What 5:2 Books Are you Newbies Reading?

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  • Like I stated in a post I just did, I am now doing fasting at 800 calories, since the 500 was just too restrictive for me. I had the 2015 revised Fast Diet book by Dr. Mosley, but was looking for an updated version that featured 800 calories. So I bought The New 5:2 Diet Cookbook by Jacqueline Whitehart, and it has some excellent updated guidelines for doing the 800 calories (like overnight fasting for 14 hours, limiting meals to 3x a day, etc.). I also ordered the original 2 Day Diet Quick & Easy by Dr. Harvie, which features the original 5:2 by the original researchers, also allowing 800 calories.

    Anyone found any other books? I salute those of you who find 500 calories very doable. Just couldn’t stick to it.

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