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  • In my office there is a group that tries to raise money for charity by setting up little snack areas with goodies and charge 50 cents or a dollar. For a long time this has not been a problem because the snacks were in the microwave room and I only go there once a day to heat up my protien hot chocolate. Now they have added a new site where I have to walk past several times a day. The first day I saw it I complained and asked it be moved. However others in my group like it especially my extrememly over weight boss. So I was out voted or most didn’t care.
    Should I continue to complain or suck it up and learn to ignore the treats sataring at me and often calling my name? Especially the chocolate. I am not sure I have that much will power especially on fast and non fast days (yes – know. That’s everyday). Suggestions to suceed?

    Yeah, that’s pretty mean and rather a cynical & exploitative way to raise money to be honest – they could at least make an effort to have some healthier options – not just for those on diets but just for the longterm health of the entire workforce.

    My colleagues at work constantly talk about food (always have) and someone is always microwaving some gorgeous smelling meal at lunch time 2 metres from my desk (that’s kind of my own fault as I donated my old microwave to the office). They also occasionally use the office popcorn maker and it’s Sod’s Law that they will decide to bring in homemade cupcakes or some other naughtiness on one of my fast days.

    It IS a pain but you CAN resist. It is just for one day and just keep reminding yourself that you can have one (or more if you want) of those treats tomorrow.

    You CAN say no to anything for just one day and that’s all a fastday is – just one day, twice a week 😉

    wow, that is really tough. I think you should get some healthy snack options in there too, you never know others might find them tempting if they’re as readily available. You can have the healthy options on your fast day, and then opt for something more calorific on a non-fast day !

    The office is so hard when other people are eating delicious food around you, but I have to say I find it even harder when I am at home cooking meals for my son….

    “Should I continue to complain or suck it up and learn to ignore the treats ”

    What is your best decision?

    It seems obvious away from that environment but difficult in the moment.

    How would you prepare for this?

    I decided to move it. The chips cheese doodles chocolate bars and large muffins were just driving me nuts. So I moved the snack set up out of my view. I wrote a little note explaining my actions. Actually I am proud of myself I took the initiative to help ensure I meet my goals. I am sure I have helped others to.


    I don’t understand completely as I do not have a sweet tooth and prefer homemade goodies to store bought, but when the mood strikes me, but when I am tempted, I look up the calories. For example, I used to love love love dry roasted peanuts to go with my large glass of dry white wine. The total calories in my indulgence made me stagger backwards, haven’t bought or consumed DR peanuts since then, the wine on it’s own is not bad.

    Look up the ingredients on the store bought treats, in the UK, a Tesco jam dount is made up of 44% FAT ! yikes! there is not room for other ingredients.

    Put a photo of an item of clothing you want on your desk as a reminder? or a photo of a slimmer you? Might help.

    Guilty as charged though, I am the baker for a lot of our charity events, but I am not a pusher and I keep the baked goods covered to prevent temptation.

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