August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 28 – Canada 🇨🇦 – second post

    @stitchincarol – absolutely beautiful quilt, it looks very complicated. 😊 Good for you.

    Day 28 Canada NFD

    Had a delicious and indulgent dinner last night with not too much damage, a light weekend should sort things out.

    @stitchincarol that sounds like a great dining out options and a perfect fit for a FD. Your quilt is amazing, so much work there! Nearly recovered the last part will take a few more weeks and I am feeling fine with that
    @funshipfreddie I don’t know why people feel they can make the you are so skinny/fit/healthy type comments but expect there is a dose of envy involved

    Off to pick tomatoes today and will get some canning going over the next few days. We have great farmers markets and u-picks close by and the produce tastes so good when it is fresh.

    Have a great weekend, will be back on Monday!

    Day 28 – USA/GA – NFD

    Sometimes the weekend is cursed. I have no internet until sometime next week, so connecting using my cellphone data. Ordered a couple of chicken sandwiches yesterday and they both turned out super spicy (so my mother couldn’t eat it). Road construction causing delivery problems. COVID rearing its head, and making some items scarce in the grocery stores and restaurants. Have to give someone at work a bad evaluation next week after reviewing performance with another department. Falling behind the state in our metrics. Etc etc.

    But the good news, I ate both spicy chicken sandwiches yesterday (one for lunch, another for dinner) and I’m a pound lighter today at 233 lbs.

    Go figure. It’s been a ZBC day and now going to think about a nice light lunch.

    Take care!

    Day 28 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE

    Yesterday went fine with the eating, and today is unlikely to have any overwhelming temptations. It’s supposed to be another hot and muggy day, with the heat index around triple digits, but then we’ll get a break…phew!

    @i-hate-lettuce How delightful for you to have a source of excellent beef and venison. I’m surrounded by farms, you realize, but primarily corn and soy beans, with the occasional herd of cows and/or hogs. My favorite image from the farmers market in Mainz, Germany, was the man who was selling farm fresh eggs–and to prove how fresh they were (at least, I suppose that’s why; there was a language barrier, you know), he had a chicken strutting back and forth on top of a counter in his stall. My friend and I laughed so hard at that chicken!

    @funshipfreddie Thank you so much for inadvertently giving me a jolly laugh this morning! You made the comment that people weren’t complimenting you on “skinny” and that perhaps it’s because you’re the odd man out. I was going to mention how, back in the days I weighed 112, there was a woman at church who was seriously troubled by how little I weighed, and kept asking if I were anorexic. It got a little frustrating at times, but I knew it was just from love for me, so I’d assure her I ate like a horse (which I did) and do my best to reassure her. Then, I was going to tell you what my BMI was, so you’d have a better idea what 112 meant. But I had no idea. So I looked it up. OH! That’s when I started laughing. My BMI back then was 19.2…no wonder that dear woman thought I was too skinny, LOL! And thanks for including that article, I found it interesting, especially in light of the Jason Fung book that I’ve finally gotten around to reading and am finding truly interesting and very readable.

    @dvw Sometimes those treats are just the perfect indulgence, huh? And thanks, re the quilt. It’s actually a fairly simply block, complicated only in that the pieces are small (2½”) and so varied. I love that scrappy style!

    @bellyblast So lovely that you’re nearly fully recovered. For the record, that dining out FD meal was at Applebee’s; are they in Canada? It’s hard to feel deprived when you’re eating at a restaurant, so it’s a perfect fit for the occasional FD treat. Of course, swerving the beer and wine is important! 😂🤣😂 Have fun with your tomatoes!

    @northgeorgia You have a lapful of irritations and woes! What fun thing can you do this weekend to ignore the lack of internet, the road construction in front, and the bad evaluation you’re going to have to give? I hope you find something delightful to do!

    I’m going to tidy my house this morning, do some sewing, finish up work at church, and practice the organ for tomorrow, and just generally keep busy. I hope you all have a lovely day, with sufficient resolve and determination to follow through on your eating plan!

    Day 28. London. Not back to OMAD yet. Tuesday!

    Have come back feeling a bit heavier than I was three weeks ago, but I have been drinking and that doesn’t help. I’m praying it’s easy on, easy off…

    I’ve decided to kick the cream in my morning coffee. Stupid idea that I thought I could get away with, but I think it totally stalled any weight loss. So, I’ve got a new plan. 500 calories on Monday and Thursday, and OMAD the rest of the week. And drinking in moderation at the weekends. What can possibly go wrong? One thing I love about fasting is that it helps you relax around food, and stops you fixating on your body. But, in Barcelona we went to the pool most days, and it’s hard to avoid reflections of yourself and what you actually look like. I thought I looked ok, but there’s at least a stone to lose ( preferably two) and now I keep beating myself up. I’m getting on my own nerves. 😳
    @ daffodil2010. – let’s hope the blood tests pinpoint what’s wrong. And yes, I think my sister is ok. She says it’s like she has a bad cold. Phew.

    second post

    @songbirdme Our teams are competing! I never made the connection until the game began a few minutes ago, LOL! It makes me smile to think, “I know what @songbirdme is doing right this very minute!”

    @emma-taylor Welcome back. I’ll hope along with you that it’s easy on/easy off, and I think your plan sounds lovely. And how wonderful that your sister isn’t any sicker than that; relief, indeed!

    @at You’ve been silent a bit longer than is typical; I hope all is well and you’re simply content and busy in your life.

    Day 28 USA – NFD

    Saturday and it IS football – even BigTen in an early matchup! 🏈

    @stitchincarol – yes – just halftime and right! It is our teams! VERY hot there in Champaign, but hopefully it will continue to be a win for my ILLINI! It’s on Fox Sports, so even if we are not there, we’re watching! (Nebraska errors sure have helped us so far.)

    BTW, Carol – that quilt is worthy of envy. I always love how pieced quilts can take on such beauty, and yours is indeed a real work of art.

    @funshipfreddie – I think you’re right that middle age adds so many pounds that upper age just cannot seem to lose. I had never heard TRE as a term for IF, but that article is most interesting on other health benefits.

    @dvw – a “Found FD s Fine” for me and I actually adore it when they happen.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 29 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Making the most of these nice warm end of summer days, good walk yesterday and then a BBQ afternoon, with beer! Since the return from holiday dropped a couple of pounds, only 4 more to go, almost embarrassed to say hardly been trying, just the 2 FD’s a week and a bit more walking and it’s working.

    This morning the last of the garden tidy up ready for the slow down towards autumn and winter. Been an odd year, very cold and dry at the start of the year and a lot of shrubs suffered with wind burn, basically they weren’t growing much and there wasn’t enough water getting to the leaves. Side benefit, not as much pruning back going to be needed later this year!

    Take care all

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @dvw – thanks for keeping me company on the list yesterday. I hope your FD was easier than mine? Mine was a toughie, no doubt not being helped by the cold weather. Anyway, it paid off, with nearly a kilo gone, & even if I don’t hit my August target, it’ll be very close.

    @bellyblast – you know, I think you may be right! I’d never thought of that, but the comments could be envy. The, ‘fasting isn’t healthy’ remarks too, when they’ve probably never even tried to do it.

    @stitchincarol – 19.2?! You were skinny! 😅 But, still in the healthy range according to the BMI. I was just thinking, the only other person I ‘know’ who’s from Nebraska is Penny, from The Big Bang Theory; & she’s not even real!

    Just seen the news re Hurricane Ida?! It’s going to be a humdinger of a storm; worse than Katrina! I hope none of our forum friends are in its path.

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 29 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Quick hello. It’s a chilly morning, 9 C, and the fog is just lifting. Time for a nice hike then for a visit to my folks. I made a big pot of vegetable barley soup to share. Hopefully will find some time to hunt for beach glass too.

    Scales up a bit today, I think perhaps because I had some salt yesterday. Take care all.

    Day 29 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: back at 224 lbs. Well, August was a plateau time. Time to start strategizing for September!

    Well, phooey! I was in the middle of typing, and all of a sudden everything was gone. CTRL+Z didn’t do any good, so I’ll have to start over!

    Day 29 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE

    Yesterday wasn’t as stellar as I’d intended, but it wasn’t bad either, so I gave myself some grace. I also apparently gave myself some salt, because the scale was up this morning! Today should be relatively easy to control, so I’m hoping for a lovely number on the scale tomorrow.

    @songbirdme Congratulations on your win yesterday! It would have been a far more fun game for Nebraska if our guys hadn’t made so many bad mistakes. How’s your quarterback?

    @i-hate-lettuce It’s finally cooled off here AND we just got 1½” rain overnight, so I’ll be getting out over the next few days to do some much overdue tidying in my own yard. I’ll bet you and Mrs IHL enjoy sitting out in your yard and enjoying the fruits of all your efforts! Does she also garden or is it mostly you?

    @funshipfreddie Yeah, Hurricane Ida is going to be catastrophic. Fervent prayers for everyone in its path!

    @dvw Ick, that’s a very cool morning for August…lets us know what temperatures are coming, huh? 😂

    @northgeorgia How much impact is Ida going to have in your area; any idea yet?

    I’ve been avidly reading The Obesity Code by Jason Fung. It’s absolutely fascinating to me, and shockingly easy to read. My favorite point so far is that calories in/calories out CANNOT be true because, among other reasons, that supposition falsely assumes that calories in are independent from calories out; instead, he says, when you reduce your calories in by 30%, then your calories out also reduce by about 30%. That is something I’ve wondered about constantly over the last year-plus…why, with such a reduction in what I’m eating, is the weight not falling off me? Yeah, I’m overeating occasionally, but in general, the calories are way, way down. So, there I go. I’m fascinated to keep reading and consider his suggestions.

    I hope for all of us resolve and determination to achieve our exercise and eating goals for today!

    Day 29 USA – NFD

    Keeping at maintenance is nice. Can’t complain!

    @stitchincarol – yes, it sure was nice to get an ILLINI win yesterday. No update on our starting quarterback Peters this morning. So sorry your Cornhuskers seemed so mistake prone!

    “The Obesity Code” does indeed sound interesting. Thanks for giving us nuggets of wisdom from it.

    @funshipfreddie – all of the USA remembers to well Hurricane Katrina that was on this same date 15 years ago and devastate New Orleans. Hopefully the improvements they have made to dykes and sewers will save that very low-lying city this time. I am concerned about where it tracks next, though, as we have family in Tennessee that were effected horribly (in Waverley) by devastating rains and floods just about a week ago. Hurricanes spawn tornadoes too… ugh.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Bank Holiday Monday! This used to be a day of mayhem on the roads around ‘the Lakes’ area, although it’s a bit cooler and dull, it’ll be the usual chaos. It’s been busier than ever this weekend from what I’ve heard, so off out early for a local walk and more garden jobs to finish off from yesterday.
    @stitchincarol- I do the garden work, although Mrs IHL does help with dead heading the flowers, especially those in the planters and by the house and decking. Mind you that’s quite a lot when they’re in full bloom!

    Going to be a busy week, Mrs IHL doing a full on 3 day weekend, working a fundraiser this coming weekend, followed in fairly quick succession, plus three more she’s got in the pipeline over the next four weeks, luckily the last tree should be a bit easier! However she enjoys baking and organising them as well as being worthwhile causes.

    take care all

    pocket list day 30

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @songbirdme – I remember Katrina all too well. I was on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico, & we had to change our itinerary at short notice. Lots of disgruntled passengers.All the captain’s fault, of course! I just saw the update on Ida now. It’s been downgraded to a category 1 after causing a lot of damage & leaving over a million people without power. But, where would we be without satellites & unable to see these things coming?

    @stitchincarol – I really enjoyed ‘The Obesity Code’, especially the chapter on fasting. And I like Jason Fung’s humour & relatable style of writing

    Last FD for August! Although I just saw it’s a holiday in the UK, so perhaps not so many fasters today…

    Stronger Together 🤝💪

    Pocket List – Day 30 🍏

    Day 30 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 226 lbs. Thank goodness the FD is here. Still no internet, so this will be brief. They are scheduled to come out today at 2-4 p.m., so I’m going into work early to get most of my day in. Hopefully, they can repair today. Rain from Hurricane Ida expected tomorrow, but not a direct hit as earlier this year.

    Pocket List – Day 30 🍏

    Day 30 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Last FD for August. Scales are at 132.2. Have a great day all.

    Pocket List – Day 30 🍏

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    The scale was uglier than ever this morning (152.4). Not at all understanding why it’s shooting up, given how decently I ate over the weekend. Well, hopefully Jason Fung’s answers will help this poor beleaguered body make some progress!

    @i-hate-lettuce I’m thinking you have a true English Cottage Garden. Is that a good description? That’s one of my favorite styles of garden. 🥰💗

    @funshipfreddie Yeah, he’s VERY relatable, especially with random humor thrown in here and there. At this point, however, since he’s persuading me that all his claims are true, I am finding myself simply discouraged, wondering what the point is of my program…he’s made it clear that all the resolve in the world won’t rescue a Calories In/Calories Out approach to weight loss. So I think it’s time to skip ahead and get to the punch line!

    @northgeorgia Have you read Dr. Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code? I find myself thinking of you a lot as I’m reading this. The bottom line you’ll get from this is that your weight is not your fault, not the result of your choices, not because you have insufficient willpower, but is a hormonal issue, or, to quote him: “…the root cause of obesity is a complex hormonal imbalance…”

    @dvw That’s another reduction in weight, isn’t it? Well done!

    I’ll pop back on later, but right now, I have a date with Jason!

    Pocket List – Day 30 🍏

    Day 30 USA – NFD

    Will do ZBC and hopefully very controlled the rest of the day. Although after Silver Sneakers, I do try to get in some protein at least.

    Loss of electricity and property aren’t loss of life, and so far, Hurricane Ida seems to have inflicted lots of wind, rain, and property damage, but I haven’t seen any reports of loss of life.

    Yes, together we are stronger. Onward and downward.

    Day 30 Canada CD

    A great weekend with lots of lovely food, I didn’t try and log it all in to MFP though. A CD today and going to try a FD tomorrow to sort myself out, oh I just thought of your try comment @stichincarol 🙂 Change that to I will be …..

    Stay safe out there today

    Day 30. OMAD London
    Just wanted to thank @funshipfreddie for the link about the benefits of TRE. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in losing weight you forget it has a lot of other benefits. Makes it much easier to stick to.

    Day 30 North Canton OH FD

    The weekend was a bust for me, my oldest daughter was scheduled to move in to her dorm room on Saturday and it was just really busy from the moment we woke up till bedtime. She struggles with an anxiety disorder and after the horrible experience she had during her freshman year was really dreading going back. Her college is an hour away from our home and while commuting is possible; it really is not ideal especially with winter coming up.
    So it was a very busy and emotional move for her and of course for me, she forgot a few key items, so I had to make the trip back down to see her the next morning and get her items to her, then I came home and took my youngest daughter shopping for her homecoming dress. That chikadee can shop! Five hours later, she still had not found anything she liked. We came home and I passed out on the couch. My dietary choices were not stellar, way too many refined carbohydrates and I am feeling super bloated this morning and thankfully fasting.

    @stitchincarol what a beautiful quilt! I have not read the book but I watched several YouTube videos by Jason Fung on the Obesity Code. It really helps with strategizing with this WOL, and he is really easy to listen to too

    @funshipfreddie thanks for the link, and reminder of the benefits of fasting

    @songbirdme I did see reports of one life lost from the storm due to the power outage. Prayers for their safety in Louisiana

    Pocket List – Day 30 🍏

    Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over- F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Wow …. August is nearly over!!

    Has anyone thought about hosting for September? I vaguely remember someone spoke up for it even at the end of July…. Am I right?

    @basyjames – yes, I have now seen 2 deaths reported from Hurricane Ida. I looked up the death toll from Katrina (16 years ago) and it was over 1800. What a difference this time it seems. Sorry your girls have had you taking care of so many details! Our #3 granddaughter (we have 5) had her homecoming Saturday. Amazing how a 16 year old can look 25…. They do grow up!

    Day 31 – lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    A good FD yesterday and a decent walk, very quiet through the pathways and byways just beyond the village, mind you, think we got our 10k steps in before most folk were stirring out!
    Bit different today, first time in about a year and a half, we’re going to actually do a ‘supermarket shop’ we’re away again at weekend, heading off to another of our wandering places. A lot of people, especially those with families and kids ( who go back to school next week after summer holidays) will have returned home so should be a little quieter.

    @stitchincarol – Yes ‘cottage style’ is our garden, basically, organised chaos, plenty going on, this year put in some extra annual plants which the bees have really enjoyed, in fact we’ve had an abundance of bees this year, excellent result. Planning for next year already under way!

    Take care all

    Day 31, U.K. – FD

    Well August has absolutely flown by and I have barely had time to blink and now it is the 31st

    Saying that I seem to have had plenty time to stuff in loads of food, hahaha!

    Fasting today, I only managed one fast day last week so will have definitely been putting on weight in the background!

    #PretendingMyScalesAreBroken !!

    This morning I am welcoming the return to normality and I’m embracing my fast day today and I will do another fast day on Thursday

    I will seek out the September challenge and try to be a little more present next month and also hope you get the chance to catch up with everybody and read everyone’s posts!


    Second post

    @stitchincarol }
    @funshipfreddie } Dr Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code is such a great book, I agree

    So interesting how he came to fasting via nephrology via diabetes and then into reversing T2 diabetes

    I agree I also love his writing style and his sense of humour. Like Dr Michael Mosley he comes across as very human…

    Third post

    @stitchincarol – Thank you for hosting you’ve been fabulous (and sorry for my all of my absences) xx

    Day 31 – UK – FD

    Hello, hello! I have had a bank holiday weekend of indulgence, feeling pretty sluggish and looking forward to today’s FD, even though I already feel hungry (where I ate more than normal yesterday evening). Not dwelling on any negative thought, just gonna keep on keeping on! Also avoiding the scales like the plague until tomorrow.

    I hope everyone in the US is safe and well after hurricane Ida. I was watching the events unfold on the US news channels I can get here in the UK, it looked horrid how it seemed to just stall over Louisiana. Being a Brit (where all we’re used to is grey skies and a bit of drizzle 😉 ), I’m always amazed at how the news reporters go outside and stand in the sideways rain!

    @stitchincarol – you’ve done a fantastic job hosting this month, thank you! I have had your mantra of ‘resolve’ chanting away in my head on many an occasion!

    I’d be happy to host next month if no-one else steps forward / if we can’t remember who had thrown their hat into the ring at the end of July.

    Pocket List for Monday 🤩

    2nd post
    Pocket list for TUESDAY 🤩 (see what these bank holiday Mondays do to my brain!?)

    Day 31 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning. Yes @stitchincarol 132.2 is a bit of a loss, .8 since the beginning of August and I’ll take it! Thank you for being such a wonderfully attentive host. 💐, it’s much appreciated.

    Another beautiful foggy morning but no doubt the sun will be shining by the time I get out for a hike. Will do my best to eat healthily today 😊. Take care.

    Day 31 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Final weigh-in for August is 71.3 kgs, so I lost 1.2 kgs & missed my target by a measly 0.3. I can live with that.

    @stitch-in-carol – thank you for being our gracious host 💐

    See y’all in August!

    2nd Post – Day 31

    Duh? See y’all in September, I mean. And I don’t even have a bank holiday excuse for not knowing what month I’m in 🤦‍♂️

    Day 31 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. Here we come, September! I got my internet back, although it is an unsightly cable strewn across my and my neighbor’s yard, so it’ll likely be cut again. They say they can bury it within 2-6 weeks, but it tends to be more like 6 to 9 months.

    @stitchincarol That’s funny — I was watching a video of Jason Fung’s last night before checking this forum. After your suggestion, I did find an eBook available of The Obesity Code through my library. I’ve read over half of it since checking it out last night. Some good tips I’ll try to implement.

    Day 31 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    Yesterday swerved a bit from a perfect FD, partly because DH and I worked HARD in the yard and I thought a reward was in order, and partly because I knew that, with six piano lessons in Omaha today, it was an easy and guaranteed FD. Even so, I was down this morning, and am finishing the month down four pounds in August. Feels wonderful.

    @bellyblast You made me laugh, and I’m glad my rant at myself helped your attitude, LOL!

    @basyjames I more or less finished the book last night, and listening to his Youtube videos is next.

    @i-hate-lettuce I have one bed for my flowers and “organized chaos” is a great name for mine also…although more because it “desperately needs more attention” than anything. 😂🤣 I got a great start on it yesterday, however, so perhaps I’ll soon be able to look at it without being embarrassed by how much it’s been neglected in the past six weeks.

    @northgeorgia I’m glad you found The Obesity Code helpful. It has sure opened my eyes to a lot of truths!

    My mind is whirling with all the information from Jason Fung’s book. Among other things, it’s making me rethink my fast-food choices on Tuesdays. They are reasonably healthy, and they’re low enough in calories…but I think they’re quite high in carbs. What’s a girl to do??? One thing I’ve absolutely decided is to cut as much added sugar out of my diet as possible. So, no more desserts except rarely, no more toast with jam, no more caramels as an evening treat (one or two, at a calorie count of 30 each, but still…), and so on. And I’m working hard on training myself to find fat not the enemy. I think–THINK–my September plan will be to continue M-Th FDs and then eat merrily on the other five days, but no added sugars, no processed carbs, limited whole grains, etc., etc.–the list of five things Dr. Fung gave. That’s my plan anyway; we’ll see how easy it turns out to be to implement.

    Okay, I’m shortly off to Omaha. I’ll check back in later…

    Day 31 North Canton Oh NFD

    Final weigh in of August 164.8 so 6-ish pounds down, I will take it and resolve to do better next month.

    My fast days are stellar but I have been self sabotaging with refined carbs and added sugars on my non fast days. So next month I plan to continue my current ADF regimen and avoid sugars like the plague on NFD. No point in self sabotage #Allin

    @stitchincarol you did an amazing job hosting us in August-Thank you so much!!!

    See you all on the other side 🥰

    Day 31 – Ireland – FD

    Just checking in to say thank you @stitchincarol for hosting this month and I’ll be back on track from tomorrow…
    New month – new mojo 💪
    See you all in September 👋

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 31 Minnesota, US NFD

    I had a lovely week off and away, but now the scales are not a pretty sight! Oh well, onwards we go and I’m confident that I will get rid of the 3 lbs or so I seem to have gained in the last week. I would love to believe it’s just water weight, but I am well aware of the amount of calories I’ve consumed this last month, and I know it is “real” weight. I resolve that September will be a good month, a healthy month, and I will get back on track.

    I have not caught up on posts yet, but I will have some time tonight, I hope, after a full day of gardening and yard work.

    @stitchincarol…….Thank you so much for hosting the challenge this past month. You did an amazing job, as usual. I love reading your posts! And I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever entered any of your quilting projects in the Nebraska State Fair? If not, you really should……I’ll just bet you would win a blue ribbon!

    Persistence, secret of all triumphs. Victor Hugo

    Day 31 – UK – FD800

    @stitchincarol – thanks for thinking of me – yes definitely still here but had lots of friends visiting and fell off my Resolve Mantra big time with lot of good food and wine……. but managed to get back on the wagon on Sunday with a FD800 followed by a good CD yesterday and another FD800 today with plenty of walking!
    @i-hate-lettuce – great to have you back from your very enjoyable cruise by the sounds of it and good to hear that both you and Mrs IHL are doing well and had a fab time
    @babs_b – I thought someone had put up their hand for September but as no new challenge posted as yet I think we would be very grateful if you could take over from @stitchincarol and set up a challenge for September please – I’m happy to get a spreadsheet done if you need help with that x

    We have been having some lovely weather here and I have been out for walks most days and enjoying the company of visiting friends……too much food….too much wine…..but such fun!!! Apologies to all for my absence but hopefully everyone is doing well and look forward to catching up next month.

    Thank you to dear @stitchincarol for being such a great host and inspiring us with your RESOLVE MANTRA during the August Aspirations 2021 Challenge 🤗 💐 and to @babs_b for taking up the hosting baton for September – these are for you 🤗💐too

    Day 31 UK FD

    Thank you @stitchincarol for guiding us this month 💐I’ve not been fully engaged so that’s something for me to work on next month

    Thanks @babs_b for stepping up I hope to do much better in September 💪

    Third post – Day 31

    @at thank you! I’ve just created a new September challenge thread, so if you could pop the spreadsheet in there, that’d be lovely – thank you so much!

    @brightonbelle & everyone else… see you on over there tomorrow! 🙂

    Day 31 Canada FD

    Al set for my first FD in quite a while. Thanks to @stichincarol for leading us this month and mentioning that trying is not the same as committing to fasting I am sure it will go well. Food is logged into MFP- egg and apple for late lunch, eggplant tuna salad for dinner and a small glass of kefir before bed 510cal.

    Thanks @babs_b for hosting next month, I am in:)

    Day 31 USA – NFD

    August is done! @stitchincarol – your certainly ARE the “hostess with the mostess” for sure! Your attention to everyone plus tidbits of your own have been stellar.

    @babs_b – thanks for jumping in for September. Whew…. More days and weeks of our journey!

    Onward and downward.

    Second post

    It’s with not a little bit of astonishment that I report how today’s FD is going. Remember I was really reconsidering my fast food options for a FD because of the high carbs (at least, I’m assuming so)? And I mentioned that a FD on Tuesdays is now quite easy because I have six piano lessons? Well. I could have found time to eat, but I kept putting it off to see just how long I could go without eating a thing; it’s now 8:11 and I’ve not yet eaten a thing today. I’m pretty determined to stick it out and make this a liquid FD. I’ve never done one before, and I’m QUITE hungry, so I’m not certain I’ll make it, and I’m not even trying to use resolve…but I do believe I can stand it and make it through the rest of the evening until bedtime. Amazing how being super busy can make or break a FD, eh? Dunno if I’ll try this again, but all my reservations about Keto are gone, thanks to Jason Fung, so I’m wanting to move into ketosis quickly, since that’s my plan.

    Thanks, everyone, for the kudos, and thanks, @babs_b for volunteering to host September; I’m sure you’ll be great! See you then!

    Many thanks @stitchincarol for your wonderful hosting and YAY for your first ever liquid FD 💃

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