ADF FASTING and Athletics

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have been posting in the April challenge, but I think I belong over here. I am an athlete and workout 6-7 days with intense cardio and weight training. My degree is in Exercise psychology ( sports). Anyhow, I am keto, pretty much zero carb, celiac, butter only for dairy, and I just completed my first 4 day fast last week. So, that has now been a huge epiphany to me that I want to continue ADF (alternate day fasting) while I remain fit and healthy. I hope to join in and post with you all. Everytime I try ADF, I tend to fail and give into my OMAD. Well, not this time!!! It feels right to go on with this.

    Has anyone seen a huge difference in athletic performance during this plan? Also, do you tend to lean towards a keto lifestyle? Thanks again for your support, much needed until I get this under control.

    I am banking on my bacon and butter to keep me going! and my water of course.

    When I first started working out fasted I felt like I didn’t have any high end, sprits were hard. After a few months those feelings went away and now I prefer working out fasted and generally my performance is better. I don’t feel like I’m doing as much fasted and it also feels easier, however in the end I’ve worked harder than I generally do in a fed workout.

    Long term though I have a lot of doubts about ketogenic diets. Too much fats and people tend to way over consume protein. There are questions about how safe that really is. I don’t have issues with ketosis, just concerns over ketogenic diets.


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I agree on the the keto diet in general. I watch protein and fats work for me, but that is for me. Everyone is so different.

    I love working out in a fasted state. I feel much better. Glad you have adjusted.

    Yes, I actually thought I was to feel worse when working out fasted during my 4 day fast, but honestly, I felt better. It was odd.

    I’ve always felt more comfortable working out while fasted. It is just for a long time I didn’t have the ability to sprint as much. When running I almost enjoyed how my body felt. I found that my fasted runs where I didn’t feel like I was pushing was nearly as fast and my fastest runs in the fed state. When I did push a fasted run my times would be better. So I was running faster even though I didn’t feel like it.

    You mentioned bacon which is a highly processed meat. I like bacon too, however I don’t think it should be a stable. Saturated fats are probably better for cooking, so I understand butter, lard, etc. There are a lot of people are pushing more than 50% fats in the diets. People groups with high fat diets don’t seem to have long lifespans. However the biggest problem I have with ketogenic diets is the risk of poor nutrition because the diet is highly restrictive, things like fruit, nuts and many vegetables are avoided or at least limited, Very few people actually eat enough dark greens to make a difference nutritionally. At least I find it too hard to actually eat enough of them to make a good diet. Extreme diets tend to have nutritional problems, for example vegans have to worry about fat soluble vitamins.

    It just seems to me that if someone is doing ADF and avoiding processed foods (mostly the added suger), then that should be more than enough for fat loss and the focus should be on nutrition on the days that eating is done.

    Sorry if my post came off as offensive. I’m just thinking a lot about nutrition lately. I’ve been reshaping my body for over five years, so I’m not in a rush.

    Not offensive at all. I understand your thoughts. I have a PhD in rehabilitation and have been studying nutrition for many years.

    I know what my body can and can’t handle. I am celiac and dairy free already:) I get it.

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