31 days of July 2022 – One day at a time monthly challenge

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31 days of July 2022 – One day at a time monthly challenge

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  • Day 3 UK NFD

    Quick check in for accountability. Early in town today for church then community lunch, which involved 3 slices of gf bread but humus and salad, no cheese or pudding! I’d baked the loaf on Friday & frozen, defrosted overnight, so hopefully a good resistant starch.

    Speaking of resistance, I resisted all the snackables after church and the lure of vegan ice cream on the way home – remembering how i could feel the sugar go straight to my gut yesterday. Instead my Sunday treat was a tiny pouch of wasabi peas. I’m just finishing up a vegetable curry with brown basmati rice, half today and half either for tomorrow’s FD or egg salad tomorrow and curry Weds.

    SO full on. I’ve started making mistakes with which zoom i’m in when. Missed an important one on Friday in favour of a not-important one, and just realised I’d double booked 2pm tomorrow. It’s a sign of tiredness as well as busyness -not slept well the last few nights. I’m heading straight to the bath after supper for a long soak and hopefully a long sleep.

    Looking forward to tomororw’s FD and catch up with posts xx

    Day 4, FD, Aus

    Happy Independence Day to our USA colleagues!

    First FD of the month for me and I know the Monday pocket list will be large. I’m guessing there are also a few (@funshipfreddie, @excelsior12309) basking in that PFDS.

    Wow!! I didn’t even know the Rolling Stones were still touring! How was it, @brightonbelle? What an experience!

    Welcome @2mad! Apologies if I missed seeing you on last month’s forum, but welcome to July’s. What amazing results you’ve seen already! I think the first 10 pounds are so important because they are proof that this way of life works.

    Mmmm you did well to resist fresh berries, @gardenlily. But I’m sure your jam will be worth the wait.

    How did you go with the cat claw trimming, @mariaelena? Did you have to don rubber gloves??

    Your Sunday sounded divine @jaifaim

    I maintained my Dry July which I’m pleased about. Did not worry so much about what I was eating – that will come next. Some time ago OH made some home brewed beer but the mix was out of date and the final product is not that nice. Instead I one bottle into cheese and dill bread rolls. They were good and I ate far too many of them! Do you combine bread baking with beer making @IHL?

    Question for today. Reflect on your 5:2 journey to date, whether it’s only been a few days or a few years, what has been your biggest success?

    Day 4, pocket list:
    @mariaelena – maybe?
    @northgeorgia! Way to go on the 4th!

    Day 04 -Monday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia – FUN DAY (FD)🤪😵🥴

    This is the first of eight FUN DAYS in July for me. My mission is to maintain my ATL from June. However, I’ll continue with 2 x FUN DAYS per week until I’m absolutely certain the ATL is well and truly ‘cemented’ into my DNA! 🙃😛🙃 Then may increase my 2 x FUN DAYS to FD800.

    The south eastern seaboard of Australia is under threat yet again, the fourth time in 12 months with many parts of Sydney now under water. It seems these days its just one catastrophe after another ie bushfires, COVID, multiple floods. I know Australia is not unique in the catastrophes of recent times but…. dear oh dear…. we all long for more certain times here and in all the troubled parts of the world with earthquakes, floods and war.

    Covid is rearing its ugly head in Queensland again with ramping up of numbers in hospital. I, personally, still wear a mask in the shopping centres and public places. How is it in USA, UK and South Africa these days?

    @penz – reflection? I’ve actually done the 5:2 in 2019 and successfully lost 11 kg in 11 weeks, maintained for a while and then failed to follow through with the 6:1 maintenance WOL. Silly me because 6:1 just isn’t that hard but you obviously need to stick with it. The upshot was the fat just came back…. it’s not rocket science and totally my own fault. Now this year, for 2nd time, kicked off on 5:2 on 1st February but took longer ie 19 weeks, to lose the same 11 kg. I can’t explain why it took longer this time because I absolutely followed the plan to the letter (perhaps the exercise not enough?). The lesson you struggle with will repeat itself until you learn from it. This time I RESOLVE that I have learnt my lesson. 😇😇😇
    As encouragement to others, I proffer that intermittent fasting (IF) does work, maintain your resolve and keep it simple (KISS). Invest in yourself, all change happens outside your comfort zone.

    @brightonbelle- how fabulous to see the Rolling Stones in person!🥰🤩 That is so cooool!🤩🤩🤩 I saw them in Australia many years ago and still have the t-shirt! (hey, and it fits now too! but I don’t wear it because it is now my memorabilia) Their energy on stage is extraordinary! I’m also a big fan of Ronnie Wood’s art … he is a very accomplished artist. I’ve been trying to buy a particular print of his for years but always just miss out😮😥

    That’s it for today as I’ll just be thinking about the Rolling Stones concert all day now!….. and just waiting for some youtubes to pop up!🤩🤩🤩🤩

    cheerie dearies 🌻🌼🌺🌻🌼🌻

    When I take care of myself I can achieve anything – Ronnie Wood

    Day 4, pocket list:
    @mariaelena – maybe?
    @northgeorgia! Way to go on the 4th!

    Day 4 – Ireland – FD ✅ 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️

    Happy 4th of July to all of you in the USA 🇺🇸!

    Fab weekend had here and in total I clocked up 180km cycling and 15kms hiking so it was an active two days.

    @penz my biggest achievement is dropping 20+ lbs since way back in 2017 when I found this site. I joined the challenges later..

    That’s obviously slow progress if you look at it that way… but I know what to do to lose the weight and sometimes I’m good and sometimes I’m not 😂

    I’m only about 5lbs away from where I’ve decided I really want to be for my body, face and most importantly my mind… ⚽️🥅

    2022 is my year. Thanks for helping me get there!

    @michelinme mind yourself! Sounds like you need to take some time and reset a little. 💕

    @brightonbelle hope you enjoyed the gig 🎸🎸. They’ve still got it!

    Have a lovely Monday everyone.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4, pocket list: what a list already! 💪
    @mariaelena – maybe?
    @northgeorgia! Way to go on the 4th!

    Day 4 – UK Cam – FD
    Sorry to hear about the flooding @linda.b – its on the headlines here in the UK. As you say, we all seem to lurch from one crisis to the next. Covid is on the rise here too so fingers crossed for the autumn/winter period when we will all be inside a lot more.
    Anyway, today is a FD – no breakfast, instead I treated myself to a long luxurious shower and hair styling and by the time I came downstairs, DH had cleared away breakfast stuff and left my coffee mug ready.
    In response to the question set by @penz – in the very short time I have been making 5:2 my WOL I have realised that I use food as a reward – so, instead of eating I find another way to treat myself – hence the shower and hair do. Going to keep myself busy today – car needs new tyre so off to garage, allotment plot needs weeding and I have a report to write for meeting on Wednesday – that should fill in the time and I have the new July BOM (block of the month for non-quilters) for the Quilts for Careleavers group- quick and easy block, should act as a good distraction from food when the ‘dragon’ creeps out!

    Day 4 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Recharged the batteries and fresh start again, love the start of every month, often feels like a bit of a reset 👌

    @penz – beer and bread, yes, two staples of the working mans diet, in Malta, many years ago the decided to keep the working man happy, the three B’s would always be cheap… beer, bread and busses, they’ve still kept to it even nowadays. As for mixing the two, after a brew day I always keep some spent grain back to go in bread. It’s some of the best bread I make, along with sundried tomato bread and a beetroot, bacon and cheese loaf.
    Despite those two hobbies being real tempters, they’re easy to incorporate into the 5:2 WOL, same as anything really, don’t overindulge 😉

    Hope the clouds clear, fancy a BBQ today ….. on a FD, easy, loads of veggies 😉

    Take care all

    Pocket list Day 4
    @mariaelena – maybe?
    @northgeorgia! Way to go on the 4th!

    Day 4 UK
    90.10 k
    Had a great weekend in wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿camping – lots of refreshing rain 😂and crazy cold water swimming!
    Put lots of weight on due to lots of cake and cereal
    But now I’m on it and will stop naughty scoffing!
    Had a good 5 k run this AM and will eat at 1ish
    Have a wonderful day

    Day 4, FD, Scotland

    Lunch – Plant Based Harissa, Chickpea & Grain Salad, 239 cals
    Dinner – Calorie Counted Piri Piri Chicken, 275 cals

    Body attack after work.

    I stuck to the weekend plan, no takeaway and I went to asda yesterday to get my meals for my FD’s this week.

    Heres to a good month everyone !

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 212 lbs. Celebrating the 4th today. Will try for an OMAD tomorrow to compensate. Catch up in a bit!

    Day 4 UK FD

    Just finished hosting a zoom agm and annual lecture. i’ve not eaten today but drunk lots – yay – tho stomach eating itself. So to enable sleep it’ll be a late supper of yesterday’s veg curry and basmati rice, plus some strawberries and blueberries. That should keep me comfortably inside FD zone

    @penz my biggest achievement would be dropping 35lbs/4 sizes in 9 months from Dec 2017-August 2018. More recently my biggest achievement would be resetting my relationship with food, no longer using it as eat my feelings instead working out how I’m feeling and talking to myself about it, cutting out mindless eating/late night tired snacking / sugar fests. That feels epic! Tho like @linda.b my fat suit/tyre reinflated when i fell off the waggon, and most esp after having covid… and this time round it feels very slow indeed tho i’ve nearly got back to where i started last time….

    @jaifaim i hear you! I’ve got nothing in my diary now until Thurs train to conference – plenty to do but no more appts/meetings apart from my mother coming to tea tomorrow. After I get back from DDs at end July I’ve got 3 weeks planned break in August, a mix of pottering/resting at home, odd days out and hopefully going to stay with a friend for a few days break

    Pocket list Day 4
    @mariaelena – maybe?
    @northgeorgia! Way to go on the 4th!

    It seems I’ve come to the party a bit late but hi from liverpool UK. I’m not really sure what the July challenge is but I will check in each day to keep my motivation going. I first posted in the forum 7 years ago. I usually have my fast days on Tuesday and Thursday but I did today (Monday) for some reason.
    I am quite active and run my family business. . . Just about! as covid has wreaked havoc on us.
    I played 5 a side football until my arthritic hip put a stop to it and I now paddleboard a few days a week. I’ve always thought of myself as very fit but a mild stroke 4 years ago was a wake up call. I think I’m now back on track and looking forward to the health benefits of 5.2 as my mum suffered with dementia in her later years and I hope not to do the same.
    Ive played in a band for most of my life but now write music in my home studio but many of the bad habits I’ve picked up over the years still hang around.
    I find the 500 calories quite challenging and I now realize that if I eat anything no matter how small during the day my taste buds crave more! So I wait till 5 or 6 PM and then get an early night. I find that once my body gets used to being without food it seems to accept it better. It also keeps me off the beer which laziness makes me take for granted.
    Well, I don’t know if I have got the gist of the monthly challenge but I’m determined to keep on track and follow the thread each day.
    Good luck to you all with your journey 😉

    Day 5, NFD, Aus

    We’re trying new local Chinese restaurant tonight that I am told does excellent roast duck. Yum!

    In the spirit of open commitment, accountability and honesty, for the first time, I am posting my weight. Gulp. 89.3kg. A shocking figure (to me anyway). It’s not my highest weight, but it is the highest for the last 4 years so this is really the wake up I need. Hence Dry July. Hence hosting this month. Hence really striving to achieve my goal to look good – and more importantly, feel good – for my big milestone birthday some 11 months away. I’m not sure what my goal weight is – like some of you, I think I’ll know it once I get there. But I do know it’s at least 15kg away, if not more.

    Thanks for your post, @gardenlily, it’s prompted me to ask another question of the group. (Tho I do hope your DH commented on your morning glam look when you came downstairs!) What do you do for self-motivation or to reward yourself for achieving those mini- and major- goals?

    Care to share your sundried tomato bread recipe, @IHL? Sounds divine! I like the idea of the three Bs, makes sense!

    Yay for sticking to your plan, @goal10kg – a recipe for success.

    You seem to lead such a busy life, @michelinme, so kudos to you that you have found the time and headspace to re-set your relationship with food. Your planned break at the end of the month sounds like a well deserved rest.

    Welcome @tomtit – you’ve already met the challenge!! All it really is a monthly forum of like minded folk from around the world – the “challenge” is to be part of this wonderful community, share experiences, ups and downs, and post as much and as often as you are comfortable with. We do encourage posters to start their post with the day of the month (because of the international time zones, sometimes us Southern Hemispherites post a day ahead of the rest of the world), what sort of day you are planning (such as a Fast Day (FD), non-FD, One-Meal-A Day (OMAD) or CD (controlled day), and your location. [There is a longer list of acronyms in the first post for this month.] So for you, it would have been, Day 4, FD, Liverpool. Simple!

    I’m the same as you – if I eat a morsel on a FD, my inner workings wake up and demand more food. I am much more successful if I stick to liquids – coffee and water. Your plan sounds good too – whatever works for you.

    Day 4 Ohio, US — FD
    Day 2 — NFD
    Day 3 — NFD

    The fasting has gone well today. This last weekend has been pretty low energy, but I did go to the local Farmers’ Market for the first time this year. It was incredibly crowded with several thousand people crowded along four blocks of booths on both sides of a street. I picked up some blackberries because they looked so ripe and delicious. I was amazed at the price. Is the produce at Farmers’Markets always so expensive?

    The original intent was to use the blackberries for a cobbler for supper this evening in honor of the holiday here. But for some reason I slept ten and a half hours last night. So since I basically slept through breakfast, it seemed as though I was half-way to a complete FD and decided to go all the way with a full FD. The cobbler will have to wait until tomorrow.

    @tomtit Welcome on board for July! I believe that Dr. M. recommended 600 cal for men on fast days. That might make life a little bit easier. Of course you could also do a FD800 with 800 calories as per Dr. M’s new program. Some people here do water fasts with 0 calories. There is a certain flexibility about the exact calorie count a person chooses.

    @linda.b Sorry to hear about the deluge you all are getting again! The pictures in the news here have really shown the devastation. As for Covid here, the numbers are going up, but most people are not wearing masks. When I was in the Farmers’ Market people were packed so close that it was hard to go more than a few minutes without coming into contact with someone’s elbow. I wore a mask and saw only two other people with masks all the time I was there. That just staggered me! It almost seemed that people were quite happy participating in a super-spreader event!

    Pocket list Day 4
    @mariaelena – maybe?
    @northgeorgia! Way to go on the 4th!

    Day 05 -Tuesday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia – (NFD) … still raining🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧

    The south east of Australia is still copping it and Sydney taking the brunt of it with more rain and wind to come. The flooding is devastating with 50000 people evacuated.

    Here, in Queensland, it’s raining but not torrential so we are very lucky.

    So @penz asks “What do you do for self-motivation or to reward yourself for achieving those mini- and major- goals?”
    Well, my new toy (reward) arrived and I just don’t know how I managed without it! DD congratulated me for coming into the 21st century.😁😄 What is it, you ask? An airbrush! Perfect for styling the new shorter hair style…. not for me juggling a brush in one hand and dryer in the other (never actually did master that) or heated curlers or 3rd degree burns from a dangerous (in my hands) curling wand for me! Just love it! Apologies to the chappies… this is very much a girl rave! Mind you, it’s so easy chappies could use it too!😉 So my reward to self for achieving goal was a new shorter stylish hairstyle and now realised completely with the tools to style it ongoing … happy days! 🥰😎😊

    I have another carrot that I’m contemplating to motivate me to maintain ATL until Christmas and beyond ….. a pair of diamond earrings I drooled over at the jewellers last week when I took an old pair of earrings in for repair. It’s a BIG reward (and carrot.. or maybe carot, pardon the pun!), that will probably mark retirement as well as maintaining ATL and also reaching a certain age with an ‘0’ that I have hitherto found I just cannot utter!🤣🥰… aaahhh, retirement beckons…. and I want to maintain this weight forever now…. things to do, places to go, so very much looking forward now ……

    @goal10kg… you’ve got this… you have a plan and you’re sticking to it… go girl!🤩🤩

    @tomtit… welcome…. I liked how you talked about, not just the goal of shedding some kgs but also, the actual physical benefit for a longer healthier life. Dementia is a cruel disease and I am sure we are doing the best for our future selves here in paying attention to our health through good food and exercise😊

    Back to work…

    cheerie dearies

    It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Darwin ✔✔✔

    Day 5 – Ireland – NFD ✅ 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️

    So very busy with work … functioning on adrenaline now I think… I don’t like to focus too much on work here as I’m a bit of a compartmentaliser but god sometimes you just need more hours in the day.. BUT this does mean I eat less so a good FD had and when I’m this busy I’m just convinced my body is burning up calories. 😂 I wish 🤭

    Welcome @tomtit! I’d recommend reading page 1 of the challenge which @penz posted so you have an idea of the acronyms/terms etc we all use. It’s a funny language here in challengeland. 🤔 Great to have you on board. 🚂

    @lindab all I can say is…. GO GIRL! You deserve it! Great purchase and I hope it’s fab! I have one but its not a well known brand. Great for curls 🤩 And as for the diamonds… Why Not! I’m a huge believer in treating yourself if you can. 💕 a friend has just bought herself the most amazing piece of diamond jewellery and I can tell you she is literally bouncing around with happiness. She loves the piece and there is nothing better than doing something so special for Yourself ♥️💪♥️

    I buy bikes 😍 💎 😍

    @penz well done on going on the dry. It’s very much a mindset but you are doing wonders for your body and brain. Hosting is a great excuse for sticking to the plan – good thinking on your part and you will get to your goal 💪.
    I was the same… had a number in my head but revised it as I got close…. We’ll get there.

    @matpi sorry to hear you are still wiped… I always find farmers markets pricey but love the fare available… so I do find it hard to resist buying the fresh food. Having said that I bought the most beautiful bunch of flowers for €3 this weekend so that was a real surprise. 💐
    I am one of the only people I know still wearing my mask in most busy settings… it’s on the rise here but I’m trying not to let it bother me as much as it did before. I was close to my nephew last Thursday (albeit outside) and he tested positive on Friday so fingers crossed 🤞 🙏

    Have lovely Tuesdays everyone. Up now and facing the day. 🌅

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 05 -Tuesday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia – (NFD) … still raining🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧 2nd post

    @jaifaim — oh my, thank you so much for that validation!💐 I’m so touched. At least if I did go ahead with the sparkly new earrings, I wouldn’t feel compelled to give them back to anyone down the track, hey? ….never liked that ring anyway! Still thinking it through. It would be nice to have a happy little memento just for me after 50 years of hard work and to celebrate taking control of my life albeit even at this late age! The repair on the old earrings will be two weeks but, if the sparkly ones are still there, I can make a decision then…..Mmmmmm ….just daydreaming about it a little at the moment.

    @matpi …. I was at the supermarket on Sunday and I was the only one wearing a mask.. yet cases are rising exponentially here and the hospitals are barely coping. It’s such a simple and easy precaution to wear a mask in busy places and, like you, I will continue to do so. My friend’s aunt (86yo) has covid and in hospital at the moment, she has compromised lungs because of lifelong asthma and also has low immune system after chemo. We all have our fingers crossed she will pull through. So strange though how some people in a family get it and others in same household don’t. A relative has it but her husband who is totally invalided after a big stroke hasn’t contracted it. Inexplicable really.

    cheerie dearies

    Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up – Edison 💡💡💡

    Day 5 – lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @penz – sundried tomato bread recipe, very straightforward = for dough, 500g strong flour, 325ml water, 7g fast action yeast, pack of 100g sundried tomatoes in oil (chop the tomatoes to preferred size). Mix then knead for 10 minutes, leave to prove for an hour. Gently turn the dough out onto floured surface and shape (don’t know why people spend ages nurturing their dough lovingly, then ‘knock back’ battering the poor dough to bits) after second proving about 30 mins bake in hot oven. First for 10 minutes at 250 deg c then 30 minutes at 180 deg C or as I’ve been doing recently, steam bake in newly acquired Ninja!

    @linda.b – no point in me having hair straighteners, a new razor maybe 😉 Our latest buy was the Ninja air fryer as mentioned above, incredible bit of kit, Mrs I-h-l loves it, so efficient and the oven has hardly been used since we got it. I love the energy saving as well as fabulous bread.

    How time flies, heading off today to visit oncologist etc, almost 2 years to the day when I started on the treatment and the ups and downs of throat cancer, which some of you may remember! (and gave support with when I eventually mentioned it) Right amongst the covid outbreak, the good news was due to lockdown at various stages, the roads were very quiet and made the daily journey a lot easier, normal traffic would take an hour each direction. All visits and test have been excellent and have no reason to think today will be any different.

    Take care all

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Well, I basked briefly in the glow of PFDS yesterday. Then I got an email to say the sale of my apartment is OFFICIAL! So, the rest of the day was a blur as it dawned on me – I’ve got about 25 days to get out of here & move my cat & belongings 1000 kms away 😱

    Most of our restrictions have now been lifted, including the wearing of masks in public areas. It feels so strange after over 2 years! I’m actually seeing the faces of some people I met over a year ago for the first time! For example, some of the staff at a couple of coffee shops I go to frequently. The odd thing is, when you only see someone’s eyes, it’s as if your brain tries to fill in the blanks, so your brain constructs an image of how you believe that person looks. And in most cases, my brain was so wrong 😅

    @2mad & @tomtit – welcome!

    @i-hate-lettuce – wishing you a stress-free visit to the doc today. Two years already?!

    @penz – for self-motivation I log onto this group. Sometimes I’ll re-read certain books, or just a couple of chapters. And I always find Michael Mosley’s ‘Eat, Fast…’ documentary very motivational.

    @linda.b – love the quote!💡

    Day 5 UK FD

    Morning – had a fab couple of days the Stones were absolutely brilliant, I must say Mick Jagger is a shining example for looking after yourself, then yesterday a museum in the morning , catch up with my youngest son , who I haven’t actually seen for months then lovely wander round shops etc , back to reality today , don’t think Tuesdays are a popular FD so might be Billy no mates on the list

    Hope the preparation for the move goes well @funshipfreddie

    Pocket List Day 5 🍒

    Day 5 – USA/GA – I’m mad & OMAD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Nearly 6 lbs in one day? Right. Thanks, scales! Grrrrrrrr! I know, I know, it’s nothing to worry about and physically impossible to be any sort of fat gain. Still, my body is like gas prices — the numbers love to jump up, but only trickle down.

    Anyway, I plan to make my next FD on Thursday, pending everything looking good on my work calendar. Today should be a good OMAD day, but @brightonbelle last week my OMAD turned into a FD, so it could happen today.

    @funshipfreddie Congratulations and best wishes on your huge move!

    Day 05, NFD, Scotland

    Yesterday went really well, stuck to the plan no problemo. Im near enough giving 100% in the gym on FD’s too, which im happy about. I was a bit cautious at the start but ive learned the fasting really doesnt hold me back in the gym.

    I just broke my fast today with a loverly ham and mushroom omelette, it was yummy. Im not being sensible today, we have FIL over later so ive prepped a steak and haggis pie for us which will be delightful!

    Back onnit tomorrow! See you then.

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD, and possibly WFD

    What a fun holiday weekend. Saturday was the only day that was just an at-home-putz day; on Sunday, DH and I went down to the boys’ in Lincoln and worked for three or four hours on landscaping projects before coming in for a lovely dinner; on Monday, we went to the Seward Fourth celebration and walked a lot, before driving to our friends’ lake cabin and visiting (and then eating) there. We weren’t outside at all because it was triple digits for the second day in a row; thankfully, their AC works well. 😂😂 I don’t usually turn the Fourth into an entire weekend, but that’s the way the days fell this year. My weight is 152 or so, clearly up from excesses, but it truly could have been 154 or 155 if I’d eaten as much as I have in the past month or so, so I’m content with my behavior. This should be a WF today, but my final four students are all gone on vacation, which means I’m done teaching by one o’clock or so–that’s not the way to have an easy WF! Perhaps I can find a quilt store that’s having an open sew today and can take some things to work on where I won’t be tempted by food and distracted by the to do list here at home…

    @gardenlily I knew exactly what you meant by BOM and was momentarily confused to have my quilting self intersect with my fasting self, LOL!

    @tomtit Welcome! You’re welcome here, and get to be an “official member” just by virtue of saying you want to be!

    @funshipfreddie Congrats on the official sale of your apartment, and I’m certain you’ll be fine packing up to move, but even so: Good luck with it all!

    @penz Like many of us, I use food as a reward–a tough challenge when looking to celebrate weight loss, LOL! Finding other rewards has been tough, so I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the responses and seeing if any of them resonate with me enough that I could try them.

    I’m still waking up, an hour after getting out of bed…a morning person I am not!

    @brightonbelle I’m with you!!

    Pocket List Day 5 🍒
    @stitchincarol WFD or FD500?

    Day 5 – 16:8 CD

    Did not actually make yesterday a FD, but came in well below the 16-1700 cal the online calculators say I should be at so I will call it good. Wednesday will be a strict 800 FD.

    @penz I guess my biggest accomplishment is sticking with 5:2 even at my current healthy weight. – I find it so easy to do it, yet so challenging to do it at the same time lol. Maintenance is still quite difficult for me. My highest recorded weight (and indeed, I didn’t weigh myself until I had a few weeks into a weight loss plan) was over 195lb in 2017 (almost 70 extra pounds!) so even though I bounced around between then and now, that is a monumental accomplishment for me. Your second question is even more difficult to answer, I’m not sure how to reward myself except by keeping to the plan. Like @stitchincarol I’m hoping to find ideas for non-food rewards among the answers here. I Love your questions! Makes me reflect!

    @funshipfreddie – Congrats on it being official! And yes, a big job ahead of you, remember we are all here to encourage and or sympathize as you navigate this!

    @matpi I’m a cautious one, still masking and avoiding many/most public social situations. Here where I live masking was ever the exception, not the rule so I’m the odd one out. Been accosted for wearing a mask only once, thank heavens. On the plus side, I seem to have avoided a number of flu/colds I usually catch.

    Oops, it is later than I thought. Tuesday is weight training with the personal trainer for another couple of weeks, so I have to go.

    Good thoughts to all!

    Day 5 UK FD

    Yesterday’s FD was a keeper but forgot to weigh myself this morning as it was an oversleep/jump out of bed and go sort of day. I’m not expecting to have lost very much as my weekend’s icecream and bread have left me feeling pretty puffy!

    On the bright side, two friends who have started fasting with me via WhatsApp both skipped yesterday and are fasting today. By the time I’d explained there was no such thing as failure and we can always reset the next day I’d somehow talked myself into joining them! This should set me up well for the rest of the week as I’m off to a week’s conference on Thursday – and one of my friends will be there too, so we can encourage each other.

    I need to drink a lot more water – somehow it’s been black decaf coffee and one marmite tea so far today. Funny how simple things like just misplacing my water glass mean I don’t drink enough! Setting myself up for helpful habits always seems to include scene setting…

    I’m just prepping a OMAD early supper of egg salad with baked sweet potato, heirloom tomatoes, beetroot, onion, baby cucumbers, steamed fresh peas in pods and heaps of salad leaves, followed by strawberries and blueberries. Whatever I can’t eat up by end Weds my friend is going to come and take out of the fridge, so i’m feeling less guilty about the cabbage, aubergine, cauliflower and onions that may not make it into a stir fry tomorrow

    Chaos here atm – half piles of stuff being assembled to pack in every room, from workshop materials to toiletries to drugs and supplements… But all the clothes are on the line and I still have this evening and tomorrow to catch up with project work, get packed and plant out my cosmos & tomato plants… My 84 yo mother came to tea today and was kindly winding yarn for me to take and knit my way through sessions – so much easier to concentrate when I’m doing something else!

    @tomtit welcome! Make yourself right at home 🙂
    @penz well done on the honesty of posting your current weight – now you can enjoy sharing your progress. I started on 27 May the heaviest I’ve ever been but somehow naming it has helped me to jump on the waggon – ‘this is where I start from, but not where I want to stay; time to get moving’. Yay for your Dry July!
    @matpi sorry you are still wiped out by the infection. I hope you feel better v soon
    @linda.b how wonderful to have the styling tools you need to realy make your new style zing! And yes – why not buy yourself a wonderful gift as a permanent reminder of your self care and refound sense of worth? You deserve to be celebrated!
    @i-hate-lettuce hope today’s appointment was a good one
    @funshipfreddie good luck with the packing – this has got real!
    @brightonbelle sounds like an epic weekend! Glad to join you & @stitchincarol today
    @northgeorgia the scales can be v depressing – but as long as you are fasting, something good is happening in your body. Hope you see some progress soon
    @goal10kg well done on the solid FD! You really seem to be on a roll 🙂
    @stitchincarol welcome back! Sounds like an excellent weekend
    @mariaelena it’s good to see you doing so well in maintenance – that’s an epic achievement

    @penz I love your daily questions! I’ve always rewarded myself with food too – sunday sweets, ice cream after a hard day, glass of wine or beer in the evening. When I stopped smoking years ago I began rewarding myself with plants for the garden – the lavender I bought is a huge bush, now in full bloom and alive with bees and butterflies today. That’s always helpful reminder to buy non-food rewards because they last longer. So last month it was some potted herbs to refresh my herb garden, and a bargain loose linen shift for hot weather so I can continue to shrink underneath it! Even tho I don’t yet fit back into my pre-pandemic clothes I can still help myself to feel good about the progress I’ve made rather than waiting until I get all the way to the end. I also reward myself with extra time to do nice things – pottering in the garden, lying in the bath with epsom salts and lavender, listening to music, reading a book for the afternoon, taking time out on a weekday to have a friend for tea…. the gift of time spent doing things I love feels like a great reward too 🙂

    I’m clearly posting loads bc I know I’ll prob be very brief after tomorrow! But I’ll aim to check in every day for accountability, and keep you in my pocket too 🙂

    Pocket List Day 5 🍒
    @stitchincarol WFD or FD500?

    Day 5 – UK Cam NFD
    Well, yesterday’s FD went very well – and by just sticking to a bowl of green salad and dash of balsamic for lunch and tuna & hardboiled egg salad for dinner, I could have milk in my 2 teas – life just isn’t worth living with a good cuppa!!
    Anyway, today was a work day (I am a volunteer gardener for the National Trust) and having carefully packed up my lunch (left over tuna salad) and popped in a tub of fat-free yoghurt and homegrown berries, realised I was almost certainly going to be well on the way to another FD – yay! I did indulge with green bean casserole for dinner – @stitchincarol might know that dish as my daughter gave me the recipe when she was at university in Lincoln. So now I know I can do an FD whilst at work – no food around to tempt and by the time I get back home I am too tired to eat much. @linda.b please send me some of your rain – it is soooo dry here. Can’t plant out my beans – would need a crowbar to break the soil and then the sun would bake them. Off for a much needed soak in the bath and early night – my knees and back are complaining!

    Day 5 Uk Liverpool Nfd
    Is that correct?

    Well I’m not sure how to do the ‘@’ thing to thank all who welcomed me but thank you all anyway. I started the day with 500 cals in mind with rolled oats, nuts,seeds and some pineapple to a value of 150 cals for breakfast. I then made a bacon ciabatta roll for my ex who I gave a lift to a job interview. Sadly big mistake . . We took a bit of time getting there and she was in there for ages so I decided tomorrow will be a Fd and I ate it! ! 🙂 so another try on the cards with an extra dose of willpower. Hope all your plans are as you wish and your problems be little ones. Happy fasting x

    Day 6, NFD, Aus

    Still dry tho last night was a challenge! The takeaway roast duck was a little disappointing.

    Busy busy day today this will be short.

    I need to lift my game – I had been thinking a new pair of jeans when I drop another size, but maybe I should be aiming for some bling! Or an air brush – I really need to look that one up.

    Here in Canberra we went into the first lock down when there were only one or two cases of COVID. Now while there are literally hundreds it barely makes the news. I think people really are getting complacent especially since the vaccination rates are so high. Doesn’t stop people getting sick tho! (Half my staff are out at the moment – hence the increased busy-ness.)

    That recipe will be tested this weekend, thanks @IHL! I don’t have steam oven but do you think the old trick of putting a few ice-cubes in the bottom of the oven for the last 10 minutes would have the same effect? Hope your oncologist visit was non-eventful (except for your delight and fun in catching up with those good folks)

    Oooh such news @funshipfreddi!!

    Gotta run – will finish reading posts later

    Day 6 – lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Strange summer weather, hot and sunny one day glum, windy and rain showers the next, no 2 days the same.

    @funshipfreddie – Wow, 25 days ! Hope it all goes smoothly buddy, my day yesterday was very good indeed, yes 2 years has gone very quickly & @michelinme @penz – all clear and healed nicely, yes, we did have a bit of fun as well thank you 😉

    @penz – When I used the oven for bread baking I just used to have a tray on the shelf below the bread, then pour water into it to make steam, same principle. Good luck with the recipe, you’ll not I don’t put salt in my bread, find it’s not needed. I’m baking a cheese, beetroot and bacon loaf this afternoon.

    Few jobs to do, luckily neighbours are returning from their hols now, so only one lot still away until weekend then back to just ours to deal with. Next decent day will be a BBQ day again, ready for slow garden time 🙂

    Take care all

    I’ve been dabbling with 5:2 for about 5 years now. And dabbling is the honest word for it. When I stick to the plan – 5 days of sensible eating and 2 days of fasting – it works. I lose weight. Whodathunk! But I’ve never stuck with it long enough to become a truly ingrained habit and enter maintenance. I get complacent, and the weight creeps back up.

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Thanks for all the congrats/best wishes on the sale of my apartment. I had a horrible night’s sleep though; just can’t switch my brain off. Hopefully I’ll calm down in a couple of days once I feel like I’ve made a plan

    @tomtit – it’s easy! Just type the ‘@’ symbol, followed by the username. With some names you may need to type spaces or full-stops, or underscores, eg @i-hate-lettuce. Have you always lived in Liverpool? I do love the accent, it always makes me smile when I hear it.

    @girjasingh833 – welcome! Logging on here daily might just help you to form a regular fasting habit & give you the motivation you need to reach your goal. You could also add yourself to the spreadsheet to plan your fast days or/& lay out your other health-related targets. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UnH55TCHWMvTae1v2whD9817Cd-76rXMMEEZIO8yQPU/edit#gid=0

    “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” ~ Zig Ziglar

    Day 6 second post …

    @funshipfreddie – Liverpool ? Don’t know where you got that from ? I live in a small village on the southern edge of the Lake District 😉

    …. ahhh got it now, you’re replying to @tomtit giving an example of @ – which is just as well I like living here and Liverpool’s roughly about 70 miles south as the crow (or tomtit) flies 🙂


    testing one two. . . just seeing if the ‘@’ concept works. Thanks for the help with this, and YES, you can smile I’m a scouser! Although being in business for a long long time I’ve had to mellow down the accent so most people can understand me. I’ve been asked about coming from Liverpool loads of times and I think that my understanding is that we are not really a part of the UK, a bit like the Basques from the region of nothern Spain. . . . (but without the suntan! 🙁 ) We have our own language, culture, humour and we feel we all belong to one family. It’s a bit strange I know. Anyway, started the day with will power. . I’m not in this for the weight loss as I’m skinny. . NO! not skinny. . .but WIRY! yep, I like that better. I’ve never carried much weight so hoping the health benefits are worth the challenge . . and it keeps me off the booze! I will wait ’till 6pm for food and drink copious amounts of coffee and green tea ’till then. Any way talk soon. Tara La.


    Lake district is brill! . . I often go paddleboarding there and was up at Coniston AND Windermere recently. Your’e very lucky! 🙂 SORRY. . .FORGOT!! FD 6 Liverpool

    Day 6-CD-Northern VA USA Checking in for accountability. Welcome to new members of the July challenge, @ tomtit, @girjasing833, this is a supportive group! Also, we are interested in the curious science of weight, such as mentioned by @northgeorgia: how is it possible to gain so much in one day, when you haven’t actually eaten that weight of food or drink in that day? Miraculous and aggravating. I experienced the same thing this morning.
    @funshipfreddie, good luck on your move! Moving is stressful, for sure.
    @penz, for me a reward is to fit comfortably into nice clothes that used to be roomy!
    Have a good day, all.

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Well, finally a bit of a weight correction this morning 😉 Just having a regular NFD today. Wanted to do another OMAD in the back of my mind since I want the mid 210s to be my high range right now, but from what I learned this year I know to not make my mind think I’m doing anything extreme during the week outside of my two FDs. I have to give myself normal NFDs and trust that I’ll behave. Tomorrow will be a FD, however.

    I’m running behind schedule, so I’ll catch up soon.


    Hi and thank you for your welcome coment. I notice you ask about how you can put weight on without eating so much food right? Well I’m a bit of a food science nutter and if you try to find a (BBC I believe) program called the truth about calories, it will enlighten you as to how this happens. From memory an example is a slice of whie bread which on the packaging has say 90 calories. HOWEVER! for this piece of bread to be taken into the blood stream first of all it has to be broken down in the stomach as with all carbs. The carbs are then turned into sugar for digestion through the stomach wall and carried on in the blood system.
    If allowed I have posted an extract from the facebook page. good luck and cheers!

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Yesterday ended up a FD, and only a moderately successful one at that, but the scales were down a bit this morning, so I’m calling that good. Today is a challenge as I’m meeting three friends for a late lunch and an afternoon of sipping wine and visiting and laughing. Will be fun, but not very “diet” friendly.

    @michelinme I DO THE EXACT SAME THING!!! If I have to sit through a day or three of a conference with nothing in my hands I’ll go NUTS; if I have something to do (knitting in the round with no pattern is the best as I don’t even have to look, but even sewing on the binding on a quilt works, as I did at my conference last week), my mind can completely focus and I’m content to sit and listen. That was so fun to read that tidbit about you! 🥰

    @gardenlily I certainly do know Green Bean Casserole, as does every other American on this list–it’s ubiquitous at Thanksgiving! How delightful that your daughter went to UNL; how did that come about?? What did she study?

    @tomtit Bummer on yesterday not succeeding as a FD, but I grinned to think of you suddenly grabbing that bacon ciabatta and scarfing it down! That is precisely why 5:2 is so good, because it wasn’t a failure, but merely a postponement.

    @i-hate-lettuce I smiled to hear you were visiting your oncologist yesterday, and assumed it would be both good news and lots of fun and laughter to see everyone. So glad that’s true. Enjoying baking and eating your bread; it sounds wonderful!

    @girjashingh833 Yup, that’s EXACTLY what causes the lack of success for everyone. I’d lost 25 pounds and then started eating in late May and have gained back about 10 of them, sigh. But I’m still here, you’ve joined us, and that’s half the battle; it’s when we abandon the forum that we all tend to really give up trying and gain back all of it. Do tell us about your handle: that took some work to figure out how to type it! You are very welcome here, and will find we’re a great group and very helpful and supportive; read the very first post so you can see how to begin your posts and what all our abbreviations mean, and you should be good to go! And maybe this time, we’ll all give you the support you need to keep going and to enter maintenance, and then stay there!

    My cleaning lady comes today and I have to be ready for her and ready to drive to Omaha to meet with my friends all by 12:45, so I’d best scoot. Have a grand one, everyone!

    It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.

    Day 6 NFD

    I too had a “moderately” successful FD – around 650 I was doing fine until the lure of a late cup of tea with a couple of biscuits , ah well I know it’s not those kind of days that do the damage , it’s the weekends for me and I am determined to rein it it this week , See ya tomorrow on the list 💪

    Day 6 nfd

    Up and down


    Will stick with chicken salad tonight

    Day 6, FD, Scotland

    Hi everyone. I indulged a bit yesterday but who cares, im back on the fast today! Having my usual vegan salad for lunch and then piri piri chicken for dinner, with some brocolli mixed in. Doing the GRIT Strengeth class after work also, then it will be a bath and an early night for me.

    Day 6 – FD 800

    I had a FD yesterday- realized around dinner time I had only had about 300 calories at lunch so had a relatively large salad and closed the kitchen. Since this was a weight training day, I made sure to have lots of protein yesterday.

    I echo @stitchincarol, @girjasingh833 – 5:2 works when I stick with it, and when I don’t stick with it the weight comes back. This time on 5:2 I did make it to a good maintenance weight, so my adjustment was to move to 5:2 800. I hoped to adjust to a 6:1 schedule, but as a relatively short woman (WOCA) I am finding the 5:2 800 is holding my weight steady, so that is where I expect I’ll remain. This is the reason I like 5:2 so well – having 5 ‘normal’ days keeps my mojo strong.

    @brightonbelle, I consider that 650 a successful FD! I’m not very strict about counting calories, I just aim for the right range. I know others are not a loose about it, but one thing this board has taught me is there are as many ways to succeed as there are people!

    @tomtit I watched that BBC clip and like the woman in it I wanted to cry. Jacket potato is my favourite food ever, I suppose. Thanks for the link, I would have been able to guess better than the people in the show, but still way off.

    @excelsior12309 Yup! In my case the immediate reaction of the scale and my eating sure seem to have nothing whatsoever to do with each other! lol. Damage or improvement on the scale appears to be days/ a week behind what I eat. Unless I eat popcorn. While I love popcorn, if I have any the scale will immediately jump upwards the following day. And I have to agree, the fit of clothing can be a wonderful reward in and of itself.

    @funshipfreddie – Oof, sympathies for that ‘brain won’t turn off at bedtime’ thing. A trick that works for me is a podcast (any old podcast with a somewhat soothing voice) set to turn off in 45 minutes. Laying in a dark room in bed listening to someone talk / turns off the noise in my head and kills me to sleep. But, I know this is not the case for many others, just thought I’d mention it.

    Have an early morning Dr appt tomorrow as I seem to have an ear infection.

    Looks like I’m a solo pocketlister today.

    Pocketlist Day 6 🍀

    Day 6 UK CD

    After yesterday’s extra FD800 made my week start with a b2b – and notwithstanding Saturday’s ice cream & SUnday’s carbfest….. This morning I weighed 80kg / 176.5lb! That’s 1.7kg down on last Friday!! One of those ‘get on the scales, stare, shake the head, get off, get on, stare, shake head’ moments 🙂

    I must admit that knowing it’s generally much easier to lose weight at the beginning, then having only lost 2lbs since 10 June I was getting a little disheartened, despite my clothes fitting much better. Lots of self talk going on here to keep me focussed and being really careful to post every day so I didn’t stray… and I’m now at 12st 8lbs, a whole 13lb / 5 kg down on where i started on 27 May. Of course it doesn’t really count until it’s happened on my weekly Friday weigh day but it’s very encouraging, esp as I won’t be able to weigh myself again until I get back at the end of July.

    Today has been full on with sorting things out and packing prior to going away. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit everything into my fairly small bag as I’ve no idea where the bigger one is. Luckily the weather is going to be hot for the confernece at least so limited layers and no coat! If it rains once I get to DD I’m sure I can borrow something.

    I’m still in PJs and with a pile of project work to squish into the rest of today, as well as getting my tomatoes and cosmos planted out, colouring my hair and eating! But isn’t it amazing how successful fasting gives a boost of confidence, energy and focus? I honestly don’t remember the last time I felt this calm and able. We should bottle it!

    Pledging to check in for accountability each day while I’m away, even if it’s just a one liner. There’s something about the company here that is so encouraging, I’m delighted to be back here again. Hope you have a really good July Challenge, one day at a time, and look forward to reading your posts! x

    @girjasingh833 Welcome! Hope being part of the challenge works for you too 🙂
    @tomtit we’ve all had those days. That’s the beauty of 5:2 flexibility – we simply shift to the next day.

    Day 7, FD, Aus

    Welcome @girjasingh833 – dabble no more, and commit for July!! You’re so right, though, when you stick with 5:2 it works. We look forward to you joining us this month – one day at a time and you can do it.

    Big smile, @tomtit – we won’t unfriend you if you forget to title your posts! We often post links to interesting articles, videos or books so you are most certainly allowed to post a link to the FB page.

    Great news, @IHL – no surprise, but still, very heartening to get that reassurance from the medicos.

    There are a lot of crazy scales on the post at the moment: @northgeorgia’s, @michelinme’s. I just feel there’s a dark scale conspiracy where they all get together and decide to mess with us! [Not seriously…]

    So true, @michelinme, we’d all be billionaires if we could bottle and market that PFDS feeling and mojo.

    A week in, everyone, how are we going? Feeling good, confident, in control? What’s been working and what hasn’t? Recognising any bad patterns than need adjusting? I realised last night when I got home how much of a habit my reaching for the bottle of vino was – it’s been part of my end-of-day switch off routine for a long time, so I substituted it for busyness (and a bottle of water!) until the moment passed. Easy once I realised what my habit was.

    I know there’s usually quite a few Thursday fasters…

    Day 7 FD pocket list:

    Day 6 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 5 — NFD

    Yesterday was an ordinary NFD. Today, however, developed in an unexpected way. Last night the area had some intense thunderstorms in the early hours of the morning. The lightning and thunder were so intense that not only did it wake me up, but they kept me from going back to sleep. So around 3 AM I got up and read and puttered around the house for about two hours. I also ate breakfast — twice over!
    To keep within my TDEE required some adjustments, but I did it!

    @mariaelena Your using podcasts to turn off the world reminds me of the Matt Damon character in the movie Hereafter. He listened to CD’s of readings of Charles Dickens novels for the same purpose.

    Day 6 – Ireland – FD ✅ 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️
    Day 7 – NFD

    Hi all and a big welcome to the newcomers! Wow there’s lots of people making changes for July 👏

    Sorry @mariaelena I was there with you in spirit but couldn’t post yesterday. I hope you had a really good FD 👍
    I’m another “podcast to switch off” fan, desert island discs, From our own correspondant and other BBC podcasts work for me… funny I don’t listen to many Irish podcasts.

    @michelinme – sounds like a big whoosh there!!! Bravo – you’ve been putting in a great effort so good to see it rewarded. Same for you @northgeorgia 👏

    @i-hate-lettuce – hope all went well with the check up!

    @tomtit I haven’t followed the Facebook link but have you heard of the glucosegoddess? Interesting Instagram page and a new book out on glucose spikes etc… i haven’t bought the book but very very good posts on how to eat our carbs. Her tagline is: Sharing science to help your cravings.. I’m a skimread type of person,not very analytical and I have rubbish retention for anything other than work at the moment (brain fog) but she shares a huge amount of really good information.

    @funshipfreddie well done on the sale. Hope your mind settles soon.

    @penz extraordinarily busy times have worked to ensure I can’t eat too much during the day… and I seem to be on a very subtle downward trend.. however, I’m no psychic But there may be a little blip in the downward road ahead 😂

    Cruising from this weekend and very much looking to it as I have never cruised before. Testing later today to ensure I can travel – who would have thought this would still be a requirement in 2022 😷. Little bit stressful but que sera sera… I may have no internet connectivity unless I buy the wifi package on board … we’ll see..

    I’m also not sleeping much at the moment so I think I’m up now for the day… May be a long one 🤣

    I hope you have a shorter day than me 😂.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 7 liverpool UK NFD


    Thank you I will check out the glucosegoddess!
    500 sorted yesterday. Nothing to eat until 5pm and then small piece of chicken and boiled egg salad.
    A hearty breakfast will be consumed soon! 🙂

    Day 7 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Quick call in to add to pocket list, early jobs to do !

    @jaifaim – yes all excellent thanks 😉 You’re off cruising, beware, it can be slightly addictive, we only started in 2011, think we’ve done about 25 now 🙂

    Got to dash

    Take care all

    Day 7 Pocket list

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @tomtit – I imagine you made many people green with envy at your comment, ‘I’m not in this for the weight loss…’ 😅 I can fully relate to having to ‘mellow down the accent’. When I first arrived in SA 35 years ago with my Mancunian accent the locals struggled to understand me, so I was forced to at least speak slowly or repeat everything 3 times. But now I don’t know what I sound like. In SA people know I’m from the UK as soon as I open my mouth, but the last time I was in the UK someone commented, ‘oh, you sound strange; where are you from?’. 🤔

    @mariaelena – thanks for the tip. I’ve never listened to a podcast, but I imagine that might work! Or maybe even a recording of Keir Starmer droning on for 10 minutes 😅 I never have a problem getting to sleep though; my problem is waking up 4 or 5 hours later & then not being able to get back to sleep once my mind starts whirring.

    @jaifaim – a cruise coming up, lucky you! Never done one as a passenger, but I WILL one day. Did 15 years as a crew member, & met people many repeat cruisers; even people who lived on the ship! So I have to agree with @i-hate-lettuce, potentially addictive.

    Day 7 Pocket list 🍏

    Day 7 UK FD

    Must be contagious I’ve had really poor nights sleep 2 days on a row and feel decidedly groggy this morning , hope I can shake it off

    Day 7 Pocket list 🍏

    Day 7-FD- No. VA USA
    Weight essentially unchanged from yesterday. Fast day today, so only black coffee this morning. I need to be part of the pocket list today! Strength in fellowship!

    Day 7 pocket list:

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