be JUST as disappointed!! I hope you can find an even more perfect place soon!

    @dvw You’re doing terrifically, and I hope all goes well as the move draws closer!

    @northgeorgia GAH! You have my full sympathies! Amazing that the contractor is so willing to be so lax and indifferent, that even a visit from the Department of Transportation doesn’t have lasting impact.

    @songbirdme When you feel like baking, hunt for Marian Burros’s Plum Torte. It was a regular in the NYT, and it is glorious. It’s even in MFP, LOL! It’s easy to make, and is perfect for this time of year when plums are ripe. My plan for this torte is to freeze it, as the recipe says it freezes well.

    @at Your walking group sounds so lovely!

    Day 10 -Together We Are Stronger
    @litprof FD800

    Day 10 North Canton OH FD

    It always feels good to complete a FD and then see validation on the scales. 167.2 on the scales this morning, apparently Monday’s weight gain was mostly water weight and my indiscretions over the weekend did not derail my trajectory. Thanks for the pep talk @stitchincarol it certainly helped keep me on track and in check. Now I am 7ish pounds away from goal.😁

    @EmmaTaylor what a stressful thing to deal with on holiday. I am so sorry.

    @Daffodil2010s How awful that you have been hobbling around and your soles have been in since the 27th of July. Dang those scammers!

    @funshipfreddie you will definitely feel better once you accomplish a workout or two and we are so glad BooBoo is felling better

    @flourbaby what a disappointment!! I feel your pain greatly. Arghhhh 😫😫😫

    Day 10 -Together We Are Stronger

    Second post for accountability

    Water fasts are always much easier for me because it is all or nothing. I am trying an actual fast day and capping my intake at 370 calories today.

    I resolve to fulfil my commitment to myself today so that I can smile when I step on my scale in the morning.

    Insanity is doing the same thing while expecting a different result. Peace and resolve be with you all.

    Day 10 MN/USA NFD

    Checking in for accountability. I may do a FD tomorrow. @funshipfreddie I’m so glad to hear BooBoo is back to her usual healthy self.
    @flourbaby Sad to hear your disappointing news about the house you had wanted to buy. Here’s to hoping a better one is meant for you and just waiting for you to find it!

    Stay strong everyone!

    Day 11 AUS FD 800

    It’s a grey cool day here, and many hours of zoom meetings are ahead. . .

    Scales were kind this morning after a second FD in a row, funny that! Another 0.4k down, much of which is presumably water weight, but still. Yesterday came in at 790 calories, with a hour at the gym and zoom yoga in the evening.

    Planning today’s food ahead of time again, and then I simply tell myself there’s not option to vary from that, and try to put it out of my brain.

    Good luck and RESOLVE to all my fellow fasters today.

    Second Post

    @songbirdme – I certainly hope your weather isn’t as bad as it looks on radar tonight. Stay safe!

    Day 10 / Florida 🇺🇸 / TDEE

    Today was a success… Knocked out a bunch of errands & then a solid workout at gym: strength training & HIIT on treadmill. (Going to feel that in the morning = a good sore!)

    Afterwards, went out to dinner at our favorite Italian spot. Managed to keep just under my TDEE. But still feel so full that it’s got me very much looking forward to a FD tomorrow!!

    Day 11 NFD country west Australia

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Successful FD yesterday, slept well, feel great. It’s an NFD today but food planned and work out and walk already done. Scales bobbing about but my waist is at least 1.5 inches less than a couple of weeks ago so I will concentrate on keeping on.

    @flourbaby, so sorry to hear of your house being pulled. The right one will come along soon.

    @funshipfreddie glad to hear BooBoo eating again. My Missie does that not eating thing occasionally, but it’s usually a hairball, and once that’s up she is feeding like a lioness (a small baby one 😄) again.

    Resolve. Happy Hump Day 🐪

    Day 11, London, UK, FD,

    Yesterday seemed to fly by and before you know it I was having soup and a nibble of Gruyere (& a small 🍷) for dinner coming in at 660cals, I’m calling it a successful FD!!!👍🏼👍🏼

    Thanks for the commiserations about ‘the’ house, I’m no longer thinking of it as ‘My’ house, so that’s a step in the right direction, I’ve also given myself a stern talking to, it’s just a house, no need to descend into a bucket load of cheese & alcoholism!!!!

    I’m doing B2B FDs because I’m working and keeping busy ALWAYS helps, then to my rental flat to keep packing my ‘stuff’ then back to my mums to get her settled for bed before the night carer takes over & I can get some rest ……………………. It’s hard but hard is NOT impossible!!!!

    Take care all, got to get some work done, it’s what I get paid for after-all!!!🤣🤣

    Happy Hump Hump Day 🐪🐫

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    From reading the posts it seems like everyone’s exercising like crazy? Everyone except me, that is. Okay, you’ve inspired me. One day in the very near future I’m off to the gym, before they get closed down again. And @stitchincarol – I do remember how that PWOS feels, ie post workout smugness 🏋

    @daffodil2010 – Boo Boo has definitely got her hollow legs back, & seems to be making up for her weekend FDs. I panicked a bit when I started googling the reasons why a cat could go off her food. So many possibilities; anything from a toothache to a tumour. Such a pity they can’t tell us where it hurts! Although I would get a fright if she did 😅

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓

    Day 11 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning. I’m completely surrounded by boxes and trying to keep my equilibrium – nuts and chocolate are calling my name, amazing how vocal they become when life is topsy turvy. The scales are at 133.2 lbs. Still determined to drop to 130 by the end of the month.

    @stitchincarol – I’ve made that plum torte multiple times, so delicious and so dangerous 😊

    Take care all.

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. Going to do a lunch out today, but must remain mindful at supper time! Next FD on Thursday. Driving 15 minutes out of the way in the mornings because of construction and traffic, so gotta run 🙁

    Day 11 / Florida 🇺🇸/ FD

    Yesterday was a NFD, which I kept right around TDEE. Went to our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. The calamari was on special (yay!) then I added a mixed-veggie salad to that.

    Ended up quite full on just those 2 starters, so skipped ordering a main meal at all. Was satisfied with the flavors. And pleased I ended my day just grazing over my TDEE.

    That’s one thing I’m working on this go-round with 5:2 or 4:3… along with losing enough weight to nicely fit my clothes again, I want to practice listening to my body better…. Stop eating when *satisfied* instead of pushing through to *stuffed full* as a member of The Clean Plate Club. I’d like to drop my membership on that group for good!

    Here’s to another happy, healthier day for us all!

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓

    Day 11 USA – NFD

    I’m off to give my pint of blood (donation, ever 8 weeks) shortly. So, per their admonitions, I must eat today.

    @northerndawn – weather last night wasn’t too bad for our town but we felt the wind and rain for a while. Thanks for checking on me! Saw a report of a wire down in another neighborhood by our park. We’re due for more storms tonight.

    @dvw and @stitchincarol – now you’ve got me checking out that plum torte!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE

    Yesterday went well, with a salad and one drink for dinner, and only a plum before that. Tonight’s social outing is at a shrimp place, so perhaps I’ll be able to be truly low-calorie if I choose wisely.

    @basyjames How fun to get reports of your firm resolve and steady progress!

    @northerndawn There are more and more of us “checking in for accountability.” Did you succeed in the goals you had set for yesterday?

    @litprof Nice news that scales were down again!

    @happymargo Don’t you feel sorry for those who don’t do 5:2, that they never know the relief and delight of a FD after an evening’s abundant meal?? 😂

    @lilymartin Nice to see you checking in!

    @daffodil2010 An inch and a half in a couple weeks?? You are clearly do things RIGHT!

    @flourbaby I’ll call that a successful FD also, and good luck with getting the packing done quickly and efficiently!

    @funshipfreddie I’m off to the gym’s treadmill again this morning; at 91/32 and 86+% humidity, walking outside has zero pleasure. Are you in an area conducive to walking (like @at and @i-hate-lettuce)? Or are you smack in a city? I have village streets (paved) and county roads (gravel) but no walking partner…

    @dvw I’m not surprised someone else on this list knows the Marian Burrow Plum Torte as it’s quite famous. It got devoured at DH’s church council meeting last night. Deep breaths and smile at all those boxes as proof positive of how diligent you’ve been! The nuts and chocolate are not NEARLY as loud as your cries of “RESOLVE!!”

    @northgeorgia Wishing you a huge abundance of resolve to be mindful at supper time!

    @happymargo Don’t you love restaurants that have the calories calculated and list them on the menu? I had to guess about the calories on my salad last night; one would think it would be fine, but I’ve seen the calories on some salads that are higher than a steak and spud! And stopping eating when satisfied rather than pushing through to “stuffed full” is a very worthy goal. I often forget to be mindful of that.

    @songbirdme Have you ever noticed you lose a pound every time you give blood? That’s always my favorite (if temporary) part of giving blood! 😂🤣😂

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓

    I wish everyone strong resolve today to stick to their plan!

    Day 11 Canada NFD

    It has been ages since I checked in. I had surgery at the end of last month and it really pulled the rug out from under my feet, I have literally been resting on the sofa all month. I will be fine, just needs time (sigh). It feels like I am finally on the mend so wanted to drop in while I am having that vital morning coffee.

    @happymargo it sounds like life is good and you have a rhythm that works, well done
    @summerbug welcome back, it is a great WOL
    @northerndawn it is great to read you have realistic goals, makes life easy hey
    @emmataylor I love Barcelona, we were also shocked by the pick pockets. Sorry that happened to your DH
    @daffodil2010 hope the orthotics bring you some quick relief
    @funshipfreddie I haven’t been to the gym either. We actually bought a bunch of weights which DH uses, I am planning on getting back to that stuff later this month
    @babs_b well done with that loss
    @flourbaby sorry you got involved with such flighty sellers, I ams sure a better place will come your way
    @at we have cafes and restaurants closed for the same reasons here, makes me feel for those business owners and how they do so well to survive in an already tough industry
    @stitcincarol those scales can mess with your head when they aren’t cooperating, I treat them as only one part of the picture
    @litprof well done on B2B FD’s

    Off to have some berries and yoghurt for breakfast. I have lost 2.9kgs since July 1, not for the right reasons but silver linings are a good thing.

    Have a great day

    Day 11 MN/USA FD

    @stitchincarol replied to me yesterday: “There are more and more of us “checking in for accountability.” Did you succeed in the goals you had set for yesterday?” ………I am usually quite long winded on these boards, and I thought I’d spare everyone my usual tendency to verbosity. That was indeed my shortest post since April. 😉 Did I succeed in my goals? Yes, I checked in on a NFD, my only goal for the day, actually.

    @songbirdme – Fingers crossed you avoid the storms.
    @at – I hope your little cafe is soon open again. It sounds so lovely to walk with friends and then chat over a cup of coffee or tea. Small pleasures are the best!
    @northgeorgia – You have my deepest sympathies for the hassle you are going through with road construction. It is a pet peeve of mine, especially since it seems only half of a crew are actually doing any work when you drive by. In Minnesota the saying is, “There are really only two seasons: “Winter, and Road construction”. And that is true.
    @daffodil2010 – Great about the waist measurements. Let us know how those orthotics work for you.
    @litprof – You are doing so well! It’s nice to hear your RESOLVE is working.
    @happymargo – I’m with you on trying to stop eating when I am feeling “satisfied”, and either pack the remainder up for leftovers, or just throw it so it doesn’t end up as fat on my body. It’s probably more expensive to treat health problems that happen due to being overweight, than to throw out the food that contributes to that. The true secret is to take less, smaller portions, in the first place. That’s something I am working hard to do consistently.
    @dvw – Chocolate and nuts call to me when I need comfort. I wonder if you “munched” on crispy high fiber vegetables first, and then allowed some crunchy nuts and creamy chocolate, if you would eat less of the latter? No judgement here from me. I hate moving. You will get through it and soon be able to normalize your lifestyle.
    @bellyblast – So good to hear from you. Take care of yourself and give yourself a break. Just eat healthy and heal. Anesthesia seems to really kick butt as we get older. I’m glad to hear that you are starting to feel on the mend.

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓

    “Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”. Victor Hugo

    Day 11 North Canton OH NFD

    166.8 on the scale this morning 😄 oh joy!

    Today has been a rough work day with fires everywhere and it is ongoing. I will catch up with posts later.

    Keep on keeping on and continue to remember your commitments to yourself. in the words of @stitchincarol – Resolve!!!

    Day 11 – UK – TDEE

    Late posting today – a busy day!

    After a good FD500 yesterday managed to come in at TDEE today – my resolve is still going strong this month – thanks to @stitchincarol‘s inspiration

    @dvw – I googled that plum torte recipe – will be giving it a try soon as I think OH will love it!
    @bellyblast – great to hear from you and glad to hear that you are recovering from your recent surgery🤗
    @basyjames and anyone else living near the fires – stay safe x

    Cooked a Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble today with the last of this year’s rhubarb from the garden – the crumble topping was oaty and nutty – lovely served with some Kefir yogurt!

    Whilst I was enjoying my small serve of crumble tonight I thought of this – “Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” ~ Julia Child

    Day 11 – Ireland – FD

    Hi all. Apologies for going MIA recently.
    We had my beautiful dad’s one year anniversary mass this weekend and lots of time spent reminiscing with family and looking after my mum.
    But it has been emotional and sad so I’m just taking things easy. It actually hit me harder than I expected or maybe it’s just everything hitting me at the moment.
    Life feels very stressful at the moment both personally and professionally and I’m just really tired… so I’m just trying to mind myself and work through things here. The good news is I’m not eating all around me so there is a plus 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 AUS FD800 (?)

    Yesterday was a third FD800 in a row for me, and another 0.4k down on the scales this morning – this is weight I recently regained coming off, and as many of us have found, recently acquired extra weight comes off faster than extra kilos that have had time to make themselves at home!

    One thing I have noticed is that I seem to put on weight (and inches) very very quickly if I eat bread regularly, even if the calorie count isn’t super high. And it also makes me want to eat more bread all the time, because of the deliciousness. But if I just stop, the bread weight falls right off, and within just a couple of days, I can eat a nice big salad or soup without feeling deprived.

    I’d love to get another FD in today, and tomorrow too ideally, but we actually have plans to go out late this afternoon to the newly reopened art gallery and a nearby restaurant for an early dinner after, so it may be a TDEE day instead (it’s a Vietnamese “street food” place, so there are some healthy and low-cal options on the menu).

    Solidarity with all the fasters today. Lots of people on this forum struggling with some huge life stresses at the moment; I am so inspired by your resilience and determination to look after your health in the midst of such challenges.

    Day 12, NFD, Aus

    I somehow seemed to have missed day 11 and posts re news of Boo Boo and lost house buying opportunities. My resolve is also missing.

    Out to dinner tonight at a lovely restaurant where the set menu is featuring local truffles. So no FD for me!

    Phooey. The city has just been ordered into a 7 day lockdown commencing an hour before our restaurant reservation. Guess no truffle dinner for me!!

    Still, a minor sacrifice in the big scheme of things.

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    I have a salad prepared and ready to bring to work but right now I have decided to leave it in the fridge and just have LFD today at best, or spinach soup this evening as an OMAD. That’s what I used to do, why does it seem so momentous now?

    I want to have that PFDS but I want to see a good nudge on that scales tomorrow. I am fed up with this menopausal belly that hangs about despite good nutrition and good exercise….so I think a day of hardcore (to me) LFD is required today. I can do this, it’s not anything new to me, just take today hour by hour, lots of liquid, green teas, I will prevail.

    And now DH is doing his own fasting thing …breakfast then nothing until evening….I can’t do that, so it’s best if I LFD or OMAD.

    Or maybe I am grumbling because my foot is so painful, it’s got super worse since last week…..honestly, I would trade the appendix pain for this plantar fasciitis pain (well, metaphorically speaking anyway 😆) Saturday cannot come fast enough for my orthotic insoles, then PG, hopefully some relief……otherwise it’s off to the doc looking for another scan.

    Ok, enough moaning, I am actually in good form, looking forward to the day ahead, and resolved today will be a great day!

    @jaifaim I thought of you this week, I hope you feel in a better place soon, grief can get us at the least expected times. Take care.

    @penz Oh no, another lockdown 😱 I really don’t think I could face another one, we spent most of this year in hard lockdown, can’t think his annoying it would be to go back into one.

    Pocket last Day 12

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Back on track, 0.4 kgs down since last weigh-in. Two NFDs followed by a FD feels very manageable.

    @bellyblast – good to hear you’re on the mend.

    @stitchincarol – plenty of walking opportunities for me. I’m in a suburb called Umgeni Park, about 8 km north of the centre of Durban, just 4 km from the sea, & very close the the Umgeni river & Umgeni Bird Park. I’m also 12 km from the ‘Gateway Theatre of Shopping’, an enormous mall with +90 restaurants & 450 stores. A walk around there feels like a workout in itself!

    @daffodil2010 – I just googled plantar fasciitis, as I had no idea what it was; I hope you get some relief soon 🤗

    @litprof – putting you on the list to keep @daffodil2010 company, just in case you decide to beat that hat-trick!

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋

    Day 12, London, UK, NFD,

    Well, my B2B went so well, I was tempted to make it a B2B2B, but common sense prevails😊there’s no need to push myself so hard when I’m just starting to regain my 5:2 footing!!!

    @jaifaim, a year already🙏🏼, it goes by sooo quickly, we recently had my dads 4yr anniversary and it still hurts like the dickens!!😢 Looking back with fond memories is the only way out of the doldrums, I keep thinking of how hard life would be for my dad if he were still here at 96, no doubt he’s with his brothers & old friends, playing cards, sipping whisky, arguing about nonsense and having a good old time!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    @penz, is your resolve restored with the help of a 7 day lockdown? 😂I was looking forward to the truffle dinner details tomorrow………………….. I’m as disappointed as you are!!!🤣

    @daffodil2010, that’s what I’m doing, FD or not it WILL be OMAD! This way I can’t gorge myself after a 23hr fast and NFDs may be higher calories, but certainly less than if I was grazing all day or if I had lunch👍🏼💪🏼🙏🏼 It is a momentous thing we’re doing, it’s not easy, but like everything, consistency is key, everyday OMAD becomes easier every single day; although, some days I think I’ve never driven so fast, eager to get home & have ‘that’ one meal!!!!🤣

    I feel like my mojo is returning, (s)he’s still a little skittish😨, so I’m taking things easy & hoping to regain some enthusiasm for this WOL which made me quite evangelical about it at the beginning. I know I suffer from ‘shiny penny syndrome’ but I’ve stuck with this & I intend to FOR EVER so I better just get used to it & make it routine & automatic😍.

    Onward & downwards folks!!!

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

    Day 12 – UK – FD

    Had a very busy day yesterday – client meetings in London, late leaving and even later home because of a broken down train. We were in the most beautiful venue though, right by Tower Bridge & the Tower of London, so not all bad. Either way, it was a NFD and I ended up having a couple of glasses of wine so not DTF this week.

    Today is my 2nd FD of the week… I’m a little apprehensive if truth be told because I think my hormones might be going against me on this one, but going to muster up all my resolve to see me through!! It’s only one day right?? I can eat all the chocolate tomorrow if I REALLY want to…?

    @funshipfreddie – well done, you seem to be doing really well!

    @daffodil2010 – Ouch! I feel for you with plantar fasciitis. My DH had that a few years back and it was not fun at all. My Osteopath treats it in a lot of patients apparently! Fingers crossed on those Orthotics arriving swiftly.

    @penz – so sorry to hear about the lockdown right before your meal out! Hopefully it won’t be too long before you can rearrange it.

    Have a good day all! Not long til the weekend 🙂

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋

    Day 12 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning everybody. Scales say 132.8 today so a little bit of a loss. @funshipfreddie – .4 for me too, unless you’re weighing in kgs?

    My lovely nephew dropped by yesterday with a yummy fresh lobster 🦞, delicious and not calorific. Today it’s damp and foggy but not raining so morning tennis will be on.

    @stitchincarol – thank you for the encouragement, it really helps 🙏 Yes, it was an American friend who gave me the plum torte recipe and mentioned it was in the NYT.
    @at, @songbirdme – I attribute a 5 lb weight gain to that torte so be careful 😆
    @daffodil2010 – shame about your foot, i hope the orthotic helps.
    @northerndawn – ‘crispy high fibre vegetables’ – great idea in theory, ha ha ha. Why oh why do I not crave a nice piece of broccoli???? 😂😂😂
    @flourbaby – congrats on the B2B, wise to not push it.
    @jaifaim – life can be so stressful, go easy on yourself. Take care.

    Have a great day.

    Day 12 – USA/GA – FD

    Yikes, running even later today! Gotta go. Weigh-in: 225 lbs. Ugh.

    Details later.

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋

    Day 12 – UK – TDEE

    A bit grey and overcast with low clouds covering our local fells at the start of today but the sun has managed to break free intermittently as the morning has gone on – started my day with a 9am Happy Hour Aerobics class – good way to start!

    Manicure booked for 1pm and a Pilates class via zoom at 6pm to end the day – catching up with chores around the home in between and listening to the 🏏 England v India.

    @jaifaim – already a year anniversary since your Dad passed away…..lovely that you could spend time with your mum and the family reminiscing 🤗 Remember that he may be “Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.”
    @litprof – well done on that B2B2B FD800 – if you decide on anotherFD800 all power to you!
    @penz – I was salivating thinking of your dinner involving truffles… sad to hear that it has to be postponed due to another lockdown – but something to look forward to…..
    @flourbaby – 💪 on your B2B…..Yes slow but sure on your journey back to 5:2
    @dvw – fresh lobster so yummy and low calories….what’s not to enjoy!

    Right off to walk into the village for my manicure – stay strong with your RESOLVE today!

    Day 12 USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s blood donation went just fine, then did some yard work and laundry. Looks sunny out there today.

    @dvw – I am not planning to make that plum torte any time soon! The recipe reminded me a bit of a blueberry coffee cake I make (same type of batter) but since I am not buying plums, I will avoid it.

    Today would have been my parents’ anniversary. Remembering them today — they both passed in 2009 just months apart.

    Fox Sports is showing the “Field of Dreams” baseball game tonight. I will have to root for the Yankees as DH is a fan. Plus, being a north-side Chicago gal, I always went with the Cubs over the White Sox. The location is a fun place to visit there in Iowa.

    @at – enjoy your mani and class today. Didn’t know you were a cricket fan!

    @stitchincarol – yes, lost a (temporary) pound. “A pint’s a pound the world around” comes to mind. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    Dinner out went well last night, with yummy food, but half of it brought home. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of today’s fasting.

    @bellyblast Welcome back! Sorry to hear about having surgery, but your silver lining made me smile; not the best way to lose weight but whatever works, right?

    @northerndawn The only time you need spare us your verbosity is when you simply don’t feel like it; your words are always welcome and appreciated!

    @basyjames YAY! Those pounds are no match for your resolve!

    @at Wow. @northerndawn‘s Victor Hugo quote was great, and your Julia Child quote was also great! I love quotes of pithy eloquence.

    @jaifaim Grief does indeed hit us at unexpected times. I’m so glad you got to have an anniversary mass, and it’s good to have you posting again. Step by step, day by day, you’ll get back to equilibrium.

    @litprof Your Thursday evening sounded like great fun! What did you have?

    @penz Oh, so VERY disappointing! Is it the Delta variant that sent you into lockdown?

    @daffodil2010 Impressive resolve! Isn’t it amazing how our brains can take what has been normal behavior and suddenly make a huge to-do over it? I’ll bet you can just blast through the challenges and stick to your goals with aplomb.

    @funshipfreddie Ahhh…walking by the ocean. I grew up only blocks from the Pacific with lovely walks of great variety on the beaches, depending on which one you chose. It’s perhaps the smell of the ocean I miss the most, along with the sounds. 🥰

    @flourbaby I love the description of your mojo as being skittish–a perfect word choice! So glad it’s returned to you!

    @babs_b One of the quotes that kept me going last summer was the title of a book: “Delay, Don’t Deny.” Here’s hoping your RESOLVE gets your through your determination to delay!

    @dvw Oh, yummy lobster! Lovely nephew, indeed!

    @northgeorgia Oh, dear on the need to leave earlier than usual! How long until they’re done and gone? I’ll bet you’re counting the days, and I hope it’s not weeks!

    @at I never bother with manicures as piano playing is too hard on them, but I’ve been longing recently for a pedicure, and think I’ll be going for one soon! Such a lovely time of pampering, huh?

    @songbirdme Fun quote “A pint’s a pound the world around”! Don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. I do have to take issue with you doing yard work and laundry after giving blood; no excessive labor, you know!!! 😉

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋

    I’m off to church to do my secretary job, then it’s home to continue working on my current quilt. I started it in October 2018, and am very, very close to having all the blocks sewn and ready to assemble the whole thing. In other words, I’m still many hours away from done, but I’m making dramatic progress. Have a grand day, everyone, full of resolve to achieve your goals for the day!

    Day 12 North Canton OH FD

    @at what fires? I live in Ohio, and I don’t think we are dealing with any fires. I better pay more attention to the news.

    @Jaifam sorry about all the stress, hang in there and take one day at a time

    @litprof I have noticed the same thing with bread. I love warm, soft, doughy bread, but it does not love me back – or maybe it loves me too much; it tries to stick to me like glue

    @daffodil2010 huge hugs. I can’t wait for you to get your orthotic soles and some relief on Saturday. Also good resolve on your LFD or OMAD

    @flourbaby I also have the same problem on NFD if I do not restrict my eating window; I will graze all day on nuts. Yay for your returning mojo

    @penz what are the odds? The universe is trying to help you with your resolve.

    I listened to a sermon this morning and something stuck out that I would like to share:
    The speaker noted that humans tend to be fully present when we are beset by cravings or our appetites, and this can sometimes blind and deafen us to our long term goals and commitments. Because we are fully present to our cravings in the moment, we will justify and convince ourselves that satisfying what we desire right then is a good decision. But most often there is the aftertaste of regret; after the craving is satisfied.
    For this way of life, if I keep satisfying my appetite in the short term, I will deny myself the satisfaction of meeting my long term goals and commitment. I resolve not to do that.
    Have a wonderful day everyone

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋

    Day 13, NFD, Aus

    I wish! @flourbaby! Might depend on how long this lockdown goes for because I did have very good habits last year when we were working from home for months: lots of walks with the dogs and Leslie and good eating habits. Who would have thought mojo would be a good partner for COVID. And yes, @stitchincarol, it is the Delta strain here.

    Mmmm talks of walks near the sea and fresh lobster are making me envious. Still, I’m looking out my study window at dense fog and gloomy eucalyptus trees so not a bad view.

    Sorry for not commenting on everyone’s posts but I am reading all your news avidly.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 13 AUS FD800

    Well yesterday was definitely NOT a FD, though not too excessive in the end. After three good B2B FD800’s, it felt nice to celebrate the reopening from lockdown: we saw the big touring art exhibition featuring masterpieces from the NY Met, then went to a fabulous small restaurant that serves posh Asian “street food” using local/usual ingredients like finger lime. @stitchincarol, I had an eggplant bao to die for, plus a shared agadashi tofu and nasu dengaku, every bite worth the calories! The serves were small, and the scales have not gone up this morning.

    @penz, sorry you missed your truffle dinner, and are now joining the rest of the east coast in lockdown. Fingers crossed it will just be a short sharp stint and you can rebook dinner soon. We are still WFH this week too.

    Today will be an easy FD I think, as I am still full from last night! Famous last words perhaps.

    Hope Friday 13th doesn’t live up to its unlucky reputation for my fellow fasters!

    Day 12 MN/USA NFD

    Checking in at about 8:45 pm my time.
    I had a great FD yesterday of less than 500.. I actually had a PFDS moment. I am on target to do a TDEE of 1300 calories today. That is the TDEE of my goal weight of 145 lbs. The weather has been great with low humidity, and so I have been outside taking care of my planters of flowers and vegetables. Gardening is actually a great work out. Lots of squats, pull ups, and etc.

    Stay strong everyone!

    “Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”. Victor Hugo

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I did my first LFD in a long time yesterday, though there was a bedtime cup of hot milk and nutmeg to give a carb snooze effect, so calories but not much……I slept so well, skin looks great today…..although only a pound drop (and here comes the weekend), I feel better for it.

    I also started back writing in my nightly food/ feeling journal. I stopped that back in March when I began to feel unwell……but it’s time to log it all again, my weight, my feelings, my sleep etc etc. I found this to be hugely beneficial in the past, and I would often refer back to it to see what helped me before.

    So looking forward to getting those orthotics tomorrow. I guess I will never know what caused the plantar fasciitis but it’s sudden onset the week after coming out of hospital for appendicitis still has me wondering if their is a connection. 🤔

    @funshipfreddie, I too had never heard of plantar fasciitis until a few months ago when it popped into conversation somewhere. And I too googled it and was pleased to note, then, that it didn’t affect me, then.

    @basyjames that sermon piece that you shared is super, very thought provoking, and really helped me last night when I read it.

    So I already have DH in line this morning with the resolve to go forward with no salty snacks this weekend, no white carbs, especially no white bread, no processed foods, no alcohol on Sunday and no beer at all!

    😇 Have a great Friday 13th

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @dvw – 0.4 kgs, so, almost a pound.

    @stitchincarol – I love the sea too. Just getting a glimpse of it puts me in a good mood. Although you can have too much of a good thing. The place I moved from last year was literally a stone’s throw from the sea. The noise of the waves hitting the rocks got old very quickly. Permanently dirty windows, the damp, day-trippers, weekend traffic – never again!

    Interesting article in the UK Mail re metabolism. There goes another excuse for a spare tyre:-

    It’s cool, cloudy & gloomy here. And Friday the 13th! Maybe my usually unlucky numbers will be lucky today, so I’m going for lunch & then to play a little roulette 🍀

    Pocket List – Day 13 🥕

    Day 13 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning. Scales say 132.4 lbs, another small drop. I am planning/hoping/resolving to post my weight on here everyday to keep me motivated. Yesterday was a busy tennis playing day and I have another game today, followed up with more packing. Woohoo. 🥳

    @penz – I also found the covid lockdown a good time to lose weight and get fitter. For me I think it was the lack of choice.

    Take care all.

    Day 13 North Canton OH FD

    This may be the earliest I have posted in quite some time. Typically I post after everyone has had a go. It is nice.

    Covid lockdown was a mixed bag, at first I exercised a lot but could not stop eating so my weight went up; then after I got my nutrition under control, the additional pounds fell off. I think it took me a while to find balance and a routine that would work for me.

    Happy packing @dvw

    @funshipfreddie, I read that article this morning as well and I also was thinking the same thing; I guess there are no excuses. I find it hard to believe though.
    I also love the sea but I think it would get old really fast if I lived by one for the reasons that you mentioned. I have always fantasized about living next to water, and two years ago, the local parks dug a community pond right behind our home, I can see the water from our bedroom which is nice and really soothing, but the siding on the back portion of our home needs to be cleaned every few months vs every 2 years because of the proximity to water. Still I guess it could be worse.

    @daffodil2010 I am glad that it helped you, it definitely helped me. I have imagined the aftertaste of regret every time I was tempted to get out of line. I was also able to turn down a wine crawl invitation very easily because I don’t need to mess with my mojo right now.

    Enjoy the day everyone, and see you over the weekend

    Pocket List – Day 13 🥕

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. Little victories — nice to see that number, been a week since I was last under 223. The return to the 5:2 standard has been interesting. The “average” weight seems to creep up a bit each week, but there’s no real statistical difference between those numbers and anything in the month of June and July. But what is interesting is the “tightness” of the numbers; no more wild 5-6 lb fluctuations in a week. Mindfulness is going to be the key — satisfying and nutritious foods in reasonable portions to stop the weight from rocketing upwards on a string of NFDS. The key concept is more calories burned and less calories consumed.

    I have to be more creative. How would a slim, continental me, enjoying a stroll in Paris, look? What would I eat and how much? And how would I survive in Zurich for a week with just a few hundred francs for food if I didn’t eat sparingly? When I say, “Non, merci,” or “Ein Mineralwasser, bitte,” do my jowls flap or do I recline comfortably, knee over knee while looking disdainfully at the summer tourists? LOL!!! Come on, I have to some fun on my visualization! I guess I need to practice my French and German a bit more and start shouting at no one in particular in those languages when naughty temptations arise. “Le Taco Bell? Bof! Je DETESTE le bœuf inférieur sur les galettes de maïs! ALLONS-Y!” Yes, out loud! Well, maybe. We’ll see.

    Day 13 – Ireland – CD

    Thanks everyone! It means so much to be able to come on and blurt my feelings and stresses…
    I’ll be fine… I’m strong but often just rely on that strength and move on without dealing with things and put the good side out. I’m showing my vulnerabilities a lot more now and I know some of my people are surprised as I’m generally the person who buoys others up…
    Thanks for all your kind comments and like @flourbaby although I though I miss him terribly I am so very glad he left us when he did and didn’t suffer.. we have great memories 💕 and he was a great age. His birthday (93) is coming up next week so we will do something special – and then get back to living life and seizing the day as he always did and would want us to!
    Thanks gang!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕 – thanks for lifting me!

    Day 13 – UK – FD

    Today will be my 2nd FD500 for the week before aiming for another TDEE weekend 🤞which will definitely involve some 🍷

    A bit overcast to start today but we are promised dry weather and some sunshine so out I went to meet up with my walking group this morning – had a lovely 6km wander but hardly any sunshine and a rather cool breeze……

    @songbirdme – You are such a star with your regular blood donations 🥇Mani was very relaxing, ended up deciding to cut my nails short as they had got too long and chose a beautiful colour called “Decadence” and YES I am a mad cricket fan, but only for international matches!
    @stitchincarol – a bit of self love and pampering is always good. Even though I live in the lakes with lots of mountains my DD lives less than an hour’s drive away near the coast so I am very lucky and get to meet with her and her dog for a long beach walk fairly often
    @basyjames – I must have misunderstood your previous post where you said “Today has been a rough work day with fires everywhere and it is ongoing.” 🤗
    @litprof – your asian street food feast sounds yum! I’ll be joining you on a FD today
    @northerndawn – nothing wrong with enjoying a PFDS moment – well deserved!
    @daffodil2010 – well done on the LFD yesterday and 🤞 that the orthotics gets you walking pain free once more
    @jaifaim – just 🤗

    Pocket List – Day 13 🥕

    “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

    Day 13 USA – NFD

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone! My Southern mother was quite superstitious, but I have maintained that one day isn’t “luckier” than any other. Probably my faith that Divine intervention is much more the cause than luck.

    We enjoyed seeing all the corn at the Field of Dreams baseball game last night. And it was a great game! Lots of scoring, lead changes, and I do have to be happy for Chicago White Sox. They are having a great year.

    @at and @stitchincarol – thanks for the props on my blood donation. For years, DH’s mother needed fairly regular blood transfusions or pints, so I have always said that I would give in my area for someone else’s grandmother. I learned the hard way one year not to overdo after donating (also no 🍷 wine) as I ended up in the ER the evening after giving. They were sure I was having a heart attack, but it was just dehydration that caused me to pass out at dinner.

    Have a terrific weekend, everyone –

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13 – Rural Nebraska – TDEE

    Yesterday’s FD went well, but the scales still haven’t dropped to the same low I had last week. Very disappointing, but they’re lower than they were several weeks ago, AND I went out to dinner twice this week, so I remind myself to give myself some grace. My only job is to eat properly; actually losing weight is my body’s job. Or, as Victor Hugo puts it: “Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”.

    Tonight will be BLTs as I’d just bought three tomatoes, and then our neighbor brought us six! She also brought us several Armenian cucumbers and I made a salad out of one of them last night that was so good–although, truly, those cucumbers are yummy enough to eat just plain. So I’ll do something with the second one tonight. Have any of you had one before? They’re brand new to me, but I hope I’ll be able to have them frequently from now on, they’re that good.

    @basyjames Great application of a sermon to dieting/eating; that description of justifying and convincing ourselves that giving in to our cravings is a good decision is spot-on…and the aftertaste of regret? Been there, done that, more times than I could count. Strong enough resolve to ignore the cravings is key, and I’m so thankful mine is strong this month; I only am sad that I can’t figure out how to share it with each of you who is still struggling to find their own. 💗 Thanks for sharing.

    @penz “Dense fog and gloomy eucalyptus trees” sounds quite lovely!

    @litprof Eggplant and tofu were the only words I recognized in your foods; I really must get out more, LOL!! 😂🤣😂 I’m so glad you had such a lovely evening; it sounds divine.

    @northerndawn Good for you! My back and front yards are definitely showing the signs of very little attention for weeks, beyond watering, and my body is missing the movement. Today is only supposed to get up to 82/28, so perhaps I’ll finally get out there and give them some love. Simply sweeping the sidewalk of all the debris that’s dropped from our five big shade trees would go a long way.

    @daffodil2010 Great job on yesterday’s LFD and how delightful to have your DH on board with a good plan for the weekend.

    @funshipfreddie Fascinating article. So if I simply duplicate how active I was in my thirties while raising three kids, my metabolism will be roughly the same. I’m not sure I have sufficient ENERGY! 😂

    @dvw I long for the day I arrive at your current weight, so post away…it makes more real for me that such a weight is truly possible, and if it gives you accountability, so much the better!

    @northgeorgia Wow, you have some serious French skills! And I think your visualization is a perfect tool; I went through a similar deep-thought process before finding my RESOLVE. Mine wasn’t nearly as delightful as yours, however, so do continue to share!!

    @jaifaim I love how this international group of strangers, who wouldn’t recognize each other if we were sitting side-by-side somewhere, can be such a lovely and kind and helpful influence on our lives, and I’m glad you feel helped and lifted up. My mom died in 2015 at 96, and I miss her more than ever…My dad died when I was 8, and when I was in my thirties, one of my sisters gave me a book titled “The Loss That is Forever.” Isn’t that a great title?? The book wasn’t particularly helpful to me, but the title comforted me then, and comforts me still.

    @at I envy you being so close to your DD. Our sons are in Omaha and in Lincoln, so less than an hour away, and we enjoy seeing them regularly. Our DD, however, is in Colorado, 610 miles/982km away, so it takes actual vacation days to go see her. Thankfully, we chat on the phone regularly, and do video chats so DGD can see and “talk” to “Ga-ga”–her name for me. 🥰💗🤗

    I wish for you all strength and resolve and joy.

    Pocket List – Day 13 🥕

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    I won! On Friday the 13th! Not a lot in most other currencies; R3500 in just over an hour; which I think is about US$240. The casino is way too close though, just 5 km away. Just as well – win or lose I’ve usually had enough after about an hour.

    Another cold, gloomy & rainy day here; perfect for curling up with the cat & a Kindle.

    I was just looking at a book on Amazon: ‘Unbelievable Freedom: How We Transformed Our Health and Happiness with Intermittent Fasting’. It’s written by an American couple, I think; Ryan & Kim Smith. Good reviews. The before & after picture on the front cover is amazing.

    Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend ⛅️🌈

    Pocket List – Day 14 🍒

    Day 14 UK NFD

    Well done @funshipfreddie – I used to love a little trip to the casino but not been for a long time might have to revisit 💵💵

    Back from a lovely trip , far far too indulgent but plan is steady weekend FD Monday and then super good week

    Walking up to the Rugby club this afternoon for the first time in ages so good exercise just have to watch the 🍻🍻

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