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  • Started this originally about this time last year, and last ed successfully for about 3 months. With changing to a job with a bit less routine, and days in different offices, I stopped doing 5:2 ‘for a while’. Then after a small operation and a broken ankle that ‘while’ extended. I’m now fit and healthy (I hope), and ready to start again.

    So began this morning, and I have to say, I’m finding it easier this time. My job is a lot busier and more fulfilling than my last one, and I’m not noticing the hunger so much.

    Fingers crossed!



    Good luck to you. I hope fastin keeps getting easier for you and hopefully a way of life.
    I can relate to your comments. The first time i fasted Was a few weeks after the Horizon programme (September 2012) and managed until December when I “paused” for Christmas. After that I just couldn’t motivate myself during the winter months as i get very very cold. However last summer (2013) I started again and found it easier than the first time round. After i had lost the weight i wanted to lose I stopped again in late Autumn and had many half hearted attempts to start again. the reason i found it so hard to get back is because my TDEE is just under 1500cals ehich allows me only about 300 cals on a fasting day. Whilst fasting all day was no problem at all it was my eating session in the evening that sabotaged my efforts. Once I came home and “allowed” myself to eat “a little” i could not stop. So now i do 36 hrs water/herbal tea and black coffee only , no: “go on just a little”. I suppose i am all or nothing. Fasting has been a revelation to me. I now realise how much is in the mind. I tell myself exactly how long i won’t be eating, and my system accepts it and won’t bother me with hunger pangs. However if i give myself permission to eat I can’ t wait to get started.

    Hi, I am exactly the same ! I donot eat until evening after work because I find eating a little makes me ravenous! I guess we all just have to find a way that works for us! I have been tempted to go straight through without the 500calorie allowance more than once, but I find that messes with my sleep, which is no good when you are up at 04.30!

    You are right Nikkiwade, fasting would be easier if I could just send myself to bed a little earlier than usual and sleep through the hunger – but unfortunately I am wide awake all evening until about midnight. When I wake up in the morning I am not even that hungry any more. It is just the time after coming home from work (when I want a little reward/comfort for the day’s work) and going to sleep that seem the hardest

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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