April 2020 Monthly Challenge

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April 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 2, Emden Germany, CD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning everyone. This morning I realised that it’s been weeks since I did my morning stretching and HIIT exercises, I just completely forgot about them with all that’s going on. I usually exercise then go for my dawn walk…so today I got back in the groove. 5 mins of jumping about, followed by yoga stretches, then my brisk morning walk…

    I feel more in control already ☺️ However no chance of an FD until Monday but I am going to work up to it and be ready. Mad March has knocked everyone sideways.

    My youngest step-daughter lives in Manchester and has her own lash salon. However, she had to shut up shop due to Covid19 restrictions, then hasn’t anywhere to live as the lease on her flat finished and the owner wanted to move back in after a divorce…..and she is not earning money and over there at 24 years old on her own…..

    …so today she packs up her Volkswagon Beetle, her cat Margot, and is getting the ferry HOME until all this madness is over.

    It’s such a relief knowing she will be home, the social welfare is better here, she won’t be homeless, the family can’t wait to see her. (Though DH is off limits)….at times like this crisis there is no place like home.

    And there is no place like this international forum of friendly people getting by with encouragement and tips and takes from the coal face.

    Have a great day.

    Day 2 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Well April 1st was well named ?

    Yesterday we went out for our morning walk, really nice down along the estuary, cool breeze, no one around (no traffic on the roads) very quiet so birdsong was very loud.
    It was a planned FD, which was going well until late afternoon! Then I fell off the wagon, went base over apex, landed on the settee with a bottle of red! That’s the first time for a while, so today is going to be a ‘make up for yesterday’ FD.

    @daffodil2010 – Hope your step-daughter has an uneventful journey home, has a time to plan and reset things. This will all pass at some stage, until then look after our family and friends.

    Take care all

    Pocket list Day 2
    @betsylee FD800

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Duh? Just realized I typed ‘NFD’ yesterday, but I did do a FD, I promise! I was on the list anyway.

    Have a good one, Thursday fasters 🍏

    Day 2 UK FD

    Trying to catch up with all the posts already! We have, as always, a great group for April. Let’s go for it this month!
    Just heading out to work so continue later.
    Stay safe everyone.

    Day 2 NFD North Wales

    Successfully managed to do a FD yesterday. Now comes the hard part staying within my TDEE. That is where I am going wrong. I think I need to start recording what I eat. Have a good day everyone.

    Day 2 NFD country West Australia
    Have caught up with most of the posts. It is so good to be connected across the globe especially at times like this.😵
    I must say I find it amazing that a tiny invisible virus has virtually shut the world down. Hard to imagine when you consider the vastness of the universe!🤔
    Still it is a good time to reset – a bit like 5:2 really. Sometimes it takes a major event to make us reset our WOL and change our priorities.😷😓
    So, a 60 yo female still in paid employment health professional, lost a lot of weight after starting 5:2 in November 2016. Lived a 5:2 WOL and did it with conviction. Sat on a plateau for months and then everything went to pieces. Well I let everything go to pieces.
    Ate like there was no tomorrow and ended up putting on double what I had lost and am now still trying to get back where I was!😲
    5:2 does work as others have said – but you do have to DO 5:2!
    For this month hoping to lose 2kgs and try to exercise daily when possible.
    @betsylee, thank you for telling me about the heart quiz! I was quite alarmed by the results as I know that I have to lose weight but didn’t think it was that bad. Think I’ll just stick with 5:2!
    @hyacinth, when I saw you were from Colorado it reminded me of John Denver. I love his voice and songs and immediately thought of ‘ Rocky Mountain High..’.
    Go well all.🤗

    Day 2 – UK – CD

    Managed a good 500FD yesterday although I struggled in the evening – felt cold but drinking hot water with a slice of lemon kept the hunger at bay – early night and slept fairly well. A great job by all my fellow fasters yesterday – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Woke up at 0630 to get ready for a 7am on line Broga class (45mins) with OH joining me on the mat, then had an hours rest and joined in on my regular aerobic class, although the teacher cut it down to 40min. Just had a shower and having a well deserved rest whilst I log on here. Still fasting since my OMAD yesterday at 1830 – hoping to stay on water only until lunchtime and will then have a light snack.

    Lovely to see some newbies joining us – a warm welcome to you all @therese19 @kcslerner304 @clemmi (I missed you joining us in March) @kimjoy37

    Welcome back to @molij @bytownbandit @hyacinth

    @ciren2 – do keep popping in to let us know you are alright – keep safe doing all our postal deliveries 🤗
    @songbirdme – Les Mis parody – I had seen this clip – they were brilliant!
    @hyacinth – like you I love cooking and enjoy eating and drinking some🍷 – fortunately I love exercise, only discovered this once I retired…and am also feel very fortunate to live in a place where being outdoors is easy! I love it that you have a plan to keep you focused whilst we are self isolating 👍
    @songbirdme – I too have the free MFP app and find it very helpful
    @penz – I’m with you in never waking up feeling hungry unlike my OH – so years ago I stopped feeling guilty for not eating on waking up – I now “break my fast” when I feel hungry, usually late morning or early afternoon depending on how busy/occupied I am….
    @daffodil2010 – safe travels home to you for your step daughter
    @i-hate-lettuce – not so nice today in our neck of the woods – if it brightens up may go out for a quick walk this afternoon 🏃‍♀️

    I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have this international community to tap into for support, motivation and understanding especially whilst living under such life restrictions ❤️

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 2 UK NFD

    That must be such a relief @daffodil2010 My youngest (22) is in London although we speak most days and he’s fine I do wish he was here with us

    As I’m housebound I’m trying to stay active Keeping up with the 30 day shred and I’m revisiting the 14 day yoga challenge with Fiji McAlpine on YouTube which I recommend if anyone’s missing their yoga class

    Stay safe x

    Day 2, London, UK, NFD

    Morning All!!

    Welcome @therese19, my goodness you’re young!!! Congratulations on making the right choices that will last a lifetime, I really wish I had found 5:2 when I was your age. I’ve suffered through teasing & taunting and general self-loathing all because of my weight and finding 5:2 in my 40’s, has been a life-saving revelation!!!

    @songbirdme, they seem like a lovely ‘normal’ family, including the bickering at the start!! They were on breakfast telly this morning, they’re planning one more song, perhaps from West Side Story, then they’ll retire from the limelight!!!

    So, it’s ‘Arid April’ for @jaifaim, @flourbaby, @hyacinth (welcome back!!), I think being at home all of the time wouldn’t mix well with the vino. I’m pretty sure there would be wine with lunch!!! That’s just a very slippery slope I MUST avoid!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce ………………..”base over apex” ……………….. I like it, so I’m stealing it for future (unplanned!) events!!! I’ll give the red wine a miss though, these trying times would have me pickled daily!!!

    Stay strong everyone, how are our newbies faring? It truly gets easier and you’ll have cracked it when you start looking forward to FDs ……………………………… the real skill lies in navigating the NFDs!!!! I’m still working on that!!

    Day 2 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Hi Everyone. Today I decided I would incorporate a few more steps into my day, by walking around the house doing things I would normally do stationary. I think I added about 500 steps by the time I had folded my laundry. 🙂
    @jaifaim, @flourbaby, I won’t join you for Arid April, but I will continue with Dri til Fri.
    @lilymartin – you are so right there are many people worse off than us, especially those battling Covid 19.
    @at – thanks for all those helpful tips. Even for those of us who have been doing this a while they are a good reminder.
    @clemmi – large gardens have suddenly become more of a godsend rather than a chore in these times. I look at ours and I’m glad of a reason to get outside.
    @therese19 – I am so glad that you found this WOL at such a young age. I only wish I had. At nearly 59 I have so much more energy and zest for life and its thanks to this WOL.
    @funshipfreddie – hope things aren’t too bad for you re lockdown. My nephew is in Nelspruit confined to his appt and the grounds around it.
    @songbirdme – do you have any top tips for us to help?
    @basyjames – I think March caught many of us out, so here’s to April being the month we get our rhythm back.
    @ciren2 – good to hear from you. Hover as much as you like and stay safe delivering the mail.
    @hyacinth – I like the sound of your neighbourhood cocktail hour. A great way to stay social.
    @metatauta – lets hope easy on easy off moves the 3lbs
    @cavanya – you’re right our mental health is so important especially when coping with life at the moment.
    @penz – not heard of an Australian cattle dog before, do you work them or are they pets?
    @daffodil2010 – hope your Stepdaughter gets back ok. Its funny how things slip from our routine, but glad you’ve found your HIIT routine again.
    @ihatelettuce – did you drink it all or did you manage a little control? 😉
    @molij – one day at a time
    @brightonbelle – my nephew recommended Fiji McAlpine’s yoga, I really must take a look.
    I think I’m on my own today with fasting as so many of you fasted yesterday. I’m sticking to my routine on Mons & Thurs for the time being.

    Pocket list Day 2

    Just spotted this, sorry

    Pocket list Day 2
    @betsylee FD800

    Day 2 UK FD
    Day 1 UK NFD

    I was offline yesterday after an epic few weeks,needing to have a good rest and reset into a new rhythm.

    Delighted to have got through hosting March AND stayed on the waggon despite the challenge being part of bigger challenges than anyone could have imagined. Pleased to have found a little mojo in the discipline of daily posting, which has helped to turn the tide from gain to lose again. Thanks again to @suki2 for hosting our April adventures 🙂

    About me: I’m F55yo Londoner with various longterm health conditions restricting health, energy & mobility. I put on weight with illness/treatments, when I stopped smoking & with menopause. At the end of 2017 a growing feeling of a fat suit between me & the world led me to 5:2.
    I joined the December 2017 challenge and have been here ever since!

    Dec 2017 I was 18llb/82kg and in stretchy size 18s – at 5’6″/1.67. Over 18 months I went down to 140lb/63kg, losing 6″/15cm from my fat suit/size 12. All good until I fell off the waggon after a sudden bereavement Sept 2019 and crept back up to 161lb. Hosting March Challenge has helped me to turn the corner, now back to 154lb and aiming for 140lb again.

    For April I’ll be doing plain vanilla 5:2, fasting Mon/Thurs. Drinking plenty of water and practicing gentle daily adapted yoga & meditation. I’m also looking for a new daily /weekly rhythm, which will include very early bedtimes – i feel my inner 8 year old yearning for 8pm bath & 9pm sleep.

    I’ve been mostly at home for 20+ years & am never, ever bored! Possibly one of the few people who hasn’t even begun tidying yet,let alone clearing out -I’ve one pot of energy and there’s usually something more interesting to do!

    Hoping to make enriching my home enivronment one of my priorities over the next few months, now I’m not using that energy to get into town a couple of times a week. But while everyone is suddenly living online and there’s a culture of ON, I’m taking time to find a new rhythm of rest & engagement.

    Welcome to all newbies – next to stopping smoking, this is the best decision ever! Ask away- whatever you are going through, someone will understand and be able to advise. Hello again to old friends – glad to hold hands over this next month and cheer each other one – we’re always stronger together

    Off to sort out some stuff after morning in bed when my body simply wouldn’t move. But whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Pocket list Day 2
    @betsylee FD800

    Day 2 post 2

    @suki2 – warthog out of the cage, off the leash …. lucky it was just the one bottle 😉

    Being extra good today, big walk not many calories consumed so far !

    Day 2 North Canton OH NFD

    @penz life is weird right now, and that is why it is so important to take life one day at a time

    I have said it many times, but this forum is a lifesaver. The sense of community and shared purpose we enjoy here has always been so heartwarming and it is even more crucial now

    DD and I went for our run this morning, it was a bit chilly but quite exhilarating. After this post, I plan to complete my strength training class

    @daffodil2010 I agree, engaging in planned physical activity does help with feeling more in control. I pray safe travels for your daughter, I am sure it will be great to have her home

    @funshipfreddie we believe you 🙂

    Be mindful today and take it one minute at a time

    Day 2 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Worked outside yesterday like crazy on the yard. We have pin oak trees that lose their leaves in winter, so had scads of them to rake up and burn. We live on the edge of town next to a dairy farm, so we burn all our yard waste. DH and I are sore this morning! That was all after doing a great Facebook Live Silver Sneakers class.

    @suki2 – Maintenance for me has been very careful calorie counting with only an occasional EFS day to indulge in something, usually a great dessert. But I am ever so careful to get a good honest FD in at least one a week, then other days keeping at TDEE or below. It is a real effort, but I refuse to let this body go back to fat clothes, which are all gone!

    @flourbaby – There is a similar song in “West Side Story” that is a quintet including “Tonight” with the various characters each taking a part. I thought about that as an option for the family too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyUV3hIL-G0

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2, Bavaria (Germany), FD

    Thanks for the warm welcome! It’s great to have a community where one can read and tell stories about our fasting experience. I have nobody outside the internet with whom I can share my success / struggle; I am keeping it a secret to surprise people after this COVID-19 nightmare has ended. Hopefully until then, one can actually see a difference in my appearance.

    @flourbaby, @suki2, I’m glad I got off my arse. For a few years now, I’ve been thinking about loosing weight, but I always put it off for another day. No more excuses now!

    My day has been going very well so far. I finished my workout earlier this morning and had some fish for lunch. Wishing you all a great day and good luck!!!

    Pocket list Day 2
    @betsylee FD800

    Day 1, Northamptonshire – UK , NFD

    Just stumbled on this after munching my way through FAR FAR too much chocolate etc while trying to work from home! I’m making today a NFD and will definitely have a concerted effort now I’ve found this site! Thank you so much for all the information everyone has posted so far!

    Caught up on all the posts and it’s encouraging to see so many of us across the world on board with this. I followed the 5:2 diet about 4 years ago, and together with exercise I’ve never felt more alive than I did then!

    I’ve recently returned back to running after a long absence due to injury and had just ‘graduated’ from my local beginners group when we decided not to meet anymore due to the increasing restrictions. I am trying to get out for my 1 hour each day but, trust me when I say I am munching my way through the rest of the day – no problems!
    So guys, I need this. Two days late to the table but here non the less! I’m looking forward to hearing all of your success stories and sharing our highs and lows together!

    Day 2, UK, NFD

    I did a long post yesterday which was lost. So trying again today.

    I’m a 58 yo woman, married. I did 5:2 for about 18 months in 2017/2018 and lost over 50 lbs. since then I got complacent and a lot has returned. I started back on this WOL in January and rejoined the forum in February. So far I’ve despatched just over a stone but need to get my motivation back now. It was my birthday earlier this week, along with that and the current situation my regime has gone right out the window. Realistically it’s going to be Monday before I can do another FD, I only have my DH to share my birthday cake😀😀🎂.

    To all the newbies, this is a great forum for keeping your motivation going. It’s a positive light in the midst of everything going on and everyone is so supportive.

    Stay safe everyone.

    Day 2, Colorado, USA

    So far, after one day, I have stuck to my goals! The hardest one was Arid April, because once again, we sat out in the road for a social distancing happy hour with a few friends. Though I had a craving, I stuck with seltzer and lime and felt quite accomplished!

    Yesterday I went for a long walk at a local mountain park and saw a friend on the trail. We chatted for a while. So strange to always be aware of staying far away from those you are talking to. When this is all over, will we still feel like we have an invisible bubble of distance around us?

    Therese19–I like your idea of not telling anyone about your new WOL and then surprising them when they see you again. It’s a nice vision to have to help you maintain your goals. I will adopt it too.

    Lilymartin—Fun fact: Rocky Mountain High is the official song for the state of Colorado.

    It’s springtime in the Rockies—after beautiful warm sunny days, today we are having a snow storm. Cozy day to stay inside and cook, but makes it harder to not eat all day.

    Pocket list Day 2
    @betsylee FD800
    @hyancinth FD800/16:8

    Day 2 U.K. NFD
    It’s my second month and I hope to keep going with the success in March. 8 lbs down and counting!

    Day 2, md US, a NFD

    I took our five-year-old to the pediatrician today. He has had stomach upset, little appetite and fever. No cough or sore sore throat thankfully. Turned out to be just a bug, which he gets often but we’ve been home for weeks so, always gross to think about the germs one can get. And they confirmed they’ve had no coronavirus at their office. Which is great news.

    No FD for me today just due to lack of sleep and stress but I do hope to get one in and have maintained my 16/8 as well as a 3mile+ walk with the dog. Great to catch up on things.

    Day 3 – Japan – WFD #27

    Missed a few days, work has been a lot busier since most people around the world are working from home. Basically hours have expanded. However I’m so lucky to have a job right now so I’m not complaining.

    Day 2 FD00

    Doing a water fast today. It’s 6 pm in San Francisco. So far so good.

    Day 2 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 1 — NFD (64 bites)

    The last three days have been quite intense. Since we’ve gone to online learning the teacher has really heaped on the home assignments. Fortunately, only three more weeks to go for this course!

    A little about me — I’m 70 and recently retired. I’ve been with this WOL since August, 2018 and have lost 13 lbs (5.9 kg) and have 10 more lbs (4.5 kg) to go. Those last 10 lbs have been very slow to come off. Actually I lose them and then regain, etc. March saw me on a plateau, so I’ve been re-examining what I do on NFD’s to see if I can get some permanent downward progress.

    @cavanya Hope your 5-year-old gets to feeling better quickly!

    @helen285 Congrats on the fine progress you’ve made!

    Day 3 Melb Aust FD

    Disappointed with my FD800 results over the past 2 days – loss of 100 gms! This particular weight is traditionally a plateau weight, so I’m trying another FD today before tomorrow’s weigh-in. Fingers crossed.

    Very concerned for many of you scattered around the world. @ciren2, be careful delivering your mail; stay well!

    @laird3000, the day we put is the month’s date not the day we start. For example,for me in Melbourne it’s now the 3rd of April, so day 3.

    @helen285, keep up the good work. You’re doing well.

    @hyacinth, I’m also hoping to surprise my friends once this time finishes, so joining you and @therese19 in keeping it quiet.

    @cavanya, whew! Glad your son “just” has a normal sickness and not Covid-19. A worrying time for you.

    @saffy420, belated birthday wishes. Freeze the rest of your birthday cake!! 🙂

    Keep on the downward trail everyone!

    Day 3 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 3, NFD, Aus

    I saw on the news the other night a man who ran a marathon on his 8 metre balcony! Think what you can do you in your apartment, @betsylee!!

    Hi @suki2. Australian Cattle Dogs are great dogs! That’s their official breed name, but they’re often referred to as Blue Heelers (or Red Heeler – same breed, different coat colour). As the name suggests, the breed was developed in Australia about a century ago to work cattle. They’re a tough dog, with that ‘can-do’ working dog attitude. I don’t work mine but I did flyball (canine team sport) with my old girl (she’s a national champion!) and I will do agility with my new pup once he’s finished growing.

    And speaking of which, with thunder clouds on the horizon, I better take them out for a run while I can!

    Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe. Heartened to see that despite all the hardship, you’ll get your daughter back home, @daffodil2010. Silver linings…

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    Day 3 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    It’s been a really nice week for walking this week, we’ve covered some miles and found a new route which helps as we’re walking from home. The fields and woods have finally dried out after a very wet winter so more paths available. There are dozens of fields with sheep and lambs, birdsong sounds louder, it isn’t, there’s just no traffic noise, not that we had much to start with, but we rarely see a car once out of the village.

    Rather ironic, we are able to walk miles, but are classed as a ‘vulnerable’ household and have our shopping delivered. (Suppressed immune system due to chemo so can’t risk picking up anything other than shopping!) It helps with the 5:2 WOL, we order what we want online and pay a small delivery charge, this means we are not tempted by the goodies on the shelves as we only buy what we need, often in store an odd treat falls into the trolley, but not when online!

    Garden coming on in leaps and bounds, greenhouse could do with slowing down (windows open during the day to try and put the brakes on) young plants coming on too quickly, potatoes (grown in sacks) are up and going to have to go outside soon, tomatoes and peppers need to be potted on into their final pots.

    At least we have a routine that we have settled into, not had to resort to ‘looking for jobs’ round the house, although OH could very quickly come up with a list!

    Weigh in day today, no movement this week, but no longer worry about it, in fact getting very used to this WOL and its little foibles!

    Take care all

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Very tired today, super busy at work and not sleeping too well, thanks goodness it’s Friday. Thank goodness I still have a job 😄

    @i-hate-lettuce I am with you on the plants in the greenhouse flying up. I have stuff that badly needs to be potted on…and I realised with horror I have ran out of compost 😱 Don’t know where I can get some as all the nurseries and garden centres are closed. There is an agricultural supplies place near me and they are trading, I might check there.

    DH is like a caged animal. All he wants to do is get out on his motorbike. Oh well.

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @suki2 – the lockdown is fine for me, so far. One week down, two to go! Mind you, I did start rearranging the furniture yesterday, which may be a bad sign? But I’ve got a small balcony, & a stunning view of the ocean. Nelspruit; never been there, but I hear it’s beautiful, & a gateway to the Kruger National Park.

    @i-hate-lettuce – ‘base over apex’ 😅 never heard that before!

    Welcome to @laird3000, @kcslerner304, @hyacinth, @therese19 & anyone I may have missed.

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD

    Day 3 North Wales NFD

    Day 3, London, UK, NFD,

    Well, it’s a late check-in from me today, I feel like I’m wading through treacle this morning!!

    @i-hate-lettuce, I write a long shopping list, initially with wine, winegums and biscuits, then I review it over the next few days, adding & crossing things off!!! This goes on for a good week until I finally feel like my mojo is strong & determined enough to actually enter the supermarket!!! A small victory so I can keep polishing the halo!!!

    I think I’ll go get myself a bucket of coffee, I’m only functioning at 1/2 speed!!

    See y’all tomorrow when I’m more ‘with it’!!!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Must be something in the air @flourbaby – I just can’t get going today Hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself

    Day 3 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Good FD yesterday and scales were kind this morning. DD’s birthday today, so hopefully an online call later. She & her OH are off for a cycle ride today, at least its dry.

    @michelineme – take care of yourself. You are right we shouldn’t be ON-line all the time. My routine is yoga, then online to post here. Then then than family messages I try not to read news, etc. until early evening.
    @ihatelettuce – its Friday today, so my winehog needs to be on a long lead 😉
    @jaifaim – I’ve yet to try Joe Wicks, but I was looking at Karen Hauer (strictly come dancing), she does stretching body workouts amongst other things. I have to be careful not to do too much jumping arouse as I exercise in a spare bedroom. I’m not sure the floor can take it.
    @songbirdme – good advice, I too count calories but I tend to let things slip over the weekend, hence why I can’t quite get to goal.
    @therese19 – Go Girl, we are all here to support you.
    @laird3000 – hope you can keep up with the running.
    @saffy420 – enjoy the cake.
    @hyacinth – I think we’ve got your sun 🙂
    @helen285 – well done with the 8lb loss. A great start to this WOL
    @cavanya – so relieved for you that your youngster only has a bug, still rotten for you all though.
    @kcslerner304 – well done on the water fast. That’s not for me I’m afraid. I need fuel during the day.
    @matpi – that sounds like my last few pounds. Today I seem to have dropped 1.5lb but tomorrow it will probably return. Just got to keep at it.
    @betsylee – good luck with today’s fast. Fingers crossed for you.
    @penz – my DH did some agility with our Cocker Spaniel, he just loved the challenge. Now when were out walking in the woods we try to encourage him to balance on logs etc.
    Daffodil2010 – hopefully it won’t be too long before your DH can get out again. Are you still having your night in the motorhome?
    @funshipfreddie – I miss the ocean, when we travel in France and Spain we spend much of our time on the coast.
    @flourbaby – stay well, good luck with the shopping
    @brightonbelle – hope you find your motivation.

    Day 8 UK FD
    Thanks @suki2

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD
    Hi all, early spin within my 2K radius which was nice although I’m not great at going over the same route /loop so this may wear thin..Followed by Joe Wicks workout – just love him and what he’s doing for the children right now… followed by Work … today I must do some yoga and meditation…
    I’m with others on keeping this WOL quiet… As not everybody understands it and I prefer not to get into it with people… i’m eating well at home and I’m waiting for the scales to reflect that… But can feel it in my body
    Have a safe and sane day all!!! Three weeks in now….
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 3, Bavaria (Germany), FD

    Last FD for this week. Kinda happy about that because my mom makes Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian dish; basically scrambled pancakes, but somehow tastier) on weekends.
    Did my workout for today. In the evening, I’ll do a social distancing walk with a friend, as I have done the last few days. It’s beautiful to lay down at the lake and gaze at the stars.
    In other news—I might not have classes this semester. It’s absolutely crazy to think about, but apparently my university contemplates doing everything online. I’m wondering how they’re gonna handle our grades, though. Quite a lot of students (including me) haven’t had all their written exams from last semester yet. My brother has to write lots of essays instead, but that method isn’t suitable for all subjects.
    Fantastic day to you all!

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD

    Day 3 North Canton OH WFD

    Well I am going for it, I feel ready to take on a water fast and I am sure I can do it – just keep swimming 🙂

    @therese19 that is a great idea and additional motivation to stick with your new WOL; I am sure there will be a positive difference in your appearance and I am excited for you. Good on you, you are doing something for your health and it is not a decision you will regret

    As I completed my beachbody workout this morning, I was thinking that this is a great opportunity to really work on self-care and self-improvement. I remember how exhausting life was before we were forced to slow down and live simpler; now we have no excuse not to do the things we have been putting off for some time. Rather than mourn what we have lost, let’s celebrate what we have gained; a chance to focus inwards and extend a helping hand to those around us

    @laird3000 welcome to the group!

    @cavanya hope your little one feels better

    Tomorrow is yard day! I will mulch, trim and weed to my heart’s content and my garden is going to be spectacular!!! Watch out.

    Keep the faith and take it a minute at a time- gotta go for my run

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @basyjames WFD

    USA Day 3 FD

    I am doing only 5:2 these days, as I have been in isolation for some weeks now and am beginning to turn into a real grump. I am alone, so think I need a little comfort food around and a glass of wine at night. I am journaling my calories, so I can support the wine by calculating it in. I have a personal trainer, so I have incorporated the exercises into my daily routine. I also go out for walks but sometimes that is turning into a challenge. Children are out playing and they don’t understand that they can’t approach people. I saw some grandparents come to visit our community (not allowed!) and they were outside hugging and kissing their grandchildren. Parents aren’t telling their children what they should be doing and we are only allowed to walk with family members, while others are supposed to keep the 6 ft. distance, but there are still people not doing this. I guess they are also refusing to see that they are a threat to everyone!

    Welcome to all the newcomers. We have quite a few this month! Stay safe!

    Adding myself to the pocket list,

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @basyjames WFD

    Day 3 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD wasn’t. I forgot about the supermarket delivery which included icecream – now all gone. Note to self: don’t fast on delivery day unless they become routine. ATM they are like gold dust so it felt like a celebration.

    Still weighed in at 154lb this morning so no overnight sugar puffing – yet! Going for a OMAD 800 calories but it doesn’t feel like a FD. I’m making shepherds pie with mashed swede, lots of peas and vegan mince – enough ingredietnts to make two and freeze one. Plenty of lovely veg to eat over the weekend too. Some dark chocolate still in the fridge but that doesn’t seem to cause cravings.

    Big test now – baking gf loaf for a friend’s DH to pick up in a couple of hours, but not baking one for myself. I don’t Need bread, no matter what my brain is trying to tell me!

    Here’s to a mindful and balanced weekend. Grateful for the calm of this challenge corner amidst the chaos out there. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can x

    Day 3–Colorado, USA 16/8

    Another exciting day at home. So glad that Joe Wicks was mentioned on this board. I hadn’t heard of him, so looked him up. Just did PE with Joe. He made me out of breath (my excuse is that I live at 8000 feet elevation 😉).I like his high energy and it is the right length of time for me. I think that I will add Joe to my busy schedule. And I also enjoyed, that like this board, he is reaching people all over the world.

    It’s currently 21 F (-6 C) outside, so I’m planning another day of relaxing at home. That always leads to lots of cooking and eating.

    On day three, still maintaining Arid April, although I might do the modification of weekends off, especially with some virtual cocktail parties coming up tonight and tomorrow. Got to have some fun!

    Day 3. NFD. London

    Looking forward to April’s challenge. I turn 63 this year, all being well, if the CV doesn’t get me first. Finally getting back into fasting, after a year of too many holidays and not getting my act together. This lock down suits me just fine, I have to say. And I’ve told my OH that, if this is ever over, fasting will continue two days a week, holidays or not. Otherwise I’m stuffed…..

    Day 3 FD Donegal

    Hi folks, sorry I was awol for a while, I had a cold & touch of flu way back in March and really felt unwell for a while after it. Of course that was the start of Covid 19 here so I self isolated for few a weeks after. I lost track of the thread and tried to get back on the wagon but just couldn’t. So today is my first fast day in ages & its been grand. In the past once I broke a diet that was it, gone, so its something of a minor miracle that I’m fasting today, a real breakthrough.

    Nice to see familiar faces so to speak & welcome to all new members. I haven’t really caught up properly yet. Hope everyone is coping with the isolation though I’m kinda used to it. Not exactly a hub of activity around here at the best of times.

    Thanks for hosting April @suki2 one of my favourite months
    Thanks for hosting March @michelinme & apologies for dropping out

    I live in the North West of Ireland on the Donegal / Leitrim border. I’m retired and rescued two Shih Tsu in Sept 2018.

    I joined the group in January 2020 weighing in or around 16 stone. I had always been fairly slim most of my adult life but had to really work at it. In 2015 I had a severe mental health crisis followed closely by the menopause, thyroid problems….& the biggest thing of all was I just didn’t care anymore and the weight just kept piling on.

    Starting April ’20 at 15.2st, I gained a few pounds during my hiatus! When I eventually got to the shop lets just say I bought a few treats which are well gone. I try to do from scratch cooking and avoid processed & sweet foods. Read some books & blogs recommended by the group and find them very motivational as is the group itself. My goal for April is to loose 4lbs doing 2 fast days a week, maybe one control day (1200)at the weekend to try and keep it in check. Just taking it slowly and easing myself back into it.

    Have a nice weekend everyone & stay safe

    Day 3 UK FD

    Good FD today. As usual busy at work and fasted till dinner. Kept calories under 500.
    Will catch up with all the posts tomorrow.

    Day 3 Ohio, US — FD

    All OK today.

    @michelinme When I read about your shepherd’s pie, I did a double take, since I had just been watching a movie in which the lead was a Swede. I had to look up the term and I think that your swede is what I’m used to calling a rutabaga. Did the vegetable originally come to the UK via Sweden?

    @ccco When I went for a walk this evening, I decided against wearing a mask, since I almost never cross paths with other walkers on my usual path. But tonight as I was walking along the path on the right-hand side some guy walking his dog rounded the corner and came right along the same side as I was on. While there was enough room on the left for him and his dog (a Yorkie), there wasn’t enough room for me to go on the left and maintain distancing. So I had to go out into the street to avoid him. So I guess I’ll be wearing the mask from now on. A little further on I walked by a pond/park. Ahead of me on the left side of the path, there was another guy walking in my direction and between us was the local mallard drake. When the drake saw the other guy, it waddled as fast as it could toward the pond, and I thought, “Even the ducks know how to do social distancing!” 

    Just to round out the pocket list:

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @basyjames WFD

    Day 4 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast was very easy.

    There is more and more comments from doctors on youtube that the people with the worse outcomes from Covid-19 tend to be obese. Here is an example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaIzj3s3p4A

    My feeling is that fasting isn’t harmful in this pandemic. (I’m not a doctor, just willing to listen to people that know what they are talking about …)

    A few months ago I injured my left central groin area. This is a common area for men to hurt themselves. It just didn’t seem to be healing. I tried a lot of things without success. However after I started taking a multi-vitamin for vitamin D and zinc it started healing. I can’t be sure if it is related but maybe I was short on something else. I’m not a fan of multi-vitamins, but on the other hand fasting probably puts some stress on our water soluble vitamins and minerals. Maybe it was just time too, not sure. I guess there is little harm in taking a multi-vitamin as long as I don’t over do it.

    Day 4 Melb Aust TDEE

    Day 3 turned into a 800-1000 cals day. I’d forgotten I had some cooked vegetables which needed to be eaten, and once I eat – just can’t do under 500 cals. Sigh! And the scales weren’t kind today either, just the 100 gms down since Tuesday. Oh well, glad to read of everyone’s strategies to fight the cabin fever. So glad that passengers are gradually being disembarked from cruise liners and able to return home.

    Keep well everyone!

    Day 4, Emden Germany, FD

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick check in. We decided to wait until next weekend, the Easter weekend, to have our night “away” in the camper van as we are both off work. It’s just so busy in work that tiredness is a real thing every day…..hence next weekend will get better.

    Mission this weekend is to source compost, lots of it, and repot plants, top dress my blueberry bushes, sow seeds……garden is not waiting for Covid19 to be over 😀

    Which, let’s face it, will be here for a long time yet, the surge is only starting, let’s adapt and live the best lives we can in this new world order.

    Face masks…..you know, they are next to impossible to get here in Ireland. Face masks are great when outdoor to stop you touching your face if you touch some surface that might be infected etc. A great alternative is cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or bandana when out shopping etc.

    Great to see you back @emerald32,

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