Weight up with menopause or HRT … or both?!

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  • Hi,
    51 and gained 4kg in 3 months on EvorelSequi since beginning of the year. Before no sleep, tired, sweaty and forgetful. So feel can’t just stop HRT. Has anyone out there had similar problems? Starting today with Mon + Wed fasting days. Plan to continue my running + cycling 2-3x a week. Here we go!

    I’m in surgical menopause on estrogen only hrt. I’ve gained 15kg and was overweight to start with. I lose very slowly 0.5 lbs a week on average. I need to lose 10kg in 4 months so I can be put on a waiting list for some much needed surgery. I’ve joined weight watchers and I’m planning to combine the 2 so u can hopefully lose a lb a week to get to the interim weight set by my surgeon. I also exercise 4 times a week, swimming for 45mins after 40 mins in the gym.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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