10kg off in 5 1/2 weeks

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10kg off in 5 1/2 weeks

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  • Hi,

    I live in the Northern Territory of Australia.

    I started this journey 5 1/2 weeks ago. I’m a 40 year old woman (41 in a fortnight) and have 15-18kg to lose. I’m 6’1”, and was 109.6kg. I can’t believe how easy and rapid this has been. I made a goal of no alcohol, maintaining the diet and exercising moderately, a goal of 10km walking a week.

    I incorporate that by dropping my daughter off to school and then walking along the river next to the school – it’s 2km to the main town bridge so up and back is 4km. Yesterday I got on my racer bike on the stationary trainer for 45 mins as it was quite hot. I have down a couple of 4:3 weeks but mostly just been super-strict on fast days and count every calorie on regular days, but that being said I eat whatever I want those days (staying between BMR and TDEE).

    I’m blown away. So very impressed.

    I just wanted to share this and thank everyone here for posting. When I’m hungry or need some inspiration I come here. I’m a medical doctor, I know this rate won’t continue but I am so very impressed.

    If you are doubting yourself or making it too complex: stop.

    Keep it simple. Keep going. It works and it’s amazing!!!

    Hooray for you, Xena!! Good words of advice to those who are waivering. Keep up the good work. I’ve been at this for 4+ years, maintaining for 3 and I concur that this is the easiest and best way to lose weight and keep it off. Keep up the good progress.

    Thanks fasting_me! Are you just doing 6:1 now?

    Well done Xena77, that is a great achievement. It gives me encouragement to continue. Keep it up

    Thanks Lovalottie! Off to bali for two weeks to destroy all my good work then back on it when I get home hahah

    Xena, we continue Fasting 5:2 to maintain our Slow Day Lifestyle and because we like the break in the week and we like the foods we save for Fast Days.
    When you go off on holiday, do you go off the rails completely? I find that it is possible to Fast while traveling if one is careful. Plus, I usually get lots of exercise while traveling, so that makes up for the other days. Have fun on holiday. Don’t destroy ALL your good work.

    No, I don’t get carried away. This is the first holiday I’ve had on 5:2. I’m not going to fast but am still logging everything I consume on MyFitnessPal, staying below TDEE. We don’t tend to drink much alcohol when we’re here as we don’t drink Arak and don’t like the local wine. I adore Balinese food and it’s usually very healthy. So I expect I’ll be fine 😉 I’m
    Also planning some hiking and snorkeling!

    Well done!

    I’m 80 kgs with a goal of 68kg, ultimately wanting to be 60kg.
    I’ll be happy to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks so you did great!

    Dolly xo

    Hi Dolly!

    How are you going? I am home now and just weighed in, only gained 1.8kg after a fairly hedonistic fortnight holiday (I expect this weight is water weight from drinking alcohol again and just food in the gut).

    Starting again today for my next 10kg off!

    Hope you’re going well!!


    Wow that is Amazing! I’m hoping for 2-3kgs a month, and I thought even that was optimistic but I’m going to stick to that now and take inspiration from your results and determination

    Thanks so much!
    Yes I expected a much slower rate! I’ve been unwell so had two weeks off fasting and am still losing weight (still no alcohol, still walking 10km/week and still eating below TDEE).
    I’ve lost 12kg now!

    Amazing. 8kg to go 🙂

    Hi I started this fasting to lose a little weight but mainly after listening to Michael Moseley when he was on National Radio in NZ a few weeks ago and promptly bought The Fast Diet. You can hear the interview on Radio NZ podcast.
    Love the info on insulin resistance and lowering risk of diabetes among other things.
    Have just widened my fasting time by not eating after 8pm and not having breakfast at least until after 12pm, sometimes if I’m working not until 2-3pm! I do this every day. Haven’t tried 5:2 as I have already lost 2.5kg in 4 weeks eating normally, which is usually pretty healthy, but having 1 less meal a day.
    I’m amazed how much better I feel, didn’t think I would ever be able to go without breakfast. Have lost 2cm waist and 2cm hips.

    That’s brilliant!!

    I need to just do 5:2 rather than the altered fasting plans, some days I don’t even know what day it is so it would all go pear shaped quickly for me haha!

    It has just been so easy, I’m blown away….

    @matthew. Do you even have the vaguest idea about nutrition? Or are you just selling magic potions?

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